This is a meditation when used sometimes as ‘Supernatural power’ usually this is the activity, nothing more than that. This means that type of power which is not possessed through any technical or scientific means; which is not natural and baffles ordinary people and can not be explained from the scientific point of view.

It is interesting to observe that recent research in parapsychology has found acceptance of what is called the supernatural. Interest in the subject of extrasensory perception (esp) in experimental psychology is slowly gaining ground, and the results obtained seem to be beyond ordinary comprehension.

You may think it is ridiculous to talk about supernatural power because everybody talks about it but no one actually possesses it. So is it only a legend then?

No I think supernatural power is not a legend.

Not only sacred books of different religions mentioned it, but also different people are exercising super powers still now! Need Proof? Follow the link: evidences of supernatural powers

Indeed from the evidences it is proved that meditation is the key to all types of supernatural powers that we can only dream. But the meditation process to supernatural powers is hard and difficult to be carried out with respect to ordinary people. But it is guaranteed that if anyone follows that particular way, definitely he will get the powers in his hand!

To get supernatural power you have to land in the fourth level of meditation.  Not all meditations can lead you to that particular level. Thus not all types of meditation can give you the above mentioned superpowers. So you have to be very careful about choosing an object of meditation.

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Types of Super Powers

Five types of super powers are generally found, some of which are still seen or heard at times. If you do meditate systematically, profoundly, relentlessly, you will be in a state capable to possess these five types of supernatural powers!

  1. In that state, as more as you wish to acquire various unnatural abilities like- creating a lot people and again disappearing them to one single person; Appearing from nowhere; Disappearing instantly; passing through the walls, hills or any obstacles; Bobbing up and down the earth like in the water; walking on water; Flying in the sky in sitting condition like birds; Being so powerful to touch the sun and the moon with your own hands- when you need to recall all of these, you will instantly experience it yourself.
  2. As more as you wish- I want to hear the sounds of far and near, of this world and heaven- when you need to recall it, you will instantly experience it yourself.
  3. As long as you wish- I want to read minds of others- when needed, you will experience it yourself at that moment.
  4. As more as you wish- I want to remember previous births like- my appearance, voice, my customs, my clothings, my favourites, my parents, relatives, friends and others in that birth- when needed, you will experience it right there, right at that moment.
  5. As more as you wish- I want to see beyond human eyes: the time of dying or time of taking rebirth of elite or poor, beautiful or ugly, happy or unhappy people; I want to know them being placed in heaven or earth or hell according to their deeds such that: these people are bad in their actions, in their speech and in their thoughts, telling ill of good people, having wrong views about the world (i.e. denying the law of karma and its effect), performer of bad actions; they are being born as animals, ghosts and in hells. Those people are doing good deeds, saying good speech, and good thoughts in their minds, respect good people, believe the law of karma and its effect and performer of good actions; they are being born as humans and in heavens.- when needed, you will know it beyond human eyes right there, right at that moment.

Well those are the abilities that can be gained by an enthusiastic meditator. Fantastic, isn’t it? Beside these general super powers, you may get special super powers.

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Special super powers

Well, there are some other types of special super powers. They are activated when you do some particular types of meditation, i.e. when you take some particular objects as your subject of meditation.

These special super powers are simply mentioned below as categorized by their respective meditation subject. They will exist and work along with the mentioned five types of super powers. Choose anyone for elaborate description:

1.Power of Earth: Meditation of earth is the one that brings exceptional control of mind on earth. By the fourth level of meditation, you will have the following special features along with the general super powers:

That is, you will have super control on earth. Whenever wherever you need it, you can use and experience it right at that moment. Fascinating, isn’t it?

2. Power of water: Meditation of water develops your mind for the control on water. You can do the following:

3.  Power of Fire: You can make a control over fire through meditation of fire. It has the following special features along with the general super powers:

4. Power of wind: Control over wind is possible through meditation of wind.

5. Power of blue: meditation of blue colour  will give you exception mind control over blue color.

6. Power of yellow: meditation of yellow colour also gives you the following powers:

7. Power of red: meditation of red colour gives you the following exceptional super powers:

8.  Power of white: Meditation of white colour is the one that brings exceptional control of mind on white colour. Let’s see what you will get:

9. Power of light: Meditation of Light is the one that brings exceptional control of mind on light. By the fourth level of meditation of light, you will have the following special features along with the general super powers:

10. Power of Sky: If you practice the meditation of sky, you can have the following special powers:

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How to get super powers

Supernatural power usually comes through meditation. However as you see them, there are some other sources of supernatural powers mentioned as follows:

You may also possess  such unnatural abilities. Just cultivate the truth in your mind- say, about telling the truth always. Mark a date and start telling the truth always even if difficult situation comes. Then after a certain period of time, you say- ‘I have been telling the truth since a particular date. By this truth let the flower blooms!’ Remember one thing, whenever you practice telling the truth, don’t think it will happen after one hour, one week or one year. Probably it won’t work. Why? Because the power of truth you cultivated is small and cannot do anything extraordinary. You must do it at least for seven years. Of course there are some exceptions. For details why don’t look at: Supernatural Phenomena : Facts and explanations.

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