This is a Romancing the stone manuscript original and chay ih ing (chaiy ing) chainwater spell

A translation from the tablet.
I'm in her | We are I am in | We are as I am we am in.
Im her or not or we are her. Sergo No we are as we if we never. Patence wins out not. Be on 'i am it ing be believed.
Each man is his own and is susceptable do use. Perceptible mars is proven out different style. Memory restoreth.
As per view here and somwhat there. Do it somewhat as per sometimes its not to as ner per do. Persec as approach.
As were here now and not actually there now of actually acts to see ae are there. People no charm to be she strife.
To be by an it as being in as n. my actually shis my It es be. It es I say it say did do a by be I you. and good is
notion at things no attack_ all a canal be I belief is as say this's the best be the make be it be a of motien as
be by a of it thier were dates. Care for me me and I care for you. I Be apply understand. I can do it but no
interspectively. be by now be but not for me as my bride. Ground everywhere as es an a seen an as es is. As I
can I wylle be heavenly a as act be right be better look real as event ask it it be. As es it.

Pull my by or pull by an as its an act it or so act to make what be. As ap per vap it be as ap view you get
an per view apply for view. Be of it move now it be it. As I don't prescribe to that channel. I still fell
down pair don't say it, although an es be his ally alliby. No wep no Nioy Em Nonsense. Say no to the glory of
the charge. As easy exec as it go it. Breasts an casa bana o'lb be big amongst us. Cant say no and go it an
of I want to an get of be it set Aside it put goods in bag inset aside..busy an being of price to many of it
many mis able handy and be more so, here bus, body. Be bes't of it. Be of it any of it. Then go. Like a bell.
I am it simple breil or beg it by searching. Can't say no and be it have to do it. I con cent Baron wish that.
Don't per be as her but yes. Saeit now. Saen is it not be nowheres. As is sew or no be in. Be her don't do.
So what they do it. I well not be gutted just know.

So so never her an as en but we appreciate her. Ce See us use it see it adjust to will. So somewhere will
appreciate her not. Be prepared as you do or it as itsbe it adjust to power see in it see in eye an persuade
fed. Be only one theres no other reason. It sen as it by ese senatorial by on it if by ese in it. Think on
her away and there is awe way in it. It is as go save it. As it saes go, you will not always like your mother
I an are be as it in an out of it and it is. Be beby an if it begut by get it is of an end it. Why you do it
I know you. Escuse it. To be if it on it _n your much body as too easy sedai. Any of it is for it as I think
she is power, he is merited as with out seen in see solid specific. Oh don't if legs it be of it do of it.
Z Soen in be in it. be of it. do it do it as we are now it. I am aem.

Post analogy an anatomy or alaogy of time and its congeniel Jewel of the Nile original
Its chaingeniel or chainfire spell.
Post analogy, I didn't know it please no fleer actually do it. Causing you do it. Be through not to do
so transfer. See tu ya is we am as. See tu as if to be alot is as any idea. Per it sups it is of now make me or not.
Do it. So none else so id it is yea got it. It is as can be or nothing go. If original is good.

As es is my be of me mine ownsis so right. Left is able to so mine it let itmistake and give on as is is my of in.
Aes so many am Em years as ega is my ego it is unto be or not. Not some years ago it is as if it is a reason. They
are as they think but they arent ne as they should it if as it may beor my life is forfeit by dismally dismay if
dishonor by any which way. We may I may mey be let go. We may I crew be abe to be able unless so.i So go not and
be not to be beat is to be by be at you or strip be at me. Strip be as and into the as it is at of of or idea
inhibitive is net. Your wanted and your not vigilante. As you go by in large or small, it does not matter. If it
uso we let galaphile let them is in as it is in of.

As is to let me as is my own. is to mine in so mired by your impervious to night and magic as its not effective
unless needed. Nyo es as can on other as or not as is. Your not whats unless you really need it to as is. You wage
and independent though or independently us by us its life in a containment us in a to. Remove rediculous, Bent
physically rent physically or not mind it So far its for the source of directives its aokay. As imperfectives is
as. Es re something not to. So now we go on. Som if is in american. Set experiences don't percieve, to be destroy
preview r disconata unless We go En Ex as needed as my not mistreated view. So we do as I do as some says es, and we
say is as of my daily bread is my own to do I believe I can. We Ex help red readjust it but I cant be to read so
I can read any group even if my own fails. So as to not as so my ae a. @ every inbending. Can it be live or net
not to be as is it remains of my time of went is myne. I went to far between as I change. As I change I meet to
do it. As it seems we meet to do but not so bad as es to be is as to always find my own car. As Es, to me my other
as tu me do.

As tu me is my es to my. As es o me be es tto be is as to come and it works. Re in way rem way. So we go on or no
we go here. We tone is if touch. Not to be fluid if nothing achieved by due be the tone of depth. Change is charge
not death as if by now. We are all in mind and breakes or heades. So no heads is we as we are as we are not always
up there as thier. So now we useally end the En em as if an end to as we usally end tis codence. by of it. So what
not no evil and its as law that s-tands by itself. Come in here once and it es is as danger. It stopped but use the
pain for something else. En.

So let them enjoy now that they are as of them or not of us. Okay now honey were going so here it. As emxplicit as
here and now and Ems now it. Okay move along now we go effect now new and go able. and answer even without and it
stopes. New we now may act and are it to the last. As it em Em if, do we have the right to confuse do to confuse order
in do we ardhe. I know or gnow iht much better than the hrd won we once did. Moms not an enemy. Now we know and are to
the last. As iif it is effective we are need to it not. Not and its a season of the wake. Now will regard as it if. ore
one we are it two we are of it as to the movement as sequenceof events is to as sc as scene and its as neopetit or you
may. try to work with the differenceof the idea and if they are we get the reason for it. A season of the wake. Now yon
you try is we are I and are alone as well so petted or not we are apart of it. It goes and oelkrym we are in trusted.
Not trusted don't attempt. Be as we are we do good as Hectar protect us as not this charge this gift.

Eucleptics is as Euthelyptics. So let it be. So but it be an am are not of another way of ef is efficient or just is
call just would call. It en it en de it it en us or can it be. As it es is so have not, to dis or die we given of another
or not be an as we are often we be can be as composed. En ci is en, Ci is en as in it is as en in em as we en.
We ar en as en is. Nu each called changes shape acknowlegde growth as good and we better run as we could be targeted.
Simple mended as bar gain is summoned thesis, simple and simple as belief comply not is. To what be here of what not be. Her
wave is same a be. He wave as same A be and she doesn't wait for anyone. Remember her ifferent off wa wil to the em. Awe
as smo more of no as no is. Are as in a of mere at leep tair is leap year are.

No me are as we ire is we on to one now go along. As if is. We are we as more we are on. We do think we do in.
Think for the effort of benefit. We are touerniquent we are as oe we over to the wei r bear. We are as more not anymore.
Can't be more of ef as we act trames of an idea. Ke of a sould we ire not we net as we ird. We are your hand. We
are as we are we dare not due of it. Se and go along the freeway till you get tnt results out of it. Recognize the
fact after we are go and go along with it to be anew. As be soon, we now offer you a choice chance to find your way

Nw Expressway and 29th and turn left. so now fae before its too late and everything not destroys itself by collapsing
itself in of itself. To be some of one is some of my mine my owe as family we get on for the sol moment sum of wine.
We now have as som we do die get special needed got ae of our own. So naw so now cancel clearify go moment so now it
or how to it its not ard yet we are recognized as en ei i is like ard rhys. We use legislature, We were every i it before
it and loreft of ron to to wrong and som to some. Fun mis as is as going is go we are if we are is as we are or
is un an is an were as we wore so.

As we were we are and we no longer are or have will it in us so we don't want to. We won' matter more as is less to none.
So we now as no or yes as no answer or come as with one. As so war ene and es r in use different difference to make it.
one go fare or things go one as we go arg one as it is on as if in one as rest and we are and ere in effort. Lady and
child we begone so go home. no As we do on we go on to be we me mine as but we do go on. We do go fier id if no ief paig.

Chainfire compulsion spell- dont use as things in it can go wrong, this is in things go wrong.
New arrange beared to back. Nor rejection. T Thi is in es es ies no Goubt doubt as a point to say it es. Be seul
Now don't use these examples. Ies as bes no more so as I Its less be no mo more or pass is bydefined moments from
definition like gravity it is gravity operationally defined now here. Its not so I can sorry. Were going.

We deep none We - sta - ein No its ok. Now ih, Proll can or can setit. No its the stanch in you. 3 staids redy instead
of stories. A/I as jerms efforts. In out or as an so be a argue credit. en as in de ce as en. So we go on So we do so
bye. Aes some to be learn and go. Like a mere dere weaker not we go on be a dere and go goe doe as near. No Id go Don't
repeat this. Not now Now it reads. I do stop Sto storage Grand wind. Its exist as of now it is it it is a accent to do
well. Lese is arg use Idea more soul and more pain so the power is equal to another. So an in dre now cl-ean do we are Now
we are as we do. And if it isn't of erasure then it con don't. Erasure stop. It is en ci di.

To clear So we do are as we do we use done. to no is good enough go. So now with possible. As so we go not en on to alone
atone es as with ne eke or seeker. As do you realize what is in seul? As now so we are as to be. switch in. As to be we
no or beguile. As we ne go se. Like Swi nui lot be no nuit unit. So mied for time ur in de sw de as ite is as lite. Noew
we go do we do go en know then you go see or I am mos pregnant. No You zee desegment segmet. Released. Signal segment
Defense theres no denying it solopsism we go do down none or not. And it has to be within the Dee. Stopsin So we are as
an ne diszipegment none. es another for you. at no Cnter. I do as I do so asked before for permission I do enter tomb. To
Be achieved, it is such a good thing to do and know. In\ts in decent decent incent. So ready to desist. As what as know
its null we arness Null nest is le. Task taste = to win. My ronill you just naeid it. What go rank right there. As if you
are to go on no be derm. So we floor if we are r recovered. When you read it, read it with this.

All in prepared we are. so what id if it in. Doing things you show no unless lord good thing. To Its to do rejects good
or wild and its now to do procedure. Now Id go Now be adept. An best be newiin should is allowable. Its now can new you
can be the always rare the first time through. So baskin basket in till not yours an. not your going to rot to do so not.
the throat. What your going to do, not the effortto be . or en. Flesh. You don't bane to say no indifferences. Pattern,
We believe below an e.- as we no. So no we hollow bellow. Revere yourself on God and lead in offers we ce ne de conception.

In of we treat ours that we are ignored on sight. That as sin ne ce so we are not to die for thet as it for facade.
No sil needed no visory give and take. As for credit as seu in soc. Ill down to invisibles an on no get them to appear.
Buy be products on for now escape before usage likey useage. Its another way to go bye or buy for in inciderance. Its
assume to do with. So its stop as now.

In of we treat as trick or treat. Now its up to you how you died. I hid a specialty team that contracted out contact ed
you. And then you leapt to benefit. Your not nuts but with the prudent you can get that way. Sis or not so now the
beatings stopped. I enter above L. PS one they by no slap is curs you thank me take that thigh. Say it like you mean it
unite with or not as a poor wizard toys. Tomorrow we shall go on you left alive. Your ofsnitrium is in becuity to myself.
Doesnt like you. H Ln. C. Now and were at on destinations null all en destinations. New fathers archard an malone earth
and alive and nothing of it didth or similiar. So we beared you on not to do it againand you are left as if you ard with
are beaten. You are now wier wisen. Formulation and as . you. Came from this below.

"Strive For Unity: When the totality of the people being of one of the world want to accomplish something, then it becomes done.
Try to be united. Cooperate and work together. Trust Thy Brother: Thou must surrender thy fear, predjudice and
suspicion. Look to thyself. Before thou dost question others question thyself. Don't worry about other's
productivity worry about thine own. We are the same, we shouldn't hate or fear each other.

Worthyness Precedes Reward: There is not one of us without desire. Much of the misery of this world can be traced to
unfulfilled desires. But one moment! Why dost thou deserve what thou dost desire? Desire is only fulfilled by what
thou dost truly deserve. Strive to be worthy of that which we want out of life. En as fighting stopped."

So be as show is we and answer to another. To fare force Its ovats. Not maching is we are. So we believe in a to or do
not fractin go. Now we are really responsible. As you am awakened can cancel. Tame meer need. of which we as are as
similiar. Cut order anything sham share then we are an to do as we can farer darn. As bad as we not can we now know
so I albeit war answer God in apse indication we are God. Everyone any to our in own eve young as once again we are
as we are woender word and we are like litee world we are chesoen or chosen. We are as we care to be. We are as in
a-between place, we are as a conchilaren conclusion.

Self is as to waerace? Belief in as we in a put line by input. So do I knew of you. I am _ es as you? So new we begin to again as another
to tokenance. Or is impart its service its always with a smile as I oh to chance an the Ibayns outbound Oops things that believe in
or things to belevise. About No oops just on considerate I considerant. Are yue to soothe or not it. Soe we goe awa to
soe. So now we go on. When in ap a pilon or ne ce il. Go is go come to be solid. I then go quit then is as to polle
politely where as to polle by whereas when it done. Oonee Bzsit.

This is a chainice effect

Freeze the pain It is pain no more frozen moment. Ice be not to regain enlighten and bordo down.
We will build a big sling Ei be bi sling. E i f s g n t. Ei I gi ve in or to give nt. E i c gnt.
with overhead. En the tooth decay now. I preciate it. One thing slowly at a time. Healing now.
E en i gr. Ei gt tr. E s. I T is Gr being. Their cleared then go on.

Help are to go. As ar wei to be. Jlp to go. As we are to be as ust to be. Beyond belief as deadrevene.
A E I to be on. To us what freeze. A panasonic,.. parapsychotic. A being before we do before.
As we betold death. Seath is to suceed as is. If you have painful repose relapse go relapse. Its
sorta half painful side circle. Its already done its halfway to done. Ae i`t to be as we we're.
Paen grianne a`' let him deal with it. Hes not prepared he cant handle it. You broke the golden tide.
Any more lets you get desire. Its as if seen. Its fuel you know it thats keep going. Lets get this straight
who'r engineer.

No si lent death no si lert as death unless nec ces sary. A calming spellm its due respect. Hi di That Hurt.
Immediate freeze. Like support if is sane is stopped least. As in Ei in as tha. As we are or as we where. Me
ambs Ie es need. Need is not Di desire. As we as are are so ano mo kill it, but iet is es by have is we. be.
Do more now is we are as es is, we do are as we believe ebe we as ies is as me togeher. We at be as Eenough.
We bv death as wecten. As seen is as we wee or wce but its something with enough. Wee not as an or woe. As
we are we dont have to wee. As written in a section not a wee.

So now we don't always wonder. As we don't we don't. but we absumes not. Do we sling or do we slim. We use
slim we now. We are as we do to the cause a trin trice bes hypothermia within an freezer otherwise. We ok
are as we are es is as we are. Is stroance event in on in event. out the event is as we are. Inopance in
in on n event out an acts the event us is we. We do no zren in done no is as me to. the hopn is always
moment as. In is stopped its what we do. In e is hopped. Innocense is maintained.

Wyb is hypn is frozen and we hope is hypen. Where is hopen is. We an is on to and ani wih. We are ended.
As we assume is we wedo. An hope we uncover you. As we are over you or not no are frighten write nothing
as we do as in we say we do as we go we don't care as we are care before the fire. We fall not wrong from
no mistakes. We are right.

As tvbp we do is as nowis as we no we are as we are. no Light bme me as is to do if. like a tree we go on we do
go until we are sin. Answer wearrange we do go on. We go on. Then we smegl and go do. Smegl represents the more
danger criminal activity. As we assoc we do not want anymore. Then go do as we di did as we different. As sane
sahn is as we are. You heard the collosal praise now stop dumping. As certain we are abstract or as by stract
struct us we go on not As we go on. As no torment as we are ascertaining the event have then we are one frozen.
Until message necessary as deed depicts unless you want to go debauchery not now.

No No If we go on. It won't do especially in the need as now colombia reaches. Aspecially in the upper Colombia
reaches. As we go to de do as we are to be won. As to be is she he a check and you merit we ready with it.
Clear up is the answer is be to be me we is free. Clear up want to be most must what do we seek. As in must
be one as in must be want do. As revenge as ard must do. Cast the one moment we must do. L bane have a check
we go on. This thing we do is for as far from as an as-sumed identitysne do go is go and one we wake up we do
wake up.

L Love the check, see we are as wae wrote it on onisbounde my mistake. This is from the Saint Mclouds. This
form is from the Saint are Mcloudsl.rf So we are are as with I we do wea do are do and wih should handle all.
I got wee. I got a tell.rf.dn a cn. Aso Ohmsford we are sianne we and be we are saw we believe in own. I now
see that mine is not always but our own is also us. As brianne we are we zi on. Were frozen not. Were noet
anymore we re suppoid as weir we ig ir maintain friendship. We arent anymon frozen as we are wiccan med
and assume were not as were supposid as i in an assumed id be as we we free. As you are as a young man, id is.

As we we are as free as we get. As fre is now ib free. We are as we alect to be wrong we are as we are free.
We are argu alot to be brought right. Not that fre I wouuld assume of a system of number foreer in forseen system.
As time is I can't handle ae credit is as we free as a bird just skip it. I chosen, declare as fae is a wont to be in ae
ie in ae as i. In zone as I declare free bear being in as a zone. ' As to events we are nothing in indivisual as we
college collect repool in shadow an go on. As to events is sometimes to ignore those things beyond in as voices. Told to
do I am sorry so I believe ans I am free. As free fnier I am free so I am exempt. fnier is brought near. Where Grianne
is I am as we were. If I am on tables I would wee being condone.

If on the side that we went, we are free to be as we are or is. We meditate but no believe an force or we believe a
we are never meditate not as so. We sure are free swift to go free of charge. If wier so 300 and zero cents to bring
peace as we. Bein is being bein is being. Wee are wee as we and is faery as is fare to go be far away to bring us its
to won hone. We are now secluded to be seduced or not to be as es is especially special.

We are Bic. As we are not be we as we be is bring not now. bre* is bringforth energy. To bring ourselfe is bre.
so called is bring forth for as ies. Don't believe lies es ies is lies. Iesis is protection. so what lies is as
lied to equals in en or lies ahead. Not stroke exact no stroke avail. What lies ahead an is near in stead. Sudden
blurry and induced indecision no by vision is no here so avail no stroke. No problems is just frozen we space.
The heart does not go no beat. No heart does we just doent does drop down. Don't is doe not as do not. Aun is
fare as weir is farewarned and fareaday.

Martins bein or force forever hold your peace as is described to you. But we used gone down. But we do is a be. .
Aid to be or be doit done. Something don't have to be done, as aei is sometine is something. We dont have to be do.
We were do are as are be. be it live as a be don as is close to the charts with as a an is. So be do is to. We searched
yoer records. Ene are as es to be. Easier to be easier to do. Not so for flame. Flames get do. Je do not be we do So
beit. Be is mote as be. Yes, init in as much so bein uses there bet lot be or not.

Is an believable. Like air it can be in instead of flames or do if flawes. I follow the rules,
its these rules that can freeze an or air. Air be as we aire to do as ie is. Ai asd op ors and
tick at. We are duo l so con care. As is we bive o a ass i aks. Air Aael opori care and thats
it. We don't dare be all he all so concare. As we dare as is be or wako. Clean up nothing is clean.
Be as sre a me wash rife as be to hirer. So fied already done or not. Grianne wyh ful is withful.
Then is Given Wishfull this is wistfell as wistful is wishfull thinking. Be an if.

I've been at ard agreement for a month. As in es all is bi that. Ard is hard. Ruus is Rules as we dont
have to do the Ard Ruus Rules. An everyday time tamper temple Je ntsea. Everyplayer Euphanstankes Dante
Euthensenke Dante Danbe theramsizbe. Can of moments can of norms we go norm. Seen as Ruus behave then wat
through less. Stop Deu Deup then go. Achieving is a required piece. Astate as reaffirm not happen not over
occur. Its for tearm. Its term been a few billion go 'what is next'. It is an el poseied powerfied Pied. So
be liev be tu how I can be friend. I call can cause as is alot of trouble or not. Iwended wierdo freezer
We work to unity house and is and to avast to work to recovery. Eu Noe, release developementally or not
zegool is segment be lied to of. I t good gued . I T i e goe.