The hollow earth

   There be 9 levels to the burrows is also called the hollow earth and this is the underworld created by the idea to show things in the actual hollow earth pockets. The area pockets are in the mantle and not the molten mantle, though this is a place that has many entrances. Where the needle points straight down, near the poles and there are more than two actual poles. This is the saturn or area station sections, that the 3 deathly hollows object formed based from where you are.

  Think as you like or need to use this, this is in use by the thought that you see or sense something. See that is for the point, you can do as you wish with this. As this is the escape from what I call the Harry world. This in harry potter world is where the Atleantians lived, working with Humans to live in harmonic energy by relation in this circular pocket world. The levels breakdown is thought or feel, that as use is water to describe what is a now abandoned Atlantis with its waters. This was one of the entrances, where this was with the embuing heat, that surrounds you so you know your there by feel. Then your there, lifted up by the air and you know things differently by what you do. This is what I sense that's unusual there:

Sublevel Area
1 subway, leading to most other worlds and other levels,
2 mechanic shop for vehicles for now withstandard use is not to bump up the line unless you don't want don't need,
3 place where they work on modern technologies, or machine shop, like machines and electrical sources,
4 where they work, on space craft, seacraft and cloning,
5 basically where the reality generators or alien ship engines are built so this is like a psi (telekinesis, telekinetic, pyrokinesis ...), magic (outside force manipulation and martial arts training, space maneuvering with other maneuvers, spacial engine area.
6 living space for Atleantians and humans and other races that live here, the place looks as large as a world, As there is an entrace to the outside midworld that you can go through to get to places.
7 parts manufacturing plant, with power plants or power parts to produce many materials, usually by area activity and parts for devices.
8 jail and torture prison while never allowing the prisoners, they entreat then trap the spirit in all light, then via a myriad of means, this use is including no access to the surface until released.
9 the level to launch from, and has the construction bay, for ships of many types. Getting to the surface, through a lake, or directly to space, thru a teleportation pod and loading the ship area. The teleportation pod allows for distinct teleport shift to other places, where you know by focus with spirit with feel that you think. For what is there or thinking to bring in materials for usage.

This lake is called the endless sea, because its made from releasable water bearing minerals that release water if crushed or destroyed. This means there is a point after the point, that leads into the ocean, this is near the oceanic trench bottom and 15 other places. That lead to places around the planet through stone earth water channels.
  The entire complex be in another world pocket plane by itself that is beauty beyond expectation. Each level be as if ye were, on a separate island and yet a door, brings ye to another level. This door can be anything at all, including just a door frame. In the middle of the wheel, is the powerstone area, crossed by bridges of natural stone. Quadrants of a level were divided into eight sections.

  They be N, S, E, W, NW, NE, SW and SE quadrants. However, the people there trained daily in maneuvers, and weapons to improve skills and hone ability. Daily lives be more livable by achievement of new advances in technologies everyday. This is where the atleantians, eventually moved to from atlantis after the destruction of atlantis. It was built to make an attempt to be like atlantis, as a whole. Finally, the whole structure be powered by a universal power stone