How to do a core tap for power

  Doing a core tap for power will make an energy source that could power a house. What it means is to tap the power of the earth directly for use through focus device. How it works is it focuses the earth's energy from the core of the planet through channels of symbolic link. To do it just make a mental image of a nickel iron round sphere. This looks like a round shiny small sphere that has a label of liquid nickel iron under it in your mind. Now make an image in your mind that you would want to have as the power focus. It can safely be a coin for carrying around, a crystal that has very little flaws, a piece of machinery, and a piece of a solid or constructed metal. It cannot be you because you would have a magnified energy force that would kill you. Now draw a line in your head from the core model to the focus piece. Once done, said focusing piece will be indestructable.

The line is called a link. It is your subconscious that achieves it because it is instructed by the imagination. Wait about one day to one week for it to be truly effective by being the energy tap. This works by the focusing device acting as a channel to the spinning sun charged nickel iron core. The energy flows through the easiest route and it makes its path through the symbolic link channel and pools at the linked focusing device. Mentally instructing it by thinking of the device to give power to what is needed will make this work.

  Then a link is done by the focusing link piece by being near the things you want powered and they will have energy even when unplugged. Link it to you and you won't need to sleep. Just rest by meditating on allowing core energy to flow into you. When you feel rested, try to do something useful and undestructive. The focusing piece will be slightly heavier with a magnified field of magnetic gravity. The energy can be directed by yourself to be in any form. I almost burned out my computer by using a core tap. I directed the source focus stone to be a self-adjusting source of power for any piece of machinery. Only to not burn out the circuitry. When the energy fluxes it has possibility to destroy a machine with a dampening effect. Do this with a link that links as a dampened field of power.