The human power field

  The human power field is the aura yielded to create power.  When this happens there is a manifold gain in spiritual strength and soul strength. The effect requires silver nickel iron to make it happen in what you think as you focus the thoughts on the idea you create by the thoughts that come to you. When the clip is worn close to the skin, it makes contact and the human aura causes charge of aether to effect power. The effect will power one device. When thought is sent to said device is a concept made as if construct to link to the power device, it will operate as long as the person thinks about it. Feel, think, and know that the device is using your aura as the concept to work.

  There is an advanced version of this. You take a human being and place it in a machine with silver nickel iron as the touch. nodes. When the device is focused upon by the inside fire idea with the person inside the the machine with a virtual reality machine hooked up to look just like the idea of the reality that you would the mind of said body and brain. When the the brain is fully synced with the machine, you can leap to the astral plane because of the body being totally in stasis. The stasis will happen because of the rest of the body with the compesation of movement by the virtual reality machine. The computer has a voice recognition to it. If the body has movements, such as making of shit and needing liquids, there would be no problems because of the chamber in which the body exists. In the chamber it would become an automated cleansing and water and food feeding just make an imagination of feeding yourself. This source will allow you to run an entire house without worry. Usage of symbolic links will make feeding yourself easy. The person gains an artificial world that will make life easy being in such a place. The reason this body is in stasis is because of the energy being fed back into the body and thus made to regain lost energies as in total rejuvination. As long as the body is in stasis, the body will never age and the mind be kept in balance. Be your own programmer. To make a body in the astral plane or any place you'd like just imagine it there doing something. Make it useful. Do not be in a position to get caught under any circumstances. The other problem is if you get caught and die for some reason, then the problem is easy to resolve. Disappear and come back somewhere they don't see you at. Imagine events as you would like and it will be like that. You don't really die, it just seems like it.