Courtesia history

The history of Courtesia with all its known for are rather obscure with probability of not much known except for its notions. So I put together all I could on the nation itself with most documents hard to read and now dust. What I learned was learned by rote so this isn't entirely accurate. What I could determine was there were two or more nations as I identified Cartesia and Hatia and there may be more from 10000-11000 years ago in the Atlantians age or "rock ages". First we will start with the myths.

Things of courtesia as myths:

Courtesian principle was to honor the gifted and uplift the rest.
Courtesian courtesy was to give a honor or boon per deed of you.
Courtesian theory was provoke the open mind with knowledge.
Courtesian practice was to bring pleasure to the inflicted and needy.
Courtesian repository was the library where people gave books to for reading there.
Courtesian policy was the effort of making certain people were treated fairly with unfairness treated the same as theft, caning or detriments. Any abuse and unnecessary disturbance got the same.
Courtesian affairs were three ways, the husband, wife and lover who didnt care about it or he wasn't told. It could also be to rip off someone and "pirate" it away.


Cartesia, Cartia or "Cartes" (cart-ease), city of fair trade and easy transportation, also named Cartesa was a principalis of a kingdom of courtesia that used democratic idea and bordered by Hatia and Persia. These cities are now deceased with little left except volcanic ash. The government was based off the curiosity of a reversed nation with courtesy as the currency and people were with no taxes as the base price was set at barter using trade goods and gold set at weight. With courtesy to deal with, they had free slaves, Freemen, freeborn and a prince to rule it with a ruling council. The slaves were allowed great freedom yet not free.and yet the slaves had choice to do as they wanted if not asked for a duty to achieve. Slaves were actually servants there who were sometimes paid with beatings at odd times and no reason except to punish. All there was in Cartesia was service, and courtesy of money or information for gems or valuables. Those with the most power were decadent and traded information for power, station or items as in drugs. Their market was a material called silk, drug and golden silk to trade out of land.

When a person worked as merchant, they were burghers and as royalty they were royals, with the majority of citizens as either slaves or freemen. The person reported was tortured if for some discourtesy or destruction such as unwanted abuse. The women were allowed to work as a cortesan, burgher, teachers and army. Males were alotted the rest such as servant and slave master. Cartesian females had a manipulative idea of working and played word games through known languages. Such like to focus on what they wanted and white lie or decieve for the things they desired. They also told the best stories with little impetous and great regard. Cartesian males controllers and were power hungry that sought power at a convenience of what they could get. They ordered the men and women what to do and with not getting it, a sin to them resulting in unusual responses unless they had reason to allow it.

They the men and women both sought peace and expansion through exploration yet due to having no standing army except those that wanted to protect as they were a cartesan state. However they did have guards who banded into roving attack forces, which counted as army bands upto 1000 men and women. Now to the positions, that were few yet signified as to import starting with slave, slave master, freeborn, teacher, burgher, courtesan, guard, councillor and prince.

The slaves, "slav" (slave) were the people who had to pay off debt to the bank or "aao". the bank traded any currency that included bank notes, gold and property as yet their was no instant credit except for the bank note. As a rule, one who traded with the bank would not be allowed to withdraw all at once unless they withdrew from the bank to "close account". If they could not pay the merchant for service or the prince decided then they were enslaved yet no slaves were ever bought or sold. Slave masters were the people that controlled the slaves till they earned the right to be freemen who accorded the rights of freeborn.

Freeborn were the common citizens or "common citiz" (common cite-ize) with rights to work and treated equally as men and women and yet you didn't have to work if you didn't want to. These freeborn made their own stuff with very little materials and then traded for other items or some money return.Teachers, "teka" (teak-ah), were to teach what they knew but mostly reading, writing, math, magic and philosophy. Burgher consisted as a workman being merchant, cleric, servant, loader or other. Soldier be the epitome of army excepting any could join with no regards to safety.

Courtesans, "plumes" or "cortes" were the pleasure women and counted as "semi-sluts" who worked to give pleasant feelings by voice, feather and touch using trained instincts and manners. Councillors, "concil" (con=cile), were whom regarded the king and councelled the prince in idea or tactics on request. they could only be men unless the prince allowed for women. What they lived in, were stone like rooms that had basic commodity and some sort of technology.

The prince, "pric" (price), was the great example for which was paidn attention too. If sick there was mourning, and if problems the prince would deal with it. He would give reports to the king with apprehension to being spied on later. Yet the problems were he had to raise the army squads with fear, enticement or examples of positive results by plays and other.

The laws

The laws were "commala" (commane-law) or common law and they were:
1. Fairness with regard to other.
2. What is done to one is done to another.
3. Trading with dishonesty gets death or maiming.
4. Obey the prince or king or you commit reason.
5. Attitude toward another is necessary of positive nature.
6. Any disobedience is punished by doing to the person as they did to break the laws.
7. idea were shared equally and sometimes put in the library.


Hatia, Hatesia or "Hates" (hate-ease), or people named for their perfection, is another principalia to the courtesia kingdom with the prince as the absolute ruler who ruled with an iron hand. It was very democratic like with freedom to the people with peace in mind unlike those of cartesia the citizens of hatia were made to do taxes with anything they had and yet use of cruelty was unallowed. The prince of this area was uncivil to those of weak nature yet given to understand the others if not work with them. He instilled fear in those who saw him if nothing else with the concept of no disagreement as he showed personal examples. The princess used her charms to strike fear into hearts if she was angry with sheer instinct. she would use the information of others to make her look good and use the information to cause growth by confusion or calmly pointing out facts. A prince or princess ruled the land with experimentation as permitted by the king or queen. They often had a council of men and women as elected by the people called ambassadors.

How the government worked was to take reports and people as subjects to listen to and it was approval to aid or deny as the ruler saw fit. With this thought, taxes based off the weight and the unit of what was sold. The weight made the price and the tax was one-eigth the weight based off a troy ounce. What wasn't taxed were apartments and living areas which remained free for the people of hatia excepting they had to repair it themselves. Who maintained apartments were the people who lived in it. Housing was different as people would pay a house tax each year to live in made by how many people lived in the house with 1/8 their combined weight. Religion was nonexistant with the prince or princess to decide court cases. There were law officers to present the case but the case was predecided beforehand unless the judge was bought. Ambassadors were not touched outside their state and voted the laws within with the approval of prince or princess. These laws changed yearly and so often were posted yet never permenant as they were revoted each year except the tax since it was the mainstay.

The norm or normal men and women of Hatia were very much like the prince or princess except more controlled and they were allowed to vote. Tactical and reverse in thought with capability to be bad or with morals most loved sex. Neutral evil to lawful evil with thought to do what they desire when allowed and they could endure it greatly. The "perfection" of life in body, concept and science were what the Hatians sought. Any wrong answer and they would punish yet give them a physical proof and they were pleased. Men and women were 5 feet 4 to 6 feet tall with black or blond hair. The Hatian woman would punish by being intolerable or verbally abusive ae lashing out. The Hatian male would provoke or physically hurt to get results for a wrong answer. If the Hatian was a it or halfway between male and female, they abuse by intolerance and physical pain through torture with only the feeling of internal wrong. The male would stop talking when they felt like it or not talk at all with a dead-on feeling. The female would talk with emotional feelings and self-learning yet with the dead-on feeling of certainty or being numb they would not speak.

The Hatian were advanced with similiar machines as of today and yet they were hybrid machines. Like a windmill with crystal batteries and some chemicals. Their language was reversed and not upside down written forward with similiarity to english. So the thinking for a Hatian movie given by the thought projector crystal was to provoke with consideration to recorded facts ae "live movies". Most were fundamentalists with considaration to preserve the past through sealing a small part of the past in collection museums through collecting things although the museums of the old world were not so neat as in the present. The roles were reversed for women and males thus males would be given the positions considered appropriate to them where the women would be considered appropriate for anything.

They would consider men for solidiers, scientists, map making and teaching along with the rest but not limited to the lesser ranks. The women were also guards, activists, purists and scientists along with the rest yet limited to the lesser ranks. If they could have it their way, their would be a woman president and the truth is that men and women could be prince or princess if voted in by the ambassadors. The taxes were large and people would try to avoid them unless forced. There were no slaves in hatia as they would be freed on payment and interred as servants or freemen. Their soldier units used crossbows and swords with armor as they could find it and were with dependency streaks while they worked within the unit and with thoughts of "separate and equal" ruling all.

There were no army as they lived off trade and tolerance by other nations except army units that were rallied or bullied into condition ae contingency groups of hundreds. Their achevemets were made by intent or scheming as Sun tzu would try it ae weaken the enemy before they got to their destination by spies and detriments who snuck in for information and sabotage. Also for achievements that came from other places they would steal the idea after it was achieved. Those who were Hatians and had better idea would attempt to destroy the scientists or idea after taking it.

Most were scientists with independent streaks that were always making somethng. Yet the laws were very strict and rebellion put down by magic, dope or reversed psychology. If rebellion wasn't squelched then, the army would put it down. The person who was Hatian loved to be hated by their enemies and loved by their friends. Enemies were those that gave them grief and friends were those that gave them idea or were of use. Then the environment was harsh, with very incredible feats achieved due to pressure and survival. The thoughts of these scientists are now lost due to the effect of volcanic eruption.

With holidays, there were almost none with the exception of when it was declared a holiday and people got off work. With school it was accepted as a release till the next day. When a Hatian had an affair it was considered a holiday or acceptable. What they saw or found by spying were the absolute truth to them whether or not they saw evidence unless proven later but sometimes even later they still believed what they first heard. Time travel was invented by them yet never revealed as they went and collected the info to get useful results only to send it back or use it there. Tv to them was a crystal or focus device that allowed for viewing of live effects with a broadcast of pyrokinetics or aerokinetics and pictures in the mind.

Who they respected were the necromancers, diviners and other dark magic users with darkness ae pagans or the people who worked. If they caught a demon worshipper, they stripped and banished the worshipper. Most were one of the above with and they used the magic to effect whom they could with open freedom by "weaving" the effect with energy focus. They sometimes had dealings with drow, or dark elves, without knowing it. The women were either willing to do magic or not with absolute disbelief. Men were absolute believers and they believed or not but supported it. The religion was that of a deity of magic and miracles that they would "worship" by doing things for themselves when thinking of their deity. and they had mostly magical stuff which was concealed by the enchantment from those looking for it. Next to worship were the people they called fee by asking after chocolate was given for the effect. It could also be given other gifts like anything else What I could not do was get a name for their magic god as I think they allowed him/her to be nameless. So it was either "god" (gode) or "deis" (deh-ise).

Most Hatians hated to hear of who they were or how they acted, because they were despising of whom they acted as, where they never acted unless they had to. A Hatian will state several words of whom they can or what they are working on for the understanding of it unless they already know, unless the right person heard it and they will then almost be hated for what they have to say because their work will probably disagree with the general view. What the saying is "Don't rock the boat unless you have to" proven by how many like to keep what they think private or not challenged. When they did things, they did it without a challenge. Unless there was a challenge then they'd reconsider for the amount of threat. Pay the Hatian off and they will listen unless its a judgement in which they will accept payment and make their own decisions anyway. A single payment will get the Hatian to stop attacking unless it was a rape, in enjoyment or they see reason not too.