Html person

  If  you used magic and a little imagination you could cause the html personal view to be alive.

  Html personal view is where html is like a human, as an html person view, an xml or html document is also like a human. Have you ever noticed of how you have a head and so does the html document? Where theres a main body and then a closing as to be the toes?

  Well its practically true that html and xml documents represents a human. An if of an xml, its of a personal extra view and starts at the top of the head. Where the html tag is also of the hair and the top of the head. Then the head is a similar thing to the head of a human and the meta is the thoughts that are thought similar to us. Except with meta we perceive the idea of identity and attraction as with the other things of meta and mind. The header of the document is the mouth and what it says to get attention as similar to us where we use a mouth as it is in idea to be of a sweet suggestion to speak of an attractive idea.

  The body that is a main body is like our body with the skin as ending tags and can explain what the body is as what we think..where it represents who we are and what it is, in an idea but with an inexact tone of voice. It also does as for an arm and elbow. The footer that represents a footnote or the feet of explanation to walk the path of an explanation where we use our feet to walk and support us upright. The toes may be the closure of the document defined by an end body and end html. What may be may be as it can imitate you for an in detail idea that you decide is in it.

  The actions of this html an xml person is  to be perceived by reading the site. As in, it will act in your mind to create a perceptual interest, as though its of movements that were perceived by what it exposes in its reading or as we do things in reaction to what is exposed. Its reaction is how the idea changes that we perceived of it. This xml and html person lifespan is as long as we think on it or until we move on. This is as though an alive being. Where it sees through our eyes and its shit is what we make of the information represented on the page. Its home is the site. And it travels through our expression of what we say of it by copying itself.

~Ideas and some paragraphs by Spellhawk, most typed up by Ben.