How to do what should be done

  It seems like a lot of people go through life not really knowing exactly what they want to do. While some people wander aimlessly through life, a lot more simply do what they're told to, whether directly by some influence or indirectly by society and peer pressure. One might either have no direction, or just follow the direction everyone else is going. Although understandable that people simply want to follow the path laid out for them and everyone else, some think it's not the right way to live. These people who make a decision to do as they want are, in my opinion, likely to end up in three situations: Following no particular path, following an atypical path laid for them by some other entity, or following their own path.

  To recap, a person will almost always follow no path, someone else's path, or their own path. In fact, people usually follow a combination of them to some extent. To do what should be done, however, I believe one must follow their own path. Realizing that nothing in life is particularly important, one might come to the conclusion that the best way to live is the most interesting and full of heart and truth. To begin on this path, I believe you must follow your own path and not the simple path that someone else lays out for you. To live aimlessly is equally useless, if not more interesting though.

  There a general system outlined for doing what should be done, for following your own path. Its a system to find out what your path is. As, the things that we call "what should be done", should be done, to make our lives longer and/more enjoyable. So, that is what our path will be of, if you so desire it from the decisions of the moment. Just think on the idea, feel if its right, and to be done. Then its what should be done so, to help make your path idea. Then its something thats become an onward idea, on your path to being done. Some use intuition and intention is used to actually do the deed that is necessary.

  Within living on your own path however are more distinctions. These might include following a path for pleasure, for truth, for justice, for revenge, for money, for adventure or any such thing or combination thereof. Although most of those are probably good, the way I see best to fit is a path of heart. The path of heart is simple and yet complicated, but it's the best way to live because you live life in a way you know you should.

  To do what should be done you must focus on living a path of heart. To find if it's a path of heart you should simply ask yourself truly if an action to possibly done has heart. If you truly know that it has heart, it is probably worth doing. If you have to question it or have faith or have doubts or especially know that it isn't, it's probably useless. What goings along with living a path of heart is to keep death as your advisor.

  To quote don Juan "Death is a wise advisor that we have… One… has to ask death’s advice and drop the cursed pettiness that belongs to men that live their lives as if death will never tap them!" You have to live with death as your advisor- you have to live as if every action you take is your final battle. If you live like that, you'll only do what should be done.

  The third part is to feel things out. You must find your own personal ways to become more connected with the universe and thereby pick out the waves and vibes that can tell you what to do at a moment's notice. The more connected you become the more you can pick out the factors in reality that can give you information on how you should act under particular circumstances.

  As your able and capable to feel things, your intuition is an idea that is instructive to what you think to do. As if in thought you are an instant success, if you feel the idea and what you are is in thought or nothing is doing things. This is a whimsical point of view, as if you are in and there is an out and no death is possible. Then in an idea that is extisance as if your in thought is as the motion and the think and in thought you are where want to be as if naturally exitent to seen view and this is as if you are an ideal, you can use things and nothing in thought nothing in mind.

  As this is a intuition by spirit, you are as if things you want to effect you will effect, as otherwise you in thought disappears. Intelligence surges and energy increases as you can seem, to become interesting and this makes what is as if things in a loop don't occur. Then the intuition guides your instinct and forms the natural instinct that is spirit guided by what is there as the spirit is what gives information and your use, is not done as each ripple in time is what causes chaos in the field of what is this if this is and isn't is as in an idea except in normal mention. There is no point to dying for this, so say what you want and do things that don't get you killed and as this is true you are what you say as the intuition guides a perfect thought and idea shot tho get the right reactions. This is the law of the lawless law, and uses the gut instinct in the thought as if in thought is point and the power point is withdrawn.

  The fourth part is essentially the sum of the first three. You must live like a warrior. You must live impeccably, realizing life is too short to live wastefully, that life doesn't go right nor wrong, but goes on as a challenge that you must stand up to. And if you do not stand up to it, life will beat you into submission and furthermore into a useless life and death.

  When you, as a warrior, follow a path of heart, live with death as your advisor, and feel out the way you should go, you won't be able to follow a useless path except for moments when you ignore those three steps and indulge in something unnecessary that will halt your real progress. Although it is the goal to live impeccably, it is a path that has steps which you must take daily before you come to a place where you can call yourself a true warrior. It is hard- a challenge and a burden. It's foreign, unusual and mysterious as well, and takes time and great effort. But it is worth it.