Strategies to get what you want

  Think about things, to get what you want is very simple and may seem like magic, but takes strategy and the right tone of voice. Also, doing something nice for the person will cause them to be more agreeable, if they want to agree. Your will needs to be strong and that should be reflected in your tone, but not enough to anger/alert them, to get the job done. There are four strategies so far with an optional one.

  The ask to borrow it strategy: This strategy is the strategy that consists of asking, 'May I borrow [whatever]?' And this takes an innocent but firm tone in your voice when you ask. Otherwise they might be suspicious.

  The ask to have it strategy: When you ask to have something, your asking to get something from someone and if they don't want to give, that the end to the this. So to begin, 'May I have that?' or 'May I have [whatever]?' is asked. Then you point to the item you want and you either get what you want or you don't. The right tone of voice is the 'I seem to not be able to get it' tone.

  The ask if you have it strategy: This strategy is to ask a person, 'Do you have [whatever]?', and with the tone of voice that you expect them to have the item or for you to get it requires a firm expectant tone. If you did something nice for them before, then they might give it to you or they will just say yes.

  The stress and pressure them strategy: The stress and pressure technique is to Tell them that they owe you the item or money, first. Then they will feel pressure about it and somewhat guilty if they do owe it to you. Adding a 'May I get it from you?' or 'Do you have it now?' will cause them to be spurred into action. The right tone of voice is to state the idea with firmness and seem forgiving or unforgiving if they didn't have it before. Be sure to remind them as often as you want, but only ask once per day. This technique of a strategy is very good at causing them to remember and do and works better than the other three strategies and very important is willingness to work with the subject.

  Optional peer strategy: There is this peer strategy to get what you want. Get someone of authority to put in a good word for you and the item, service or money comes to you easier. This is optional and more easily done, with the right people associated with by feel.