The game of life and God rave

  A sword bearer can't be as agile as a knife fighter, and well they're equal in that manner as ones shorter and more agile but the others longer and less agile. They both have their own things as will to kill and will to fight are two different things. The will through kill is only honed through the will to fight.

  Some try to get the energy sources of the will to kill from people as a psychopath would from violence and intrusion by conflict. It seems that the nature of people is to be fed off violence. Conflict and their desire to be on top. The will to do of violence it the will to kill. So they seek conflict to feed their will to kill, if their will is great enough then they might kill to get power. To get to the top like in a game but no. As nothing in by what they do in their games look like their image of in-twisted lives. Their honor is games that only push them to be better killers and this is of a psych out or people control in general to think that power equals the ability to kill. Can you imagine that they know the hunt is theirs to do if they believe to kill gets them power or not at all.

  Some are businessmen who kill other businesses, Some simple act of murdering dont satisfy them, they must ruin the other persons life, inside the gives game rules which are laws so we should call it the game of life where its kill or be killed. Now your knowing my holy book where theres a sculpture with this at its base "life is like a game" as its like a pack of wolves.

  You may see that the belief consists of, necessity that forms the key handle, the convincing that forms the rod and the try that forms the teeth of the keyrod. These three parts are necessary to manipulate energy. To cause it to be that there and as your aura can effect the things around it as it is. This also is the function of believing in and working God. The action of unlocking? To an achieve. As does the action of unlocking comes by itself and its to achieve? To do things as to achieve with is the unlocking by the idea in belief and what we need.
What we need is what we use to get the idea results.

  Sometimes things happen themselves, and some have to wait for them or forget..well you forget after the effect is important or unimportant so everything happens because god wants and is willing. As god's will is info and he informs to manipulate and to see the result from a closed off place. Nothing would happen, if he didn't want it to as its strange to think about it. You manipulate God by your prayers and thoughts into wanting or causing reactions. As to use God in a prayer or spell is to cause it to occur over again till it happens for you. Thats strange too right? Not manipulating, but if you consider it like that its a form of magic and it is that simple.

  No man its not as however some try and may think it a form of demonic mistakenly as there are ends and beginnings. Yea, we create our God as He creates us and its actually that complex to think when, why or how as god exists by himself. but some don't think he needs us or anything to exist as some don't think existence is a way to define him. Well to Taoist belief, God exists outside our time and existence and watches but is by self so if you can't define him then he isn't defined to you its as you expect off of nothing energy in idea.

  When things were created, everything that exists, living or non living keeps repeating gods name in a circle all the time. This is where the creator keeps us in memory and remembered by idea. Our bodies included in this. I know someone who has a female God that was a quality put into matter at beginning. Its the same God but believed to act different so we can define Him, Her, or It as god and God is different. God is what we make of It and God forms us as well by allowing of what we believe but not everything worshippable is god, its A God. Yes, its a God and I have the belief that god is shown different per person but is the same. Some God's are more an jealous over their worshippers as the some are zealous if evil or panarch. As a gemstones with rough cut faces, consider this the god gem, but god is not worshippable as its not required except by accepting what he says and using it in an act. So what we can do is focus on our need as we think of things to create, then the creator creates us things by feel.

  Who says to worship when its just to use and the action we do is like a worship except without words, we think as god desires though though theres more to it. In Islam belief, even though your Tao its almost the same. As Tao is almost the same, but theres knowledge to know. Then you can adapt your belief for yourself, as if in if not convert. This is a point you are aware, then the dream symbol is there that is usually what you want to see. When the game thought desists an use by thought, then nothing is there. So I think this dream is with time to wake up. Think about it then you wake up. That is the point this is there. The dream image or symbol is the thought or some ideal I need.

  One thing is that every religion is based on the same one, the true religion as its supposed to be some kind of mystic one too as theres always a true religion. Its base set in stone, but one never quite gets it as they're all based on one god but with different faces. With Allah, its different. He informs people of himself in some way and it doesn't matter if they believe or not, but well of course it matters, but not for Allah it matters for them and its very true. Then Allah is just interested in their reaction towards the act of informing as he sets it up all the way and they are remained or reminded by one or few key choices.

  Only the subject, Allah and maybe some angels and demons or celestial beings knows which is the true which choice. Anyway...every living dies as its by what kind of life they made and how much easier they made other peoples lives, or how they understood what Allah wanted them to do or not as its the act set by interpretation. There is death that is a must for all living but there are exceptions like Jesus or those who figure the trick. Anyway, its what the subjects do thats important in the end the action itself as this is called the relation between allah and his subject but no creation has a right to interfere with this relation as when we die, our info goes to god. He cripples us by aging or deformation of sorts. No man or woman interferes with a another man an of woman's belief. If you don't believe it, then you don't believe it.

  This is very important,\ that with thought of what you think allah created the information concept. Its his work thats on all planes high and low in existence void and nonexistence dark matter. He might've created powerful beings but because he created them hes not the only god therefore those things are not fully considered gods but Gods by us. If we make it interesting enough by acting like we want to figure it out then the information will come, we choose where we use it as its like a hypnotizing thing an about the relationship between Allah and the subject as its like asking god for info. If you ask a question to nothing, then the subconscious bridges the gap to god and you get an answer.

  Its also the action that is the worship in a way, my own belief is information as is an not something to be gathered or lost but the only blocked things in my mind are by things called memory, will, brain. Its never lost, somehow it goes to him. This relation is a very holy thing an therefore is considered of true love. Think that your mother gives you birth, just the knowledge makes her love you so much so think that Allah created you so imagine the love he holds for you. He can forgive almost everything other than complete ignorance and its universal. Its true you get an answer for universal knowledge. But if being kind is for enough idea then its worth the moment.

  Love from god must be two sided, as a two sided coin no matter how you exist, you always love god. You can link to god every now and then but you should be honest about it. Its how you can get your knowledge which is able to be covered up by calling it universal. Some believe he appreciates abilities to help improve them as yes he gave you those for a reason to be right or to do a rite. But you must also deal with those created Gods as well. I asked by attempting the action at first but I didn't have the ability so yes you ask him and he gives an its really easy. We creates Gods from his idea though, but its not a circle an its one ended as its we who are circling.

  So the love concept is explained, but another thing is prophets. Now in this case every person is special but some are more special and all of them have different destiny, life prophets might be chosen from these or not, as their only role is to correct society, humanity by making them remember the god because humanity ties itself and is very important for the individual. Allah loves prophets alot and so do they love him. And some prophets are better than others but in what meaning is by what they can predict like psychics. Theres also the last day, its not the last day of earth, but the universe as its a judgment day. Its a day when the play stops and curtain falls an everyone is left with whatever they did in their lives, so they are chosen to go to some version of hell or heaven but time concepts doesn't count here an there are angels too.

  I'm sure you know them, some of them are mistaken to be gods. They cant act with as free as will like humans as humans are a will and a way. You know those angels arent really, as they are fallen Gods as when a person is a God then he expects followers but the person suddenly loses all his followers except a few. Then its like Odin and the Celts. Odin believed in them and used them but the Celts were a rudish and brash type idea race. They are ones that got wiped out. Then the God wanders the earth but god supports with info to survive so he becomes like an Angel to work will by desire. The God forms his will to exist by becoming a man or instantaneous being thats supported and unique to him or herself but converted an they don't really know it and lastly allah is one that got sealed away except for a foe away or an occasion and I swear muhammed is his prophet but this sentence is the code of Islam Muslims.

  As god, he basically gives info we choose what we do with and god gains amusement being on a plane of his own but I think there's another way of him, and only some people who are slowly initiated could follow this way. And it's different for all of them but yes its their choice. An idea like a priest used to be, to choose his decision by seeing some thing on god but it's a manner of speech as he sends his tonal energies. Some idea is he's totally atonal - unknowable but on some vibrations he adds his inspirational tonal -knowable idea. Its his tonal that allows us to gain information. That we hear and decipher in our brains to be info. So the pathfinders may see it in very rare times. To go on, after some initiations they become a part of him as it's a manner of speech too of initiations by attempt and will.

  I believe I have told about one of them, one of my ancestors. He showed his son's death to his wife by letting her to look into his eye as he made a triangle on his eye. He was a kind of different man actually and they say he sometimes got disappeared. Apparated to his room by using it as a place to teleport to and then not always came from his room by the god's will. I came across about this on mevlana and st.nicholas, as he teleports and I think what did they find was this tonal and it's happening under this tonal without techniques as he then uses his room as a place to shift back to.

Skyhawk, Kio & Libby