How to find spirit guide

  1.    Find a comfy space with no distractions
  2.    Make it sacred(I.e.: candles, incense , burn sage, call upon the four winds, or say a prayer.)
  3.    Take deep breath and ask for guidance for your spirit guide or the spirit-that-goes-through-everything.
  4.    To state something and not get a nasty respite that is not thought seem different in appearance is an actual point as a concept, think a statement of fact that is really what redirects in the mind from the through point to another thought because that really seems like you. As things I like and things I don't like is what this is or isn't, if you have to no about things the incedent this peace is a viewed as concept to avoid what you hate or possessions in whatever a path that use is something.

       As this is in concept or energy focus to not make an idea in force unless necessary and true results you see are useful, as if thought or nothing an ideal pointed out can avoid an idea if you don't see the use for things. As that is thought or premonition, that is use known or as you were is your own idea in some area.

       Created in thought is created in idea by the game or idea in alignment or noting in an area to align with, as energy to attune by america or wherever in night you seem. Think to see what can be created cool or good results or not, as no result or not as premonition is possible and not even that is what can tell what will happen so you gnow what happened.

       That is whats going on by use guided by the spirit, that isis is protection or not as energy that can seem as you are wanting what you see is clean. That is energy by the touch and feel is conception to the use, this by the wizardly feel or nothing felt is still what isn't possible until this is possible. What draws a spirit guide, can see use as focus and energy to protect by a feel in the area vibes. Thought is focus and negated energy is a guide to work with by the spirit.

       You are less likely to draw a drow or creative creature use that is a being with energy, this if thought non or not as other idea is thought to concept. Focus use or translative right is a thought, that creates night and dark feel by chaos with energy. That is what energy can seem in by concept a "predition". As choosing your battle is "thought or water flows, and as thinking if through everything to seem clean your flowing energy unaffected by thought. This means things can go correct."
Anonymous writings from Sir Simon Evans