Amorisette's rave

  This is Amorisettes rave that started off of aim and not always on movies. "I think that movies and games can lead to dreams and positive self image. I havent thought of it that way but I just recently do. But is it by release of emotion while watching, do as you want or well 'electricity a lot of people watch movies, like say coach carter and it gives them a positive outlook on life that there is hope' for you no matter what and you can make it even when you think you can't.

  As if for the girl who thinks she can't find love there's a movie that gives her hope to find that love. Oh, so you see it could be possible, then you can attempt to do it after the dream. Its just if a person watches something or plays something and thinks they can go shoot someone or plan murders, like if they did they have a sick twisted little mind, if they actually do that and you can't blame a movie or game for their demented mind. Its not demented, its intwisted. Use is the less or fee less, more with thought than what you think.

  Thats trust in the movie or game to guide the way and explore their sick mind and plus the killer instinct always gets them caught so they're stupid if they try, because they always get caught. Keep saying that because you can actually cause it, if its repeated enough. I think it's dumb to do what was in a horror movie or horrific game, i mean like texas chainsaw massacre that would be weird. Not to mention really wrong where most won't explore that far, except if they were mental patients. I dunno, but there are really dumb ones out there who mimick this stuff in material from movies or games though. Maybe rebecca comes in. Maybe I just think weird but my weirdness is appreciated. An idea set to independence."