How to prevent colds

  To prevent colds know first how they are started. Colds are started by someone else sneezing and catching it from that. Another way is to touch a dirty surface and to make touches to your face. Continuation of this will cause nose irritation, eye misting, and sniffling. To continue the touch of dirty surface and face will incur a cold. This is how colds can start.

  Signs of a cold are the most difficult to spot. The signs most obvious are: making constant face touches, feeling itches all along your face, sore nose, sniffling, sneezing, and feeling slightly drained. Plus there may or may not be temperature of the forehead. These are all signs in the progression of gaining a cold and all through it. The end of a cold is when a person loses 5 to 10 lbs.

  To prevent colds, when you touch a dirty surface DON't touch your face because theres germs on your hands! This counts for eyes too. You will give yourself a cold most likely. The more chance of the cold forming, the more you touch your face. When you eat, wash your hands first for finger food. Otherwise, use chopsticks or utensils such as forks, spoons and knives. This will prevent the cold from coming on. Sometimes this takes discipline as we tend to touch our faces when a cold starts coming on.

  Sometimes the cold cannot be prevented. Even when you touch your face after touching a germy surface, know this. It takes 5 to 20 times or more to catch a cold by touching your face after touching a dirty germy surface. When you feel like sniffling, avoid touching the face and you may keep it from happening. If you get a cold, not touching the face will allow you to get over the cold faster.

  >To somewhat cough and please use your hand to your mouth. Is to draw up the mucous that is irritating your throught. So gather it in your mouth and spit it out as you won't cough or sneeze with it gone. Usage of a cough medicine is of use as well. Like Mucinex DM or lemon, honey and baking soda with water, lemon honey cough drops work too if you don't mind the use of menthol. Mucinex in any flavor will make it easier to draw up the mucous as it seaparates it. The mucous in the spit will appear yellow.

If you did a proper hand cleaning hygiene then you may prevent germ warfare and diseases including colds. It all comes down to how to wash hands. We all think we know how to wash our hands but many of us do not do it properly. As we miss betwen the fingers, the backside, the palms and the wrists. Simply rinsing the tips of the fingertips under cold water does NOT count.

Here are some reminders:

What germs can do, is the effect of causing sores and sicknesses. Some germs from raw chicken can cause fever, vomiting and diarrhaea. But to avoid them is important as they love to travel so to avoid them: