The ultimate magic milkshakes -n- smoothies

 These recipes are for milkshakes and smoothies that do magic for the energy.. enjoy as you want of them. All you need to do is place the ingredients in a blender and you get to blend them.

 Peanut butter milkshake:

  This tastes amazing and is actually surprisingly healthy as it gives elongated energy.
 ice, milk.
 peanut butter.
 and sugar/stevia.

  These smoothie milkshakes hold the power to restore lost energy and for a few hours longer.

  Russian smoothie milkshake:

 4 bananas or other assorted fruit
 1 cup milk
 Russian tea
 1/3 cup sugar/some stevia

  Fruit Smoothie milkshake:

 1 cup ice
 1 cup pinapple
 1 banana
 3 tablespoons of sugar/some stevia
 1/2 cup coconut milk/chocolate coconut milk
 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

  Alternative fruit smoothie/milkshake:

 Milk/Chocolate milk
 Sugar, Stevia or Splenda

  Strawberry Smoothie milkshake:
 2 cups milk
 1 banana
 1/2 cup sugar/some stevia
 1 pkg strawberry koolaid/any flavor fruit packet or frozen strawberries
 2 cups ice

  Optional is the chocolate milk as a replacement to milk. You may use chocolate stevia as a sugar replacement.