Ice and oil and etc

When you step on a patch of ice, or blood then you won't actually realize things so you want to realize what your doing as your creating. So theres two type of ice, normal ice and then metaphysical ice as blood crystalllizes by blood turning to fire is a dark stain you can create so your idea is created feel. Metaphysical ice may start you up and as you step in it in your mind. So you see the area and abuse issue of ice freezes are them to not allow the to move, water to ice is then seem to me days are a fast track. See as it is to be to have thoughts, seeing that is true and that is backward or forward. See the reason before, the mark is cool your fine. So the mark of regret or use is the area you sense. The idea you sense is what you consider to sense, this is just as you adjust your thinking and the idea comes to the senses.

Even after this is dangerous as contact is creating so think to create to effect, when you step as use into ice type 2 you are going to continue. As your seeing or as is forever is not as living, as you want or unless you decide not to but you feel like your slipping. Then so dabble to to exist as memories exist to pull you back to the same spot. The area I saw was unique yet I suggest not going there if too brutal. See then your fine as you are to be free about or creating, no you don't as your feet are the last things you feel deaden so to look to your feet is use in on that who are freezing. Only on the actual ice its sorta like oil whereas the oil type 2 makes you feel that its what it may be due and its oily as beyond your feet and this is when everything's slick and on purpose or in purpose.

Now ice 2 is capable as it can make a patch on the ground by formation and it pulls you in by emotion Where oil2 can form on the ground and it can pull in you by thought in concept by event and idea. The ice 2, it can keep you there by use and idea until you reject the idea with built up energy and the ice lets you go. It keeps you cool and acts alll over the body. Its like an oiled area as it slips you up. Where the oil 2 can keep you feeling slick as you do idea things. It can keep you in the same spot in your mind or pull you back if you let your concentration go physically to the spot you metaphysically stepped into it like oil 2. Live out the event and its, gone or think out and you are out to reappear as if not stepped onto it.

To free yourself of ice 2 or oil 2, this is to realize a point of existance. See as you are in a pull of energy, think as energy comes forth from the hand or thought propulsion away. Seeing to create or not use is theory yet, as a drink is in my hand I keep or not bother. Thats drawn through the wrist and in through the body. A quelleth act that is to hold anger and then use an idea for something to do about it by full focus and do that something consistently. Like try to pull on and palm the energy, for to use it more in feedbacks, the more it builds up and then you got to reject an idea in you can handle it and your free. As to reject the idea where your stuck an then you keep movement as normal and without repeats. As in reject the idea that you do if in case an your honest in a point. And so you may begin to see the desultation point, speak that your free an then you are.

How I discovered it, I was walking to sense the area as I feel the ground through my feet I discovered it by stepping into area feel is the ground, air or use is things or nothing to do. So feel is sense or vibration on the ground or not while its during a walk, as I kept having the same emotion and idea after that. Till I rejected the idea this was useful as sane or insane after, so my area was use by phasable focus or area activity that was getting people. See then killing them to toss to area trash outside is not advisable, as they were already dead yet left alone as they are alive on no use. I then was able to go on. Had different thoughts and idea and suddenly lost interest in what I was burned out in. I was amazed as the thought that was the same came back at the point I was cold even though I had cloths on and it was 68 Deg F outside.

Furthermore when the dead fall to die so your cool or as you see to remain composed, this is a priest idea to control or work with the dead or alive states of what is in mind. So there's sand and sand 2 that is of the idea that is or isn't as sand you just walk over but sand 2 is like quicksand. Still where you step on or move off and you always, feel certainty that it is right when right near the area in feel. You see you can't seem effected if you don't want to remain effect. Its true that sand is possible to sink in, but with sand 2 or however you feel mired in your feelings.

As I dealt the idea or what with it. Thought or use is music to lift your mood, as you might feel some area need by idea or your free by what you think. You will probably go and think its a necessary idea because of the feelings. It will feel like smooth gliding as through slippery material under your feet. To get away from sand 2 is to think "go away from sand near" or to think "be free and away" when standing on sand.

Then there is the mud 2, and an exception must be taken on account of mud 2. As it stems from some old accounting of tales that were uncovered. The tales stem that 'the mud was sticky and were able to do as if an idea miring thought where you stood, you could move on but the thoughts kept coming to the idea that was when you stood on it. You could find yourself facing another you, formed from area this is so true the tales are thought not counted as true. So this happened as though pouring acid down your throat, as you say is as you are if you stand on mud 2 then the thought might seem even if in different form and it can. Seeing as you sense or insane in your mind don't to not do, as do is dying off in a hospital. Saying as this reforms itself to seem is like resembling you or dismiss to not have near. So you see if too is too much then one mind, you won't actually create any effect or use is feel by the creator.

The mud 2 is able to cope with your thoughts and causable in your history is the thoughts you or others have, that those think or you consider is able to descend in your mind on your inner self as if this were human. Causing nasty thoughts and idea that reflect as positive here so unless not necessary. This may give you idea, that the nasty thought is okay if thought upon with what was thought on while standing on the mud 2. So as you see or feel, ignore the other self that if thought forms and try to move across. See the mud and to stand the thought and change it to new patterns. To get away from the mud 2 is to think a different thought for solutions to get things done and move across mud. This will free your mind. As to think a different thought as to a solution to crossing mud when you cross it.

Now there is water 2, in comparison to water it is possible to change the mind as of many means and idea. It, the water, will refresh you from any distance if thought upon, it can if drunken cause a drunken stupor. That goes away as if you are high and it fades away. This water will cause any thought, that you have before drinking to occur as if a natural thing. The water can mire you in thoughts and transpiracy to occur at any time water is nearby. It can act as a medium to change effect and cause effect. It can cause things to be anulled. To escape water 2's effect be in a drunken state of lucidity and some try to use the lucid dream as a drunken state to cause water 2's effect to be nulled.

There's fire 2 as well, that copies yourself in attributes and seems like normal fire, otherwise.  This fire sends an idea to your mind that you tend to believe comes from you, but instead it comes from the fire itself.. When near it and under its influence you may seem to believe your in another land and it shows you yourself that it copies. As well as you doing desires that you normally want to do but can't.

The fire isn't really there, except in astral form. It seems to burn if it spreads to you, but it doesn't  actually exist here, as your mind just picks up on it. To fight it, mentally put it out, in your mind. Treat it as though it were a chemical fire that were smothered out. Either by a wet cloth or elemental water being spread about. It send your thoughts to other times, in idea.

Air 2 is the air that makes things seem not there and contingently causes events that you speak about. It can cause you to become psychic and make manifests of things you want, desire or need at the moment. It can also send your thoughts as you deem necessary, as almost anything else you intentionally or unintentionally send. This may seem interesting and safe, but in reality, what makes it dangerous is its cloning ability of effects that can seem to be elsewhere as you do your effect. With fire, it could freak you out.

To get rid of the air 2, drop your aire of how you seem and then it should dissipate. When you try to do this, you will gain an extra ability from it, and its absorbed as that ability into yourself. As well as the ability of regeneration, thats possible to be caused by breathing it in. Its made more real to your body.