Candle Making

  The art of candle making is an art which is long in the making. Some candles are different colors. To make a candle a different color you can't use food coloring. Food coloring is water based. You need wax dye which is wax based. The colors red, yellow and blue can be combined into different colors. Red and blue make violet or purple. Red and yellow make orange. Blue and yellow make green. Red, Yellow and Blue make up the primary colors. Violet, Orange and Green make the complimentary colors. You can combine all of them to make the color brown. All the primary colors make white. For black or to darken a color use black wax dye. To lighten a color use white wax dye or to get white the easy way. Mauve is dark red. Rose red is red. Veruvian is green.

  The scents in a candle are done through clear scents. They sell the essential scents in clear glass vials. You can use essential oils instead and that will suffice. Essential oils are the essence of plants. Some actually have good scents. Use essential oil as in 5 drops to every 10 ounces of wax. I would use the essential oils because they would have a healing effect. The scents sold in a clear bottle are just scent with less essential oil of 5% or less. The essential oils are 90% or more in concentration. Never overuse essential oils as it can give a person headaches and stomach cramps if used more than 5 drops per every 10 ounces of wax.

  When you burn candles there sometimes is left over candle wax. To use it, collect it in a jar or cup. When it gets collected for the full cup then it is time to remelt it into another candle. The main part of a candle is the wick, the wax, the wick base, and the container. To make a candle you need a stove, a candy thermometer, a heatable and pourable container, and a candle mold which could be the candle container. This container could be a cup, a candle container, or anything which can hold water.

  Wick size is important! The larger the diameter of container the larger the wick and wick base. When the container is one inch across, a small wick is needed. An one to three inch container width is a medium wick. For three to five inch container width requires a large wick. Finally, with a five to eight inch candle width you need three medium to large wicks placed in a triangle formation equally in the middle from the center to the wall of the container. To prepare the wick of a candle cut it a little long and coat it entirely with melted wax. When cool, the coating has prepared the candle.

  You can use spells with the candle making process. Just say three things in procession of one another with thought direction to the heating wax. Another way is to say one thing that you desire three times while focused on the melting wax. An example for a spell is to say three times "When I light this candle, prosperity will come my way." The heat supplies the energy and you condition the energy with focus which gets absorbed into the wax itself. When you finish the candle and wait until it is completely cool, then the enchantment is set. Where the thought is focused in idea the enchantment is completely idealized and thus it is a set in place. Which means what you think will charge an item. So, the lit candle with the enchantment in place will cause the effect through the release of a candle flame. The right scents will enhance the candle magick effectly. Positive effects will beget positive events by a factor of three. Negative effects will beget negative events by a factor of three. This as a thought, as if you think that there is a green candle you can get money coming. As a business deal is possible as easier thought, this is as thought is a point and you thought of a green candle.

  Now to make the candle. Start by putting candle wax into a heatable container and put the container on the stove at low heat or you could use an oven at low heat. When the wax starts melting, you can add the candle scent now. Then add the candle wax coloring. Now set the enchantment if you so desire. Use the candy thermometer to check if the wax goes over 110 degrees. Never go above 110 degrees or it will melt the candle container. When all the candle wax is melted, it is time to pour it into the mold or container. The mold is the metal shell that has been held or tied together tightly to keep it from leaking wax with a wick and wick base placed within it. Use the entirety of the wick held at the top. It is held at the top because of the wick is needed to be held straight up and straight without slack. The candle wax is poured into the mold and allowed to cool. When the mold is cool, Take the mold off.

  This process is for candle molds only. For candle containers it is ideal to do this technique. Take a candle wick and its wick base. Get a toothpick or a paperclip. Pour the completely melted candlewax in the candle container. Put the candlewick into the cotainer all the way down until the wickbase touches the bottom with a drinking straw. We use the drinking straw to push the wick base down to the bottom without bending the wick. Then remove the straw and hold the wick straight up. Put the toothpick or paperclip across the top of the container. Tie the extra wick to the toothpick or paperclip in a straight up and down position. Now let the candle wax cool. It is done.