Dance Fighting

"The art of ghandi is the necessity to defend or sustain, defend by a strike to a surface or non innocent where you pull the punches and they don't have to take it. As this is the point this is in an upper area personally thought to use. As a space that if the person is in thought you can get what you think, they get the energy that you think to recieve or that is what seems to create sustaining. Thought or where you are and can as to be. The not use of this is to not hit or punch to sustain what you feel. That is good enough. That is quick blows in succesion to shift energy to see, as if thought and you can detail where it will go or where you think. The energy to be or not to be, as in a plan you don't need to do or be for another.

  Don't suspend time by thought to suspend as something happens, this is by realization of what you are doing if you don't want to use this point. Don't use the thought or idea as you can get thought to work an use in thought, as the thought is if you suspend the moments by what element you see and time that is stands as not actually happening. Think or find useful idea, this from people to make use or keep is a point to create with.

  That is this place is abandoned, as the illusion is people or the objects you think to exist or unexist. As it depends if you can feel the blows hit to think your effective, if necessary and otherwise use or not tis is a fear slap to avoid. Think or point out something to think about to get an idea useful in response, as you are and things are what you can create by feel or lore. As if you are not overreacting, your not responding except to the creator energy." -Ghendi

"You know watching them isn't what is conclusive that they exist. As your energy exists something the reality bewteen true realism and the area that is around you, is a blur as an idea to see and understand reality and imagination. As I went with gandalf I found this out. I now understand what the difference is now that I can see by the psychic idea, illusion or rubbing energy that stops as magic is done. I now understand your idea of a horse, as I understand don't believe everything as you hear.

  Revert the time by intending the reversion of what is unliked, as you revert the time by a thought touch to the object that caused what you think as this is so perfect in a dimension. See all that is to be as everything, but don't always react. Its a process of procedure even as a thought if its a problem. As you can see this isn't all that it is meant to be or not, as your idea was to figure the thought or create results to gnow if the idea works."
-A hobbit.

  Theres dance of fighting an there is dance an it is written down as here. There's normal dance and theres dance fighting. Dance fighting is an art form of dance where normal dancing is the art of display and byplay with movement by an in body act. This art form has two parts; dance fighting and dance magic..The two are intertwined. I will describe dance fighting first.

  Dancing and fighting in a balance of form and is what it is described as. When dance fighting, you can easily win a fight by yourself or help the to be won by your side. Mostly scrapes and bruises come from it. There are never broken bones due to the fact of the energy generated kinetic motion when dancing. When dancing, the body avoids blows because of the air factor and the flow of the form through balance combined with the kinetic motion energy. When balance is lost, it can cause death to the person when fighting in an actual fight.

  This art form of dance is done by holding yourself still. Imagine yourself on a pedestal in your mind that is unmoving as though rock itself. This is your balance and as your body moves, as long, as your mental place remains stable then you are, in balance. Then, start dancing with instinctual movements, of martial arts and dance, together in a flowing form. Dancing near people and keeping them off balance, while striking, as you can through martial arts, in a melded dance form. Using the unpredictability, of yourself is the key elements, of the art of dance fighting. Think of yourself as a balerina that is dancing from the sheer joy of it. To keep them off balance and hit them with a critical hit by pressure point hit and with stiffened fingers.

  Feel that joy and revel as you knock people to the ground and beat the crap out them with, or without lethal blows. This is good, to feel, as you transfer that joy, into destruction purpose, and into the other person, as what you want, or intended. Use punches, kicking, and elbow shoving as necessary. Adding jump kicking and back swing kicking helps the dance as well. The secret to the dance is self made movement with creativity to a deadly effect. When dancing the dance fighting art, have fun and practice making new moves to keep the enemy off balance and added to this is they never guess your next move. Practice this art until it is ingrained in your body memory. The dance is done when you have defeated all your enemies in the area. Count the area as if an arena.

  The most prominent direct hit effect there is to disrupt the life of the average person is a sudden influx or downright addition of chaos. When you've been trapped in iron your entire life and suddenly water corrodes or it is cut in half, the chaos leaks in, the chaos leaks out, and it causes more. You can do your best to stop it or you can accept it, deal with it, use it and become stronger than those who neglected to do so. So dancing and inflicting chaos is the effect of directing punch and blow.

  Dance magic is the art of dance fighting with magic added to it. Like before, dance with instinct while dancing with balance of the mind platform. Change the style a little and start dancing runes while doing the deadly ballet.

The sigils, to keep in mind are:

    These sigil/rune effects are drawn, in more detail, at the bottom, of this page. With graphics here.

    The top half of the circle outline pointing down. This is the reflection of spells sent at you or near you by a magical barrier being raised by the act of dancing it and the energy raised by kinetic motion aiding it.from the dance.

    The lower half of circle outline pointing upwards is the negative symbol, for destructive impulses in your enemy.

    The whole circle stands for perfect defense, by time manipulation, of yourself while deflecting through an air barrier the physical blows and the magical spells around you. Dance this by a twirling move that will have you standing on one leg and the other leg draws the circle around you.

    The three lined equal sign. Which is the symbol of balanced defense. This raises an air defense that keeps people from hitting dead on.

    The symbol of the horizontal line and the top half circle sigil underneath makes blows miss and the effects of any energy attack, to effect anything else but you, thats around you.

    The effects of the + sign and the X sign overlaid is to negate any magic in the area of casting for 2 hours except for the caster of the rune.

    When using the rune that turns the will of the enemy caster against themselves, be near the caster when dancing it. This rune is the Y symbol overlaid with the horizontal bar accross the middle of it at the conjunction of the three lines forming the Y.

    To dance the pattern of a | overlaid with a upward pointing U at the top part with the line going through it still while three lines are aligned across the top is the usage of the negative emotions revealed in your enemies. This one rune causes such distraction amongst the enemies, that they fight amongst themselves and can ignore you. To feel as they can be just, as they are.

    The symbol of positive reinforcement amongst yourself and others of your group is the sign of a | with a Y overlaying it. This is the rune Algiz and is, as the at sign that also dispels evil and your enemies. If, needed to, it can cause unwanted actions, to people who be bad, to cause them to leave the area.

    To draw a | mark in dance form is to pause indefinitely the effect they put, to you and this can make the damage disappear as well.

    To draw a guardian angel is the | sign with the Y sign with the - sign in the middle and with the upside down U underneath it. All this on the same vertical line and done with dancing equilibrium for a guardian angel that will support your good. Do not draw the upside down version of this! This will bring an avatar of evil, unless your evil as it gets the guardian angel that is of evil and will support itself while it may support the evil person.

   Dance the effect represented, by a lower half bottom circle part, mixed with a horizontal line going across the top and a line going down, into meeting the bottom part. Makes it so, that you pierce the others shielding.

    To draw a ( will pause indefinitely the effect and deflect it the blow back as though you were shielded. This is as close to a shield you can get, more to the point, its where instead you are not as effected by the blow and they mystically get some of the damage.

    To draw a ) reflects some of your blow to you or sometimes with intention of it working, they will get a semi-blow onto you.

    To draw the lower half of the ( in dance is to do what you want in intention as your action is your intention. Thus, you can do more damage, as, in effect you do spiritual hits, by a simple movement. To do it in spirit, you are still doing it, to dealing blows, to the other.

    To draw the upper half of the ) in dance is as you want to and you cancel the spirit damage out by intion and your action. It only takes one action to cancel the blow out. Some avoidance is the best way so you avoid collecting more punishment. It is the mark that collects energy from damageand blows and you heal quicker with its effects. It is done, as in effect.

  Practice these moves when you think it is safe with the thought "unless I need it it won't happen" think of the source and the attempt and do. When trying them out, practice on getting them intuitively ingrained in your dance fighting movements. Get the runes to flow with the dance with no interruption of it. Be assured as that unless you need them when practicing, they won't have an effect. This is the ultimate balance between magic, dancing, and fighting. As always, feel the joy of the dance when in action!

Graphical dancing rune/sigil effects:

Piercing sigils
Skyhawk, Ganhdi and Heron