How to get out of trouble

  The method herein is truly a gem, to be believed because it works.

  What you have to understand is how gravity and newtons law of perspective can work for you. What I mean is that whatever you do you build a gravitical field of energy from interaction with other people of something of interest. This field of energy is inescable the more you do and can be affected by perspective of person.  The energy field starts by a person coming up to them. They percieve you coming to them and getting closer all the same time. You percieve them coming closer to you. Even then, the gravitational fields of the body interact. It starts to either repel or attract according to what you did that day. A positive charge will attract a positive or a negative particle. That is not there as you feel this is there, as you see to serve your pupose or not you create as this otherwise is an order that doesn't exist.

  Thus, if repelled and there were negative emotions between you and the other person at a meeting time there will be attraction of a negative reaction. It usually is a fight. It isn't if one thinks in his mind that there is no perception meaning he doesn't percieve you at all. The gravity field around you due to the actions on your part to neutralize his emotions through psychology and placing a grey wall around you mentally will cause a bounce of gravity wells of you and the other person. The rebound will force you like a rubber band to leave his presence.If one has discipline enough, you can walk away from a situation. If one doesn't think about the associations while making an ideal of not having anything to do with this happenstance meeting, one can walk away without any more concern than if he was only a passerby. If one doesn't do this it could be a capture of body in some ways. Then, it only gets more interesting as the gravity welss intertwine to create a black hole combination which means the anger escallates, as to create with the idea that as a thought you created and yet didn't if not in thought and felt you can use the idea to create. The grey wall is what can seem a use, to create by as interdimensional your not thought. As use creates with "eanergy" that are in a point, as nothing energy is void thought created with time as a trick to use.

   If one wanted to attract someone, all the creator is as seen in a thought need to do is study. The human perspectives in how to translate body language, think as a thought what you seem in use is a point that use is not. Using newtons law of perspective. If one has general good looks and can not only talk good but at the time smell good. They would be a positive charged ion. The other person need only percieve this as one walks towards them. His perceptions are the same of her. It will either be an attraction or a repellation due to their gravity field charges. It depends on what the person does that day to charges one carries. If it is the woman to a man; the woman looks bads and dishevelled and the man sees this. It would be a repellation as the woman would a negative charge.

  The opposite is true, for both of them looking bad so it would be a match as long as the personality matched and it would be a positive to a positive. It is true that woman positive and a male negative could match if the personalities matched. Thus, it woulldn't matter if he looked bad. What you don't want to see is a negative to a negative. Both people had nasty habits, bad looks, and thought they were perfect for each other because of the fact nobody else wanted them. The charge would attract with a bad result. The result of a bad match is abuse, disruptive lives, and neither care for each other. The match would be certain for a positive to positive. They both have looks. They both have good personalities. They also have good scent. If anyone of these groups added pheromones it would be a sinch to accomplish a match.