How to do the impossible - going to the breaking point and back again.

  This method was made by me at age fifteen summers or years. I had just read a book about a necromancer who had been killed and rebuilt himself by sheer mental will. The idea I modeled from this is to make all the stress and destructive impulses come at you at once and to rebuild from it stable. In practice it is like this. Focus on a idea you cannot do. Then feel the combined force in your mind of the stress and destructive impulses caused by the idea that you cannot do. Know that this is your force. Believe that you can manipulate it no matter what. Allow the force to be pulled into you. Then make a image of yourself diving in to the force as if from a shore to deep pool. Allow yourself to control the force by focusing on the idea to come about. Watch in your mind how you would want it to happen. As your energy is enough, you can get or not that again as the effect is not read if not needed if life is to work. As if an idea is oterwise idea, is use by fantasy as you create by will.

  Feel the moment of the stress and destructive impulses change and melt to make it occur. Know the moment happened and it will have occured somewhere. When done, imagine yourself swimming to shore and coming to a shelter. Enter the shelter and then dismiss in your mind the images. Thus you are done and have done the impossible. There are warnings: they are to note your state afterwards. If tired do not attempt to do it again because of chance of death. Allow your emotional state to repair itself before doing anything else. Afterward your panic of the event will turn into the strength to make it happen. Their will be no fear and/or hesitation to accomplishing what you imagined unless it happened while you were imagining it.

  A variation of this first method is where your feelings and yearnings are allowed to wash over you uncontrolled. The force of the emotion breaks you by your own choice. In the breaking of your emotional mind, hold onto some part of your sanity. After the storm of emotion where you could do anything without your knowing it. The idea is to rebuild yourself from the core that you held. Look at everything and hide nothing from yourself. Thus you decide if you need to take action for anything in which you did. When you take action, it is with the full idea of your moment of feeling. Other effects are to make you certain of yourself in a firm emotional background.

  The destruction of memory and life is a terrible thing. So, take for example a memory shed that protects from destruction formed of your core being while making yourself as small as a ball in your mind. Find yourself into the secret dark place of your mind. Wait until the destruction of the moment to finish. Then find it in yourself to rebuild the memory and afterword the body of yourself by sheer force of will. Rebuild the memory by examining your life and make a point to piece things together again. Thus the next action is to go right back into your body and continue living on. Thusly, the death is undone of yourself and your memory of your life still exists The wounds will have disappeared off your body. Afterword, the force of your own mind will be the animation force of your body.

  The body will still be dead and people will smell a bad scent off your body. Live with it as it will disappear after a week. This will turn into an undead state after a day. Then your body will tingle with feeling and it will be alive again. One thing of note: you will be the thinking part of it and the body will be unthinking and feeling like a dead weight. Then, the last stage is to start thinking for real again. This will happen by you doing something unknowingly. When that happens, a double image will occur and you will meld with your mind. Thus you are whole. This method will raise you who are killed and try it to save your life. It works because the body isn't dead until five minutes after the heart stops beating. Even if your body was dead it would make a remarkable recovery.

  There is another idea on this. If you are tortured and they break your mind or make you lose your memories in some manner. At the moment of torture, try to focus on being in a dark place that soothes your mind and conscious. Collect yourself there as memory, knowledge and feeling. Now make the space around you expand and appear as you would want. Use your feeling of emotional pain of torture to make the feeling of pain disappear. When you think to work you will find this was where things fit into place. When they whom are doing things are done torturing you, make an exit door and leave through it while locking it behind you. It should deposit you back in to your body.

  The signs by feel of torture will disappear as in not have happened. Watch your emotional state by ideal though. You don't want to commit suicide for feeling beaten up. Which means that the feeling bad about yourself moods will exist. When you are feeling down, immediately listen to dark music. Then sing along with it and the mood will lift. After a month after or use a torture session, these dark moods should by now disappear. With the possibility of suicide or giving your life up without reason that disperses as energy comes up with you, this is a way to deal with those that give you displeasure that will disappear. So forgive or work with what should be forgiven. Thats the secret to this ideal. This is a way to do anything, that is not often in thought except by feel. When or what you think reveals this idea to you by what you perceive.