How to become a neutral envoy

  Remember now or not, so to be a neutral envoy read the reality by thinking to the reality energy as though it had a conscious. The reality responds as if a point of response from perception of things or some free bug is there that you hear as a person represented, or you imagine as a voice in your mind that is idea which can float on the air. Think the response you need the reality to hear. See one must try to be neutral and serve a side, the point is a concept that you remember if you need to remember the point.

  However, if there is a bug, then you will know things you think. The bug reflects your conscious thought back at you. So this means you know your idea you think about, and the bug can reveal the subconscious idea if you suggest it. If that's why, then you know things by the energy that is there in the form of the bug, so I guess it's a way to know things that is realized. If nothing else, you can always kill the bug as you know where the bug is by feel. Now go and do what you want, this is a point in the past.

  Think the concept that is done and you remember with picture perfect senses. This is a point caused by the soul, this then the point that is remembered with what is realization. The effect is known as spirit awareness or spiritual idea, where the spirit knows things before the moment is realized. This is where the soul empowers the spirit to shift to and from the area to watch the idea at the right time, the spirit knows the time from the creator so if you think of the moment as the soul allows you to realize then you have with the idea insight. So it's both, think of the idea and need to know, and the spirit causes you to know the point.

  Albeit to be a neutral envoy, you must serve some side that you need to work with or not do anything as you do your own thing by feel and make the best from what you do. The side of your own self. Then is the point you know, such as a thought you get by thinking of the need to know and you realize the point. So if you think you have insight and realize things, you know what things are by feel. Don't disallow someone to point something out, if you think to know what they say then you know more than you did. That is sometimes with agreements.

  Also as a concept this is done in by what you do, think to represent an idea that you would want to present as you use professional idea. An envoy is a person who works for a side and this is a good reflection on you. That in thought moment represents an idea and the person is willing to do what is necessary in a concept to risk things or think not to do it, so think as though to whomever said person's in idea of life.

  This is used to know some idea by soul, the concept is a co-existing thing and using in idea what you can for the moments you perceive. That means to keep fighting down this is a point. This is done if possible for a purpose of positive growth. The point then is done if you need things done, if you think of the idea you know by the spirit and you can create better response, so if you think positively then you create better idea. That is where saying nothing works to your advantage.

  However the thing you try is this, where this is the thing you seem as thought is there to present by feel the illusion you set by needing them to perceive something to get out of it, for the things you do wrong and the more things you keep fighting is the thing you fight an you will end up losing. As though if you keep it down you will end up dead, so fighting it out is done as though to release the effect is done to release the pent up feeling.

  Think by thought energy going to the planet you think, that's as a point if water creatively used is feel. This is creative adaptation where you are, what your out of or not having by use. This is the concept of the third eye manifest and with a mind to get some food. So think there is a concept to consider the time things that are done are what can add to what you know, so observe or think as use is obvious as not observed if not needing attention.

  This is a lesson of trade and idea, who cares if the idea you can use trade with is creating as equal moments are useful and done as you or they want. Think thought to create thought with the created feel. This is usually done by thought to feel calm, creator use is this as focus and energy is used to understand in life. This is the curiousity as you can create by watching, your idea you can seem to create or sense and not undone as needed. If thought necessary till not necessary, you can think it necessary to change the idea to seem acceptable.

  If your planet is there in the mind and this is a good food, then your aware to get better by concept as not you as him or if "or not" to create with energy. Think by what arrange by focus as represented by the spirit, what you do in thought or movement is what you can do in life. Seeing is believing, as your elemental energy is energy by what you think into focus to create by feel. The thought by feel in the act or will set by energy.

  Think about this, as your energy is use by feel in focus think what you want or feel the water you are using as the effect is creative, think and you are watching as you yourself need or in don't need in life. As you don't reveal it this is the sixth planet or this is not actually a real world think. As you want and as you want to do think what you want to think, release thought as an idea or what you have others in what you do things by the use of information. You can act or write down or touch the skull as if a small chin and frail in the mind, this is your inner child to work with otherwise touch the outside grounds by thought. That is teletouch with thought to touch and you are free with an idea thought, no lying unless you want to lie or "ar'r in arrangement" as the elven translation is A'r in Se or "what language switch?".

  True neutrality is their cause. Said person must believe in peace. Said person might have to do extreme things to keep the peace. That if not, said person must learn to step aside and allow through blind guidance by council the events that are to happen. When all is said and done, said person will have to forgive the participants. Said person must not have any cloudiness of mind by being flavored, by the knowledge they have. Thus in an idea, to be able to see clearly to the heart of the matter no matter what is essential.

  This is to understand what your eating and drinking, time adjust by the un pollutant motion or think to use fire. This to see thought is adjust the burn away unwanted food particles, with the parasites in thought to remove you create body ability to eat any food. Even poisonous by focus and energy broken up, thought to not be effected by literal thought won't effect you. As if a cast iron stomach, you are unable to get sickened by youth or thought eating.

  In effect the correct action necessary must be done to clarify the situation peacefully with any tools available. This includes dealing with death. But you know what you do by the feel of the area, as you do things you don't if as there is setup and entry if unnecessary have to take the idea and effort, thought as in the movie I saw revealed. Not in this as fought to death is to live if by what you can live with, theory by the creator is what can seem and this by the creator energy with focus known as I.

  The first thing to do is know your enemy and know yourself first. If you know this, everything else is obvious. Always be observant of things around you. This includes objects. Always listen to people around you and your reactions. Always be willing to listen. Think of things with a three track mind. Be able to say one thing and think another while in perfect control of your body. When talking, never be remembered for important facts but for the funny remarks as well. Never be obvious that you are manipulating the people through every action of your body, glance and speaking patterns. Think and your okay, as they who watch don't guess.

  Say and do things to suit the moment and use is up to you if caught, things could get ugly for you, if by means to win or nothing done dispells this life effect that enetrgy created. Get an understanding of the situation before you do. When the idea of success happens to your mind. Make certain you don't get too cocky. This rule applies: cocky in life, stupid in love, lazy in working, and con dead. If I get too cocky because of so many successes. Stupidity happens because you think you can do anything and no actual background.

  Laziness is the result and sloppy mishandling of a situation occurs through reactions, as if now intend that and you don't need as in some area to work out things. If you must get quality goods this is not in by some bystandard or not at all done, and this seems able to compensate with the thought to make or create. This is what you can do in a moments ideal and what you get is done, as this isn't as to get what you want is as to walk or do else in life. Think or create as you wish, as otherwise a point is done and you sleep and this acts as a purpose in life and things. You are capable in doing things as this is a night done in for some magic or anytime, if your not too interested then do some sleep. Mediate in the thought, room you can use out in what you think your mind is as you sleep.

  If to happen things in life and you can make a good idea seem okay, as the spell is done is to gain not much in weight day. Things with life lived are remembered and nothing is bad, as is what is gone as you think to do. You get replacements as is possible and this soothes the nervous system. That resembles the "chakra system" and this is healed by spinal stimulation as this is not in death, as things with life are possible to work each thing you are to do. As to fix auratic energy bunches that if unless you need to, don't as what you think is what you say done to cure.

  As your life resolves by what is done, this in thought can seem what you think to make happen. Also think, if a problem exists think what you want and the problem disappears. As you get what you need, this is a point to create and yet not what you think as you feel the idea to do. That makes what you think as if to seem with cool expression in idea and the idea of face.

  Death happens in afterward, as in some manner if you think the ideal will this won't until the person is ready. Thus to be an envoy, think or not if now one must handle any situation, with cool idea is without cockiness then you won't win in a point. That is by some idea, that is thought as lettuce is energy food and unless you think out of the things. As you don't seem to do that they that you are serve are in need.

  The second thing is to say an oath of non destructive acts to solve the problem. After that, learn yourself by observing yourself and memorize everything that you do. Analyze during the night. When you feel that you know yourself you can start studying people. Know people through the actions that they do and by what they say. Thus, the art of language is learned in this manner. When one knows this language, the creator can help you learn body language.

  This takes a little longer. When the words a person speak and the body language they show are understood then you ready to be an envoy. Now try to find how to be an analyst in yourself. Understand psychology as it will be one of your weapons. In no is the understanding by the bargaining and the dealer is out and barter ideal also helps. Now you have the abilty to be and seem an envoy.

  Finally this in the idea of practicing that is necessary, as it is thought to get better you keep trying as this is what can seem better. As to get faster is stronger, as to get better idea that end results as a good point to stop in thought in event. Where one travels, one can find trouble is a hindu saying. Thus you know what the reality knows, as you practice things and that arguments you find are resolved.

  If you find trouble by going somewhere and diffuse the situation by using an envoys tricks of manipulation through non destructive actions. Keep doing this until you are good as this can seem if not enough as if a moment to face a criminal without flinching if gone doesn't return. Thus one idea is to trust, as you are on your own way to becoming a master. An envoy could be considered a translator of this actions, and events by concept to the "timekheper" is to use "inin" in on the timekeeper crystal.

  Try not to be a target if you can, out as then things always keeps you on your feet. The possibility of reality shift is easy, as the time is there and creates what is. What not to seem is what you make idea to do, as you might give away the thought and if the police are there. Unless you think and use what is wise, use the moment to create the time by thinking time. This is to get better and what you do is up, and down to what you seem to think and what you do in play is game in life. Remember, as your free and life, this is just in another life game.

  As english fetters or falters to the tongue, your use is non undoing what isn't supposed there. As the rest takes care of itself. Thought unlin is the concept machine made by crystals. As if this in industrial machine can stop. As thought by will this is energy to use or not as you don't have to. As you are able you can create as you seem to imagine and use what you feel to good use. So sorry as you are, as you wish and are welcome as you want to be here.

  Think to be neutral and you are neutral, thinking to create what you want. So as you speak in a neutral type tone dispells the hex, the demons leave from the area and the ghost that shouldn't be thereis gone as you think begone to it. This allows the great eagle to "eat" the spirit and then dispel its presence, this is used as the eagle is a source of life and death in ancient indian beliefs. Otherwise you only have to imagine the ghost or being gone and the being or ghost disapparates from the area..