How to make a ghost

  The way of ghost making is simple as it sounds. It will make the existance called a ghost which supports you as if from a particle in space that is where you want. To make a ghost is likely to take months. The ghosts are temporary, as if not mental if given death energy sometimes so be careful with them. To make them follow the steps below.

  1.   Think about someone being there. Interact with it by calling its name or thinking about it. Basically do this for the length of time it takes to make the presence. The presence must prove itself by doing several tasks of your design.
  2.   Whence done, tell it to stay near you as a helper. The helper must understand your need by observance. 
  3.   The presence after 1 year or if you intend this as any other term of time that you want to use in form that will gain a form and this will be able to form itself as to what is needed at the moment. Whence the form is formed, the person that is used as in thought can give it energy that molds its personality from you. Be willing to take willful actions. Treat it perfectly like an adult and never with alarming actions. Treat it nicely. 
  4.   Start teaching it what you would want. Be careful not to teach at the wrong subject or it could bite you in the end.

  The book I got this from is called "The new book of Knowledge."