Facial and vocal expressions of animals and cats

  From the childhood we have been thought that animals cant smile. animals dont have a facial expression. WRONG. facial expressions are communication method for animals. they know exactly what your eyes are, where your nose and noistrils is and know that you are human. every specie knows humans diffrently and every single animal has their own opinions about it, based on their species treatment upon humans. For example sheep know that they are used for fur, milk and meat. therefore a wild sheep is neutral to a human while a trained one will always follow the flutes noise and go away from the loud noise.

  When an animal looks at you suprised or angry, you may think that the expression is there by chance, something natural and randomly occured, therefore would find it funny. No the expression means exactly what it says. most animals will give you eyes opened like mad if they gonna attack you. Birds are a bit exception to this. They tend to close their eyes by half, instinctively thinking the fight will include claws and beaks. Another thing is different animals show different levels of expressions. Those that show it less doesnt mean they are more stupid. Monkeys are easiest to study expressions as you can imagine. Though I will talk about cats.

  First of all know that cats are a show by strength or they know much more than they show. They know much more than an average human. They are mystic and hold secrets. most of the time they act more mature than average human. These things lead to the conclusion that cats are the number one reincarnation animals. So the use is death yet they draw in to survive, if almost disease they won't touch you unless you want to be effected. Then they can turn demented to fee or creative allowance that seems demonic. This is use by focus or use is some areayou see. They can absorb demons to disrupt things that are unwanted by death energy or send messages telepathically as they see the arrangement uniquely as they are aleanes.

  A cat will communicate with a human if only it wants. If they dont want to talk then the only thing you can get out of them is a shriek. They have a sense of justice so trying to kill one and failing it will never forgive you. They mostly talk with meows. Wild cats are known to try and roar. But its almost same as an angry meow. Tsss ing is another method of communication too. So meows first:

  1.   The food begging meow. This is the most valid one. the begging tone. Like a low miiiiuuuuuwwwww. Like as if they are dying in hunger and they spend their last breath in asking for food. The rate of repetation fastens and becomes louder as they get more hopes of getting food. Theres also the food demanding meow. The style is the same but the tone is more louder and it gets slightly out of control to towards the end.
  2.   The love me meow. This is more like a "weep", its cute and short. They say it when you show them that you want to pet them, or for hosuecats, they demand the petting and say it always in the same tone and way. And mostly at the same hour of the day. How do you show to a cat that you want to pet them? well first of all see if they are in the love-me mood. Female street cats are the most common ones to use this mood.

      You might want to use that certain voice or word to call the cats. This word differs in every country/region. English mostly say "kitty kitty". You might also want to use your sweet voice and say "coome hereee" and rub your thumb and the closest finger to it together. Saying "pay me". This is the universal code for cats to say here is food. Though you will be tricking them into petting. Once you reach out quickly start stratching their head instead of rubbing their back. Dont worry cats dont mind you touching on their head. Once you dazzle them with this comforting move you might start advancing towards their cheeks and under their chins. They love this allot.

      Also note that sometimes cats let you pet them so that you become happy. They like this thought. But it doesnt mean that they wont claw mania you if you exert in the petting a little. Just know when to stop.
  3.   The I want to pee but cant find a place to do it meow. Its like a eee-ow. This is a long meowing. Its a disturbing tone so its not hard to recognize. Some cats wont pee on the carpet if you dont give them a soil spot. Their intestines will get bigger and bigger, and evantually demage the cat. So this voice is important.
  4.   The usual chatter and complaining meows and other sounds. Well this is fun to listen. Its like a cat talk with uncomprehendable words except psychicly. Continiuing meows and "mrrrm"s and "aauu"s and other variations that sum up to be words. Complaining can be understood by the long "meeeEEEeeEEeeeEEE". You can understand the toning and what emotions they are trying to surface with the words, but I failed to completely make out the meanings. if you know about it please say as I think its meaning in pain.
  5.   Im in pain/wounded meow. this can vary from a loud "waaaaaaa" to a tiny tint tiny "miiiiiyuv", or it may be that their throats have dried as a result of their pain and might come up with a catly roar. Or a desperate "whhhh". Dont let this sound discourage you. Take the cat to a veterinary as soon as possible. You will not be asked to pay for anything though you may volunteer to pay for additional medical treatment. Also unless the wound is crawling with maggots (cat metobalism is very fast and some wounds might rot even before the cat dies) their open wounds wont harm you or infect you with microbes in any way. Their wounds are clean for us but harmful for them.
  6.   Im stuck meow. This is a very loud "miyuv!". Usually heard from a sought place thats impossible to be found at 3 am because the sound is mirroring. They're usually in a trash bin or a truck trunk or lost their way in a car motor. Help these cats because they dont start giving this sound unless they make sure that they cant get out and will starve there.
  7.   The summoning meow. This might actually be a summon for another cat or their master. Its a "maaaauuuuuuuv", it gets louder and longer as it is repeated. So only god knows why they summon you. Could be food or telephone or anything but its 90 percent looking for attention/bored.
  8.   Mating sound. Well they dont usually make sounds while trying to find a mate. But when they do it its likely to be a "eee" or "yip". Well after they start the mating possibly we all know what kind of sounds they make.
  9.   Greeting and hailing the master meow. This is a normal meow. Professionally said, lowering towards the end. Quick and solid, a sound that the master is very used to, as the cat being used to the sight of their master.
  10.   Calling for the kid sound. They make this sound to call their kids. its a fast repitition of "woak!" sounds. Gets worrysome and louder as the kid keeps being missing. This sound might turn out to be a cry and begging for help. This isnt a fake like the food begging tone. You can differ the two easily. Some cats might think that you kidnapped their kids and demand you to release them. In these situations don't kick them away, just let them search everything and your house. If you dont do this they will stay in your door all day yelling.
  11.   The tsss in and mrrrr ing. Tss ing is a warning. means "im angry just stop it." Might be in middle of a fight or just not in the mood or feeling ill. Mrrr is you know the sound they make when they are petted. If they make this without getting petted it doesn't mean they've gone nuts but it means that they are in a really good mood.

  Another thing to notice is that lions and small cats share the same psychology. Big ones just rarely meow as your little cat rarely roars. Wild little cats roar in their own capacity. So dont question your animal love when your little furball lets our a "whhraaar" as a battlecry against another cat. its just an instinctive roar. Most sounds are common between cat species. As the wheres my son sound.

  Most common facial expression that you see in a cat is: