The hidden power of the soul part II


"the key to manifestation" ( 101 )

  Ok as I see it, you first have to think in detail everything your going to want to manifest. Think of your mentality of how you are living the love you have in your heart and around you. The abundance of wealth and Health you want. The type of house in the location you want, specific car or cars, WHATEVER you want!!! Master Manifesters imagine the way the will get to the level of MANIFESTO lvl 9 by imagining the interactions, scenarios, breaks, and luck they would need to enact this. Put as much detail into it as you can, the more the better.

  The hidden power of the soul part 2 uses this idea. The subconscious is a hidden power of the soul. The best way to interact with the subconscious is through subliminals. Specifically force boosters if the subconscious is stubborn enough. Before doing the subliminal in idea, imagine the result and know the subconscious does not know fact from fiction. Then do the subliminal idea, bring plenty of water. Whatever you imagine to be there, doesn't mean that they are there. This just means you imagined an event or idea that could occur. This is where could can mean couldn't and thinking is allowed. The subliminals are all over youtube, so think to search for the correct subliminal and you can get what you want as a result.

"Alchemy" ( 101 )

  Ok as you know this, now you take all of those details of your manifestation and hold the in a focused deep thought. This is imprinting it within your subconscious thought. Wait it's not over, here is the ''alchemy'' part. First reach deep within yourself and Great a hefty does of ''will'' and put it right on there. You need the strength of WILL to start this manifestation. Next add Equal parts ''reason'', one needs reason for this is what will ''align'' your manifestation with the universe. "You cannot manifest unless aligned with the universe''!!! Next add equal parts ''spirit''. The spirit is the driving force throws this into the universe. You can look at it like a boomerang that isn't one, you throw it out into the Universe and then wait for it to come back and have the discernment to see the people, scenarios, chance encounters, luck that the universe drops into your life like Cosmic Doors to walk right through, You walk through each on of them all the way to the top floor of manifesto lvl 9.

  But remember in order to do this you need a ''disciplined'' Mind, Will, and Spirit. For will + reason + spirit = manifesto. If your not aligned or off in any of the alchemicheal process, the it would be the equivalent to throwing a boomerang out into the universe and coming back and putting ''pi'' on your face that inludes whip cream. Then things are normal for once, so enjoy yourself.

Empowerment state

  The power to enter an empowered state. Enter an empowered state by thinking the point that you create with thinking you are empowered by the soul. This I think you create for feel is what allows this ideal. So think the energy to the body, this is from the sun then think a point to create a state of empowerment. This allows the power to enter an empowered state. Not to be confused with Powered Form or Super Form. Where the user can enter a state in which they receive, a substantial increase in their existing abilities and unlock new ones. In some cases, unlike Super Form or Powered Form. This is where the point is made.

  The user does not transform, but the power received still allows them to match or even surpass powerful opponents. This is to create things by the feel if you think to feel then, you know by the feeling that you get. This is sensing in a way where you think or feel to create, the point that you want as you focus. Then as or where you focus is what or where things occur by feel. This then was a point to create by feel, so if you feel to create what you think is important then. You created something from empowerment. This is a state of empowerment, that you enter or leave by feel. That is you think not be in it, unless you want to feel your in it as your empowered.

Ether ability

  The soul is apart of many dimensions, where you think the point then you can know where, when, why or how with thinking to know as the soul shows you by vision or you realize what is there. There's plenty to go on the planes of dimensions, see that is what can exist and can be trancended as this is to include the outer dimensions themselves with Ether or soul and Aether or elements. Think by breathing then in then out and think energy to the third eye to manipulate, as you feel by focus or think by imagining the ideal. That you think by focus or intend then, you use the extradimensional state as you imagine the results as though the end result. Then if you imagine the result you can manifest by ideal result.

  The aura is the hidden soul ability or power, where you infuse energy into it by what you think is energy. As every microphobia or ideal area use will say, think as you use the ideal. The aura is powered by the soul where you think the point to create, then the soul creates for you what you want. The hidden part is that you can create what you will or wish to create. Otherwise the seen part is that you notice things, that the subconscious points out guided by the guides you have or the soul that exists by things.

  If you think to notice this is an ideal, you can manipulate the ideal to become useful. When you think the soul power is useful you know, that is you release the energy you bound up then create with a point. As you feel the focus to create what you need. That is the secret hidden or unhidden power of the soul that you think to see or use by focus. This in turn changes the subconscious that is the brain activity. Then you can use the divine to create the ideal. So imagining the ideal yopu think to seem there or created somewhere else that you think to find it. This allows the ability to create weapons and other materials made out of auras energy. Think it to create it as I always say.

  Users of this ability can turn the energy into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need. Just by imagining the item you can create it. User can create any item they have seen or can imagine and have a good idea how it functions. If it is apart of the body then it isn't there except spiritually. Basically you create the soul of the item that creates what it was instructed to appear as you think to use it.

Aura generation or dog park rules

  The power to generate Auras then derives off of focus energy, focus energy into the aura to create it as more potent to seen view as you focus or concentrate then you can detail the aura physically. That is detected manifestation that allows you to create the ideal or aura energy becomes brighter suddenly is with manifest. The manifest only lasts as long as the thought for it to exist is there. So think or feel for the other colors except for green or blue, this is from what you drink or what you think to sense by interpreting the signs. You could interpret by the actions that they are needy or have a lack of things then, if you think or focus on the feel you create a meaning or color ideal that you think means the activity.

  The user can generate aura energy, using the soul for the subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds a person or object that could alter the emotions and energy levels of oneself and others. The user can generate aura within themselves as well. This is influence that you can make use of by feel, by thinking the use then you create the point or use the point. Feel to create with ideal touch or voice or use by the feel, that consoles by what you wish to control the animal with the aura. That you project forth, thinking or feeling to create the result that you want. They feel what you think them to feel.

  Other than that if a human person then, then talk to them if they are aware or really wish to talk or think a point to create as you talk then this is suggestion. This is the rules of the dog park I live near, so think them useful think to work with command then use is an animal. Such as use by a dog, squirrel, racoon, mouse or other animal. Where this uses animal husbandry, you can think to create with the animal and not procreate unless you mate animal to animal. That is all for this point. Think to enjoy what you can.


  As thinking that you prove this works by action that is the key. So focus is where you feel by focus, for the subconscious mind to be controlled. When you do the focus you create by feel, so think the point then you create the ideal you feel is necessary. That is the focus by feel technique for the aura use. That you empower further by what you die or create things for use. So imagine the point then don't feel as you act as though the item or idea is there, then act as though a thought to exist occurs if the point is there, acting out the part until you don't think to act. This is where you think it is the point then, the ideal is summoned. With that I resign from the satans administrator position so farewell.

The aether ability

  The ability to surround oneself in aether is is to use ether aura or aether manipulated by the ether, this is useful as that you create by focus. As though the aether were wrapped around you, with thought to create what you can think is useful. The user can release and surround themselves in/with aether for defensive and/or offensive purposes by thinking some offense or martial arts or defense or creative movement, possibly becoming almost untouchable and granting them various abilities/attacks by thinking your invulnernable. The aura may also give the user enhanced physical capabilities such as speed, strength and durability by thinking to enhance your ability to work or relax the body physical skeleton to create what you wish. This with a subtle movement of the hand allows you to move the bone in place.

This is what I sensed will come.

  volcanic ending; Thinking to notice the ground vibration with the loud noise that declares the point. That you notice to indicate the eruptive state if something isn't also causing it.

  some defense; Think the ideal, think the feel they feel then they'll feel it. So think the target memory think the ideal to do as you say think the feel or happy by a happy thought, sad by thinking or missing something, regret by thinking a lost memory or something not necessary that occurred with memory, joy by thinking something good then the target will tend to feel it. So all you need to do is use your pinneal gland , this is used by thinking energy to the pinneal gland. That sends blood flow to the third eye pinneal gland that activates it, then what you think it will do if you need it to do things. So that is all to do things.

  begging; As you can think then use you can get something, think then you are aware to what someone looks like. Think a point and you look like whom you think about. Thinking this I think I use this as a disguise, but as you said its the natural body response to seem resonable. The body adjuts to the aura of the other then the point is done and dealt with ideal.

  no more food; eat no more hot dogs. no more pizza with imagined ideal you don't need polish. no more peanuts, no more food that is where or what I have seen use for ideal. with thinking from the creator we recieve visions as thought, so use in the thought is revealing the minded ideal where there is no life so think what you want. Shift or feature is the point you think then use ideal to create with a point, the ideal is done if you think to do what you want by the feel that you have.

  the end: if time went by this ideal or store area exists, the point is by then you usually get what you want. one since there is no life then there is no trade with no food thats good. so think what you want then you may get it.