Hit guide

  There's a magic in everything, even though it goes without saying that it goes unrecognized. I recognized early on that there is a magic in avoiding what would hit you.

  This is where distractions will work things out. Sometimes distractions work for people. So as long as your not obsessively thinking about something then you naturally try to default into a calmer mindspace where you come out of a focused one.

  Otherwise take a deep breath. That's as you think if you follow this idea from the science of deep breathing website, where you try 4-7-8 breathing exercise (inhale 4, hold 7, exhale. it's mostly a number cue for deep breathing where you should be taking a full breath each cycle.

  If the time isn't enough, you can do longer etc but 4 7 8 is the goal. So think you need to wait until its over, theirs ways to go around anxiety attack are better than trying to fight it heads on. You can do this if you think you are not able to control it then you can call for help but keep telling yourself "i am calm" over and over.

  Still your heart, still your breathing, then try counting to ten backwards or count forward until you calm. This is when slow and deep breaths allow better oxygen absorption than shallow fast ones. So I think they're doing studies on people with heart failure, that showed their exercise capacity increased by doing the deep breathing techniques. Iys basically bc you're breathing slower your body sends 'relax dude' signals, but since you are deep breathing also, you're not actually getting less oxygen so I think it's cool. So this is a body hax.

  So what to do if hit too hard or hit by anonymous; Make things as an easy point as this is done, so your a concept as you don't not. Think to bringing hidden or no emotions to the fore as this is an always point where things are out into the open. This reminds us to remain as open to whatever good fortune comes our way. That's if you suggest the right thing, such as "I have a solution" then say it.

  Yet no one emerges victorious now, for the fight never quite materializes. Instead there is unnecessary posturing that makes everyone feel on edge, yet tensions can diffuse without a showdown. Go forward with a bound idea or incorporate point. We who saw and heard believe you as it was fun or honorous while thinking to observe. So to use anything they may have is a quaint possibility.

  The first of objection if any is to state it as of you don't agree with it. Think and realize things to calm down, so you do not to always get their reactions. The second objection is to act on it or act it out and make a scene. Then admit by act or speech that you don't like it.

  State the reason why and don't deal with or deal with their reaction. There is a hidden point as though by idea as if a point of a know how or concept that causes you to act different. Only revealed if you do things that make it a useful idea. This where its useful to think, do and know or otherwise know things that could occur.

  Then to lie, connive the point an be as a point for the first lie, the idea is to give them identity as to a point. Receive the punishment ala beforehand and then state it for believable results for the 2nd. So you don't give them identity, you give them idea. Making is for the first way is to make sense and work on an idea till it becomes real.

  The second way is to do with an idea, search to make the match to see it as it exists in record. As it be written as it is shaped, it can be compared. As it be, it mayhap become or it is what you think that creates what is there. So to be direct in route is male, then to be consolidating in route is female. Sometimes the direct route is consolidating.

  Think to stop any beating, if you bring upon you no attention you know your going to get killed by it or all attention of the fighters to bear away the beating. So think to see if you are in a person's way an step out of the way, if you are to do as some would in a movie if it fits. This allows some to do as if there was no fight, that is done as thought is an idea of things that would be to bear their attention.

This will work really well if you took deep breathes and they took deep breathes, that is with thinking dispel some of the anger without being hit. So to say 'no reason but go on your own way' or something similar or short termed 'ue essc' if you don't want to draw attention. Your free now, your freedom is your own release. Otherwise you may think to say, "The war is ended, lets go home. That's an order, now."