The delcimer shift

This doc makes things a go faster between of dimensional shifting or notas to perception, Its been called fake for it gets some effect, but its unproven, improving as it dissapears. This is due to advancement. As any sufficiently advanced technology get is indistinguishable from magic. To go down the rough track your losing nothing as the going gets tough/ the rough gets going. So some use it as itis to be. Sensible sometimes 'by sensidine cream, to 'be capable' again. So lets start with the statement that is a way to cause a true effect. Somewhat as in "Ie a Ie" is a go inbetween to some space and from yours or ae a e ai which is vice versa. This is for soul and body in travel so, a) Try to a calm down, b) Focus on the moment or area enchantment and think to cause something, somewhere. This something hides you from those of opinion and bad idea.

Ae e this is the fixes for the moment of causing peace in your land or area and a) Use in what I call the calm focus. b) Then locate a person or object as an anchor to draw to. They are the travel so to speak. Now lets Focus on the mind word trace, think "trace backward" and you can find the felon or person by instinct. Still and be able to think "A trace b backward". Think on "a action b forward", and you be there to shift forward. Think "Ei E `eima", is to see and do things by cannon actions.

To get back, walk through door or walk a pattern and think the pattern an what iet means to you. Be of a force or focus. This is like a lifetrack that you maninpulate by direction. It is also by vision. Revealing land that you may have gone to get there. Usually you can't go over an old surface again despite being in the lifetrack so it becomes just a vision. Once there, do on A) show of talking, B) talk legaleze and know more about it. Your body might stand still, but you will be in two places seeing the vision of and in the other. Adjust it in its intentional path because you don't want to be the one whos intentional use or unintentional use is in the record, Then something won't, as in itself to happen to act different or to seem different according to how you modify your action. This works by time indifferense. Thus to Act so cool and indifferent as it is so beautiful someplaces. Be able and capable. The more capable. moer indifferent to be as an able mind and body to cope, to be dutiful not to deceive. Others of the able mind ye decree but you decieve. This works by Semiperception conception, to be and percieve to be percise. Its mainly thought out word magic. Don't try to use this against people.