Gandalf adventure tale

   Use this word keycode to aid in readin as its written in olde english.
t = it, its, thee or the; be = is, are, was, were;
stateth = state, stated or states; therein = there in

this is t time of gandalf as before t hobbit quest
he was a great questor who happened uponst t map one day to a
treasure so he gathere d his elven ladyfriend, Galadriel, and a thief named
morley, t greatest hobbit mage thief there was at t time. he could steal
any! t three people went there way to find t loot sought and along t way
t explorers cameth uponst a strange man who was wearing nought but furs.
he knew of t loot thou sought after being shown t map but t strang man
nought told his name agreeth to show thou t way if he remain nameless. thus thou were on t way to findeth halfway there and a few months later a sign of troublee.

a dead mans head on a pike.

t strange man argued on sight of t dead head to quit t quest but gandalf himself said it was a tribal activity to kill t intruders unfriendly to t land so t tribee be
near and thou could find shelter therein.

onward thou went under a invisibility spell to appease t strange man.
five hours after t head-o-spear thou saw t first native.
taking a glance at t native thou saw that he didn't detect them and he was glancing for food
so thou aid him by summons of a bit a food in hopes to get somewhat
he appeareth friendly after t food was caught so t four approach

gandalf stateth "I be friendly, and I offer trade in return for food as I be starving"
t native thinks on it for abit replying after
"I will offer food for a service return"
gandalf stateth "I will consider t, name t deed"
so t tribeesman stateth in return
"I will ask thou to recover a lost ring, do thou agree?"
gandalf agreed for t group so thou eat a couple of rabbits with t native after cooking.

gandalf and his three fellows be cloaked again as thou start
out for t ring which happens to be t loot t sought.
t make it through t native tribe territory without trouble and no
tribeesman noticing thou sneak through to find out there be a village
named agron full of worketh people.

thou traips through in disguise as thou had noticed t villagers days

before. t high elven lady was in magical shiftin cloth
so she was secure in guise, morley looketh a beggar, gandalf was unseen and t strange man was himself willeth to act t group greeter.

t traipsed through the village stealing t things thou could as planned ahead. taketh as t could whilst not being glanced at. people didn't notice stuffs dissapeareth through deft hands as thou taketh and t group was fed and well refreshed enough to sneeketh out of t village evadeth detection and findeth thier way to open land thou success at village evasion was noticable as the village was almost at a panic with several outcries yet t group had evadeth.

a few months later t guide and t three with t guide in t lead cometh uponst a direction marker. t guide stateth
"this be near t endpoint of our voyage, now be time a repast as t journy ahead be different"
gandalf stateth
"morley, b so good as to scout ahead for danger signs or other dangers"
morley agreeth and went off whilst t other compatriots stayeth to rest.

a few hours later morley came back to report trouble ahead by goblin raiders with a spirit troll. this was going to be a rough fight so thou prepared by greasing thier bodys and making peace with themselves. gandalf finally casts a undetect spell on t group. thou set off with immediance hoping to bypass t raiders.

t find partial success in t advent of trial by t elven lady misleading
t spirit troll to meet up with them later and t rest of t group sneeketh
away fro t raiders movin around t raiders entire. t find thyself at a small
entry point to a cave, with t guide up front and t guide stateth to t small

"we awaiteth galadriel to cometh uponst us and to see if she surviveth. thou
go no further till she cometh."
gandalf stateth "we shalt indeed awaiteth her coming so to t repast for a little.
how about a game or two to pass t time? though thou must be quiet and a job well done
in avoidance of t raiders."
t small group agreeth with gandalf and starteth several games.

several hours later there be no sign of t high elf and thou begin to wonder
at this so gandalf decideth to send morley to find her.
morley goeth off with a slight arguance but in t end he went in search
only several hours later cometh back with galadriel and one other, a high elf with a subdued glance and very black hair with pointed ears.
t group glances in suprise at t newcomer with qustoning glances till finallly
gandalf stateth

"who be thou? a friend or foe."
"a frend good sir, a frend and as we speaketh t spirit troll cometh.
shalt we be off? my name be elrond t plainsman" spake elrond.
"I be gandalf t brave, glad to meet thou" spake gandalf.
t guide speaketh
"I sense t near and we best be off as elrond has tell for thou be with
mirth as galadriel be with us again. so off we go!"

off again t group goeth in search for t rings with t guide leading into
t cave. gandalf thus casts a detect trap and find secrets spell just in t cave
entrance. to aid in t cave search in t mirky dark was cast a dark
sight spell by gandalf. thou soon cometh uponst a secret entrance findeth nought else.
thus t group entereth t passage and after a long tunnel thou come to seeth a surprising sight

a large room of gold walls and supplies on a table of gold with gems.
gandalf stateth "bequeeth to me a sight a wonder as I seeth
wealth before me, do thou all seeth too?" all agreeth there be loot
but be it trapped? morley thus tests t theory and findeth nought wrong

gandalf gets a bag of holding out and placeth all possible loot in
it. seeing no food gandalf summons bread and whater to eat and end t repast and starteth converse with morley

"morley, where next?"

"we goeth down a corridor with ideas of glory and t is only one obvious

entrance hidden in this room" speaketh morley.

stateth that he goeth to a wall and findeth a hidden niche. toucheth a lever
he sets off a rumblin whilst gandalf cast a invisibility spell on
t entire group. thus a a wall openeth up showeth t corridor morley
spake of. t walk down t corridor of gild gold walls glance at
t scenes portrayeth and seeth no sign of danger ready all
t same.

t end of t corridor be openin up in t same manner as before as in
a gold limn room and lit up. therein was a podium in t center with
three rings in it and no obvious way to get them. t guide stops them
with a raised hand and speaketh

"I knoweth t way to get t rings. elrond, thou nedeth to aid by
touching t podium with t statement of "I wish thee open at my command!"
elrond nods consent and t guide spake further
"gandalf thou nedeth t same and it shalt open with my addition"
gandalf nods and t first step procedeth with elrond.

elrond approcheth and speaketh "I wish thee open at my command!"

touching t podium thus the podium changeth with a hum. thus
gandalf approcheth speakin "I wish thee open at my command!" t
podium starts glowin a golden light on t touch.

thus t guide aprocheth speaketh "now I be t third and thou shalt open

revealeth what be within!" and on touch t podium top opens
revealeth t three rings hiddin within. all glance suprised and with wonder gandalf taketh one, t others to be decideth uponst by group decision.

"I shalt chooseth a ring who all agreeth?" speaketh galadriel
everyone agreeth with her and galadriel gaineth a ring. t last ring
goeth to morley for he was at t start of t quest. t other two
gaineth a ring by t loot in t first room to be fair.

t group findeth themself at t surfac after a day had passeth by

and t party rests. afterword gandalf asketh
"what happen to thou to evade t spirit troll and endeth up with
elrond my lady?" at galadriel
"I hath baiteth t spirit troll away from t group and ran across my
cousin elrond who hunteth raiders, so I explaneth to him what we
doeth and he agreeth to aid."

she pauseth to continueth on moments later

"I went in search for thou with elrond and morley found us. thus
we were lost before we noticeth, thus morley foundeth us indeed. so I owe him somewhat."
elrond glance at her and respondeth "she hath cometh uponst me right as I was tryin to make
out raider tracks and I was glad to aid and I shalt depart after this for
raiders again" sayeth elrond holdin his hand up showeth his ring.
gandalf sayeth "I appreciate thou effort elrond and galadriel I be
glad thou foundeth us again as we thought thou lost"

galadriel respondeth "I must admit I wasn't lost at first, yet I trieth to send message, thou need not have been worried."

t all heartily agreeth so t saw elrond depart after t converse and
t guide speaketh "I shalt depart to t native tribee delivereth a ring to them.
I shalt see thou again somewhen."

after gandalf got a ring from t bag of holding to gift t guide
with for t purport of t native, the guide had left. gandalf and
t others got in a circle to teleport home and share t quest tale and spredeth
wealth amongth the people.