Babylon was found on the idea that power makes right and it was on a cliffside right near a volcano making a perfect defense. This location was chosen for a defensive purpose as it was hard to get to. The city was rich in trade of magical goods that were hard to get and the city was also located near the mongolian horde and often attacked but never defeated as it was too high up a defense position. The foods at the time be simple fruits and bread with water plus wine plus the honeybread was to die for but it was nearly the only sweets plus others including sugar plums. Because of the sweets lack their were no teeth decay. So they almost had perfect teeth.

   The fruit of restoration, the fruit of life and the fruit of knowledge plus other magical goods like magical swords that could cut through anything or beads of knowledge that granted insights to wearer on a touch were found here. Pottery was the best to look at as the crafters put colorful designs on it from legends of past times and the goods made it seem like eden as it was haven to those who were willing to stay despite the odds plus the fact of prideful survival. To define the city "evil" was exactly what it was and the only reason for its demise was the erupting volcano on a morning in june at middays time as it came uponst them without warning with a sound of thunder and amidst falling ash.

   How was the kingdom situated in babylon? The king or queen was a sorcerer and the chancellors be high rank mages while the servants be magic users of various degrees along with the citizens. Everything be magical including the air as the air always had an enchantment of peaceful feeling to control the populace. Sometimes the enchantment of outright control of the populace was there but only for mobs. The normal school taught reading, writing and arithmetic which took years plus training for magic schooling be psi and morphing along with other magic training. If the children weren't suited to magic then it was immediate draft to be trained as soldier or death to the parents. Aurors, magical police, policed the area and were trained in the arts of manipulation and enforcement magic being top notch mages and so the schooling went on for years and in the end they turned out top notch due the pressure of continuos mongolian fighting that sometimes went on for weeks.

  The religion of Babylon was based on magic and controlling by influence the populace, mostly controlling the flow of money. If they controlled the money, they controlled the populace and things that occurred. This was sometimes achieved through magic and government, in effect. So their religion was also based on money and trade as well. Those who were sick wre also treated by their priests. The priests were also their healers, unless the people themselves could heal each other or themselves.. Some people didn't live the night due to grudges and poor living conditions and the rules of babylon made quite clear why so.
But, even so the priests were also counted as the councillors and the high priest got to council the king and queen. The priests considered themselves masters of demons, and then it easy for them to teach others, from the priests to the populace.

  So what were the laws? The laws of Babylon were:

To keep peaceful intent and politeness till moments notice otherwise.
Trade was always welcome but be careful what ye bought
Poison testing for the queen or king was necessary but even then the cure poison spell
was sometimes needed.
The strongest survive an the weak die so if ye did somthing to piss somone off then it
would be some form of revenge much like a dagger in the back for a simple comment.
Any percievable wrong was somtimes punished without warning.
Barter with the king or queen for favor and position
Trade fairly or when caught cheating a customer your hand could be cut off
Any thief got the hand cut off as punishment and any other crime a severe back whipping
One could lose favor by any displeasure in the court
If trying to run from a auror or soldier the caught person got a crippling where possible
Any disfavor to the king, queen or law enforcement begot death including back talking

  South of Babylon was the Dark Elven cavern which no babylonian would ever go near for fear of being taken as slave. The cavern cave entrance was marked with death marks as warning to stay away. Dark elves be the light elves turned to dark or banished light elves. They train everyday with weaponry and spells and the dark elves be wizard technologists who can see in the dark. Without a second thought they would be raiders to slaughter if they had a reason. They travel the volcanic tunnels without regard to temperature so could go far all the way to greece through tunnels and mysterious ways of magic or hidden area if they so desired. If the dark elves caught on that ye knew and they didn't want ye to know as mysterious things happened to the knower. The dark elves took prisioners and or slaves without annyones knowledge. They erased people who happened to see them and erased their presence from history doing so. Most of their events were never counted as dark elven activity for the reason that it was made to look like some other event. They lived with one rule: Strive to survive as ye could or ye found death at your doorstep.

  Darkness and manipulation be their innate ability. The dark elves secretly traded on the surface looking no different from the light elves and intermingled in babylon or other places without notice. Altho the dark elven babylon community be destroyed there be other modern dark elven communities elsewhere underground. Some dark elves like it on the surface yet shy the sun and be very prideful thus can attack when their pride be hurt. They practice power shifts and metaphysical shifts as a daily practice along as with other psi technique.
   They are physical types that tend to do things in physical ways aided by esper where others are spiritual types who are to be the type of people who can use spirit but are aided by objects. Its the physical type that either seek objects or the astral and not care for the physical if they follow a belief. Its the spiritual types that follow belief that belief is of as spiritual basis. Of drow ae they tend to the crush of the enemy and dominate the field or to see as if the spirit can do anything if you use an object. Where the spiritual types act to preserve and use the living while leaving them alive. For to use the object it is as this that actually preserves the object for a time but it causes them to do as copy those who are linked to it and deteriorates the object. For what they don't believe they tend to keep hidden. For what they don't believe they are wizened of and die thereof spec. They are natural outcasts to the elves. Yiu may find that ironic, as the physical type don't always care for the physical if they follow a belief.

  A natural shift form for the dark elven be fade which is a formless void shape or a shade which is a shadow spirit. Which ensnared troubled hearts which begiven could be of body snatched form. Which turnes a person shifted to dark. Famous historical dark elven be Gargamel the wizard who slaughtered with army aid countless people. He incited terror in the hearts of innocents marking the path for other invaders.

  The dark elven society be grouped in underground caverns called underrealm cities. These caverns are carved out of a volcanic region making a wide space. Tunnels made by the dark elves and natural volcanic channels lead in and out of these caverns. In the unknown whereabouts of the drow cities house a high tech world that be similiar to the surface. It matches todays world in mechanics but the language be different as drow language be spoken, hand signals and negative runic. The structure of the city be like a surface city except the builing materials be stone though some heat proofed wood be used. The drow use almost no light in the city as they see in the dark by radiance and theline of power source be of a lava generator which supplies enough power to power the city or cause calamity else as drow were never as kind to people.

"All is dark that is of splendor. L.R leibnan and no hammer falls. As if evermore and all else falls. Dare the darker grim de reave? Darkness shall fall. Grim is a moment we see and do. All is associatable and subject to change. Or not."