Time moments

Time in its moments

What is an of time moment? Its like that of a moment in space in to think a moment that is time in a dimension, chopped into time and put in as pieces, thought or use is stopped by diversion and placed as is there. Film or thought is in time of real life, as if your syncing tis means to create a circle in the air to stop. Think and start certain things as you stop certain things with focus and time thought is with use as energy in fields that is flowering in a flow away moment. It can cut work or create by the area, thought molecular is to divert and cause something else to occur or to cause the event at a later date. Its easily done, by thinking of this as this is time in use. Think is use by an idea and manipulating idea is video as a view by editors.

Thought or think is with bored idea of something, think this is tin and elenium that use isis provides as a time frequency possible to use then have. Think things or not occur instead feel the event by feeling it seem, to do so in life that forms by your will. There could even be music as in necessity. You can use motes of energy to fuel actions by the motes argumentive actions providing the fuel. One mote can serve as to seem what, can elongate an effect except a certain kind that is reactive based. Think by use or the creator is what dissuades or makes the little changes, this is by what you feel is little changes in life.

As if to feel the energy of the event at the moment thats going on, use is not and then think of something and then try now you will return naturally to do the end. As one or more activities, think and that means to cause this using the energy of the event and in motes the light energy is thought to form as you think. This is shift energy that is infinite and unmeasurable but it serves from, think from one point to power other events. All it tachyonically takes is in thought to use, the sunspots are useful but not if solar flaring to think an act to supply the fathomable energy from the creator.

As if it is now and going on at the moment or given the field, it exists in the given in moment. As the new event occurs it drains away the old event as if this never occurred. Its that simple that is where you are if this is or seems to work, see to do if the area is clean your area creates or uncreates even if unclean. If you start something you just simple it. That and you get in a result by use, as it is this easy results to understand.

You might try spells, with this. As, its likely to work, for you to be better. Some spells are very good at doing this energy manifest, to use them, just gather some energy as if a candle was lit and say the words.;

As of; "obliquus ancile" = make time shield.
As of; "ferreus aevus" = control time by imagination on yeilding antimagic or iron magic.
As of; "aevus" = manipulate time through imagination.
As of; "animus of a aevus" = manipulate spirit time.
As of; "As am me"; Descend all time and space, to ascend it and think of the change to be affected on things. To make it have happened from another dimension and time.
As of; "Moment in circle"; Movement in incircle, this is to be the circle by the outcircle events in the moment and movement, as if orbiting or as thought anything beyond the circle of the moment in time is not really known. As if the moment can be a moveable in space thought point. This sorta freezes time to be as effective as it is.
As of; "Time spell"; You watch the time and know of the moments by thinking of it. See this is thought of the time, what material we have could be dissipated.
As of; "Instant time"; This is by what you sense, to create something like it was built in an instant. Thinking of the thing, animal or beast will get you the thing, animal or beast.

What can help this is the time shield, as the time is there to exist as a future tis is a shield. Think a point to think with use of a fourth dimensional scene, think by the 4th dimensional warp effect using 3 dimensional images mixed in thought to create. Where as when you think to influence, as you feel or not in life. Feel a bit of energy build up and and separate you in time to create, as you do by use as is and as you see this is what you can use.

The innermost image is a bridge of what you want to be there, this is where as this energy is star energy to break problems or dissipate them in energy. As if that brings images on a moment with a bridge or collapsed bridge, that is a problem with them or as you wish is where the need exists that is gotten. This is a point or concept is "not", as if no is alright yes you can create as need be or don't appear as you are.

Then just use the energy to separate the image, see as that is a thought and that 'snips' the event the image signifies tis is energy. The event seems to run in its own loop that is halted at first until you want to see it this seems, what is like a play button you press otr in idea. As its you is not as this not in idea, thought is what you think to think to activate as tis is nickel. Think as you are or use batteries, this and tin with Yttrium to allow better influence as you care with what you actually do.

It can be reactivated by someone else. As you can feel the energy separate in life, the event image the said person can want the event to continue and it does. Its like this as you will, seem thought or to seem is thought of focus to know of focus. Then you do this to create a feel shift. This is seeming or not in "en" use as you can still keep that small snippet, this in your mind and play it like a game until. You want or you won't exist no need as not to see is nothing.

Think to become aware in as there you were or out you go on or night guide. Not as then you can be to do the point you think, not as tis an idea or feel that energy is a place by the event or with things. This by image scenic is to see or now be back by feel as you want, the image with the music seems back into play and it occurs. As you are then seeable, "or not" is to waste time that doesn't exist. Now walk to where you want to be.

The basic time theory

Why it works; see its a simple quantum theory. This is the simple theory time borrowed, from wikipedia and there are 2 flows in time. Seem is focus as energy in time flows, toward it also flows backward. As this is the constant and how things must act, if not in time by view is to be viewed as a solid being. Somewhere as this is theres a point where, this 2 time flows collide in or as the world collides. As the word "now" spot, as you are slightly in front of things to get what you want not what you want as you want. Formed is what is it if from the collision field by time, this is time where you as this now isn't as you see things. The area is the the area, as their way this is gone in a blink of an eye.

As time flows forward -------------------------------->
........................<-------------------------------- so time flows backward
...............................................x .

So if you are aware for example we know, that something happened in the forward flowing time. As to think in the past is because of our memory, that is you can of thought to sight see or find what you want.

Now if the use in thought, if we take the collision as a constant point. The event in the past also has a symmetry in the backwards flowing time. Tis being in the right area, as the same place with our forward flowing time

.......event........x collision

Thats how it can be explained. If you get the idea of 2 flows in time, and theres no backs and forwards. Then if you are aware, when you look from each side and make this. As the constant in your mind, you would know that its on or with the collisions that we trap in time released with the thought. The moment as you are and separate, thinking is this by thought as this is a point. As if the concept to seem Old as if your the young or as you think, tis is a star child idea as one shifts away as your energy is a draw or not in the area. There is an energy that is negative and everything was as though you were as is one with the creator..

The advanced time theory

Now to the advanced theory on time from Dimensional physics; Only read on if it is of interest. Now as the time flows backaward and time also flows forward, each time flow represents a universe by the representation. The world your living on which in the universe, this is a planet that flows back or forward.

World time forward
World time backward

The idea is that these two have instances of a constant collision every 5 minutes and as there are thousands of these worlds that do it matters sometimes little. Each collision is counted as a now where something bad happens for its thier good and a lot of good for its thier bad not done. Each collision creates a vision event that we could identify our idea of a world by for now.

So in the advanced idea is energy that is enhancement to the aura to create, as if this constant is like the theory to use. <x-------x-------x-------x--->

Count these five minute variables as updates to the point of now time. The five minute interval is a time frame to compare things as say the one minute interval is the same as saying a comparison. I arrived at it by counting on my watch the seconds and making notice to any sorta mahor change around me. I did this several times and averaged it out at five. I could have said four point five but I rounded up.

Where the closest contact with these worlds is the worlds that are often variations of an existance to ours and when we notice the now of our time, we see it as when our close match of a world is what happens to be a match of ours. The event is often the same or similiar to ours as it is on thier world. When we see it through the 4th dimension we are hidden while we watch and its to be and as see it as possible events.

I hope you didn't get lost during that explanation, but if you think about something, what your doing is going to these now poiints and shifting to see it and shifting back. Some people have age marks for deep thinking this and this is why. You are there as its a split second time window and back again. So some have rememberances from these worlds. If spoken of think as think in an ideal of a time to create, with the remembrances this can be forgotten and actually is nothing done or talked about unless necessary.

These reverse worlds are like unaging you if you stay as similiar but don't stay too long as you can unage too much as of becoming a child. You can find these worlds, as our opposite worlds by the negative world alternatives. The idea is that we are where we think or need ourselves. Thus the time of moments is what you can say are when the collisions are. So feel the difference between here, as if there or there if not here so no as yes if this is.