The airship, is built like normal ship, yet requires two extra sections. Two altitude rudders, one near port side and one near dock side. Energy crystals three to a side, to force the ship into antigravity field. The steering wheel from left to right is very tricky for the wheel turns left to right allowing turns, and back to go higher or forward to go lower. Leave the wheel in center position as to top stay and remain in altitude. The sail can be launched as in need as needed speed.

  In water, pull the wheel back for gaining height in water. and back to gain a lower level in sea. The higher in water you are, the faster you go and even if you can't achieve antigravity, you can still go faster. 100 knots is to stay constant topmost without engine and only if the ship itself remains above water. With engines on both sides, yet not shown in drawing, at 120 - 200 knots topmost.

  To determine how much lift you may get, less feel with more water as free to use the lift force of the lF=E(% of sea or air)/v = N. E(%) is gotten by cost(K) := cos(K)^2*180/pi(3.1416) = %, v = dt = distance (fathom or meter) * t = knots (sea miles per hour) or kph. E(%) measures the the subatomical particles, as they are active and interact with things. The top most velocity for how fast you go, put the two together in division for lift force or thrust of Neuton. The flight crystals allow you to negate gravity, with thinking you can thus lift out of the water is possible. With the crystals active and the gravity not active, the ship could fly out of the water or out of control as the ship is black then its out of dimension as its out of control. The crystals act as portal stones that can shift it, as you allow shift with thought.

  Upwards of 4 miles, yet the catch is you need wind to achieve it, and the faster the ship the more speed it has and less lift force. With the proof of E(of sea at 235 K) = 27.7%, v = 1.1 knots, v = 5 knots, and v = 20 knots, lF = 27.7/1.1 = 25.2 N, lF = 27.7/5 = 5.5 N, lF = 27.7/20 = 1.4 N, as you can see, at 1 knot theres 25.2 N, with 5 knots there is 5.5 N, 20 knots = 1.4 N force, proving more speed, less lift yet no more altitude is consistency. How much feet per lift force, is Lo = m(tons)/lF = ft/km, lF=25.2, m=9600 tons, Lo = 9600/25.2 = 380.95 ft/km at 1.1 knots, lF=1.4 N, Lo = 6,587 ft/km, proving lift will happen from an area, quicker with less thrust.

  To make the levitative crystals, get a fairly large crystal 2-20 cm in length, wash it in a running water stream for 1 minute, then say in the area of burning candle as you hold it "war done", and it will be lighter while holding a seeming charge, get six of these for this to work, then place them in a cluster 1-2 meter apart near the center of the ship side, 3 to a side and in a triangluar pattern. Point the triangluar point at the opposite sides triangular point creating a link, making the strength tripled for the ship with a antigravity field, at least the ship will be lighter by 1/3 its mass more or less. When the craft is lighter, it has more chance to be carried by air, as in water.

inspiration by boy scouts