Transparency or not there

  There are two thinking sides. I do not know if it is physical as well as mental but I have analyzed people who show signs of only one side or both mentally. Me being one who is to both degrees. These two sides are positive and negative. Ying and yang if you will. Of course the final outcome effects everything around us. Alright, ever think about the world as a whole and all it's problems, etc? Initially of course we are the ones who control it in some sort of sense, but that's not the subject. When completely ying or yang people are often thought of as ignorant. In which all cases of course are not true. As this is my view I give you my observation on mental status of a sort. Black and white I guess you could say. This is of course not to say one couldn't be black and be more of a white sheep. Or someone could be white and be more of a black sheep. If you see the metaphorical connection. 

El Demonos