Space and time manipulation seminar

  This is a seminar on space and time manipulation. Built from various sources.

  Space isn't hard to control, but time you'll not actually get of this. Space is easier to control than Time, as if you got matter down you can change things from one point to another, and that's not hard. But, you can't change space by changing matter, but if you can bend space behind the matter, for instance: move one object from one place to another without touching it. Space is a constant foundation, constantly developing, an event that happens happens, but if you control time you can easily control space -- you can undo the bindings of space and matter..with a thought and focused energy. The focused energy is actually boundless.

  When you focus energy, one bends space by imagining the area and the idea you want to achieve. The area takes the form of how one imagines it, until they no longer desire the idea. You effectively bend space and manipulate it, by thinking on how you want the area and the result that you want of what you think and feel into focus as an idea to achieve is there. Feeling it to become that way, to make it more appearant. The subconscious can make it the way you think it is, through energy released from it or through energy thats focused into manifesting the way that you want from activity that is done, either by you or someone else.

  The time effect comes naturally. If you control time, you can control the exsistence of matter and things that once happened. If you can reject events, you can reject an object's occupation of space during the time -- therefore control time, remove objects and space, teleport them, get rid of them, do anything. You can't have control of space without control of time. If you become bound by time, you're going to get old/die/whatever, you are on a timeline more or less -- space is easier than time, time isn't a force or exsistence as it is an unstoppable force, almost. Except when you counter the event through time manipulation, that you set off, then it is a stoppable force.

  So, focus energy and think of what you wanna happen. This is the nonverbal style, and the focused energy will do it. Then again, focused energy actually has no limits. Except for what you put to it. This includes manipulating time. Where the spell variety is to focus energy, and then think what result you want as you speak the idea you want. Do you think it takes allot of energy? It actually takes very little. Space takes more energy. Some can set an event up to make an action by a thought with this.

  You can freeze the event and other events but not the action. The action somehow peters out when ya freeze time, as time = event. Time before clocks was the time of an event. The time of actions, if you will. But, some misunderstanding of the concept of time control can happen here. Where there's slowing down/speeding up/freezing/rewinding/etc time, and then there is setting an event. These are the two modes to time manipulation. You instruct the focused energy to do this by saying or thinking what event you want. Now Aether, or the collective mental and elemental energies that are manipulated by a thought with ether. The ether is the space of spirits that have a collected energy that make results happen, by thoughts. The Aether have the same principles that seem to apply, including the fact that aether breaks time. And will begin it's effects in the past if it has to.

  Where event = time, action = event action. An event is made up of actions, and so what I'm saying is that when you stop time, things keep moving around you but the fabric of time is stopped. That's what some may think by 'events stop, actions continue'. As the actions sometime stop, but there isn't any new actions. Where, if you slow down time. It seems as though the clock can speed up and everyone else resume as normal. But, in reality the actions occur slower. With a speed up of time, actions occur faster. Its the action that makes time in an event.

  Again, this takes focused energy. But, time magic doesn't take much energy. Now about an event sustained over a longer period of time. It still doesn't take much energy except for freezing time over a length of time. Except, then the event will sustain the effect till its purpose is done, regardless. Rewinding time takes as about the amount of energy that was put into the actions that you attempt to rewind. Time travelling takes three times the normal energy, unaided.

  Aided by the event action, its only the normal amount of energy you put out + the event action itself. What's 'normal' in this case is what energy you put into doing an action. Supported from time action in the event. As you time travel, events undo and or recreate themselves as needed. So when you are going back, then certain key events are seeming undone. As you go forward, time recreates those lost events, unless you change the event thats about to be recreated. Remote presence really helps in this.

  As in, setting an event by focusing energy and thinking to the energy to 'make an item appear here'. The item will find its way here and seem to appear there where you meant by here. If your general about it, then you will find any item that comes to mind to be appearant. Materializing objects will be easier. All your doing is manipulating time as ya manipulate space to conform around the time. It can feel like the ability to do it is up there. That's what's possibly frustrating the most about it as of now. But, yes it is up there. Most got the power and the means and the ability to do all of it. You just have to realize what it is, and how to do it.

  There might be some kind of barrier that blocks you from doing things you can see though. So, create a space around you, as out in space its easier. Space is practically a sensory deprivation tank and if you're up there in the first place, your sense of reality has probably shifted to being able to accept anything as possible. Not to mention that when you're surrounded by space and there's nothing around you that time really matters to. There's nothing to gauge the passing of time by, either. So there isn't as much of pressing concerns. By reading this, you are free of the barrier, if you want to be. Now theres a 50% more possible chance for ya to do physical space magic.

  Ever tried healing with this method? You may start off by saying something similar to 'This damage /never happened/.' Then you can start analyzing the statement and realize it was addressing damage that was there while simultaneously saying that it never happened in the first place ("THIS damage, that I'm looking at right now, clearly, it NEVER occurred."), creating a paradox, thats harder for a literal mind to accept. So another way is 'His damaged area is, and always has been, in perfect condition.' Then you might definitely feel some sort of effect take action. As that can work better by converting the damaged area with energy. Its so, as you are 'rejecting' the damage, it works better than trying to 'heal' it by mending. Where it is, you can get the person to actually feel nearly fully restored by the time of 3 hours before. You actually convert the damage to a repaired state as 'energy has to go from one state to another and energy can restore a state of condition' and then there is no set purpose to its life, except that which is excluded or decided upon.

Seminar given by Skyhawk