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The type of orgone device which is commonly called a 'Tower buster' is a small device which attracts harmful Orgone energy, converts it to healthy Orgone energy, and emits it again as a flow of healthy orgone energy.
This is different from other orgone devices used up until this point, which had the ability to block or collect harmful energy, but not convert it to healthy energy. It was invented ( by Don Croft ) to counteract the adverse physical and mental health effects of HAARP, GWEN, ELF, SCALAR and HPRF transmission towers (hence the name 'Tower buster'). In addition to serving well for this purpose, the TB device is a highly effective multipurpose energy cleaner. Think of it as air freshener for your aura. When placed in an area, buried, or placed in a body of water, the Orgonite Tower Buster will act to continuously clean the Orgone energy within a surprisingly large radius (average 1/4 mile radius from the device)

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Although many of us who build these devices are familiar with using various minerals in metaphysics, and therefore use synergistic combinations of minerals to enhance these devices, the basic components of a tower buster are quartz crystals metal particles and organic resin.
Materials You will need:

Item: Quantity per Tower Buster:
 - Quartz Crystal  - 1
 - Polyester Resin & enough Catalyst to cure it  - About 3 Ounces
 - Metal particles  - About 3 Ounces of metal particles
 - Suitable container to use for a mold  - 1 (min. volume about 4 ounces)

Note: While there are many other suitable vessels which could serve as mold for this device, I have used a disposable paper cup for this example as it is readily available in most places. In any case, the same technique of construction applies regardless of the container used for a mold, which can be in virtually any shape you like, so long as it has a volume of at least 3 1/2 ounces. Alternately, one can use smaller molds, but will have to then use several smaller devices to get the same effect. One energy-sensitive person I know via the web apparently gets good results using ice cube trays as molds, using several small devices in place of one standard size one. Presently, cylinders and cones of about 3oz+ volume are the size and shape this device is most often built in.

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 1. - Line the containers you will use for molds with a light coat of vegetable oil. This prevents the resin from sticking. Wipe the excess oil off with a brush or clean cloth. cover the surface of the mold evenly.
 2. - Put about 1" of metal particles in the bottom of each mold.
 3. - Place the quartz crystal in each mold, using the metal filings to hold it in position. put the crystal in the center of the mold, and if the crystal has a good point on it, most folks put the point towards what will be the top of the unit.
 4. - Mix enough resin and catalyst to fill each mold level with the metal filings you have placed in the bottom. Pour enough resin into each mold to come up level with the top of the metal filings. Make sure to mix the resin and catalyst well (mix for about 1 full minute) before you pour it into the molds. Allow the resin to run down into the metal filings. Tap the mold lightly or stir carefully to remove bubbles.
 5. - Add another inch or so of metal filings to each container, enough to cover the crystal.
 6. - Mix and add enough resin to cover the metal filings you have placed in the molds. It will not harm the function of the device if some metal filings stick out the bottom, but it is a good idea to use enough resin to fully encase the metal filings. Allow the resin to run down into the metal filings. Tap the mold lightly or stir carefully to remove bubbles.


 7. - Allow the resin to cure. Keep it warm if possible, cure in a well-ventilated area, and if possible, expose the resin to sunlight while it is curing. If you have a tone generator or other sonotherapy (healing using sound) device, then you can expose the resin to that as well while it cures.


 8. - Turn the molds upside down, and give them a smack to release the brand new TB you just made. If the mold sticks, you can either use a thin bladed knife to push in between the mold and the resin, or you can just tear the paper away. Dropping it on the floor sometimes works, but sometimes it breaks the resin. It will not harm the function of the device to leave the paper mold on, but it may be more aesthetically appealing to remove it.


This is all the info you need to get started making fully functional basic Towerbusters. There will be more TB info to come as time permits, I will be adding some modifications you can make to your TBs to enhance their effects, some alternate designs for TBs, and a list of different minerals one can use for orgonite Towerbusters, and how to use them. For those who are interested, there is a brief explanation of how orgonite works linked from this page. Please feel free to make copies of, re-post on your own site, save on your hard drive, print and/or distribute this page freely, so long as the page is reproduced in it's entirety and unaltered, including all links embedded therein.


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