Soul collecting and recollecting

  Have you noticed that people emit residual energies through emotions and thought and that they don't need anymore after it's done?   That's the safest way for some to vamp and interact with others, to take the residual energy that is cast out. This also works with objects that contain your soul shard. Your soul is sometimes sent out through your aura to collect in things and people nearby. So to recollect your soul is a natural idea that gains back lost life and makes you more healthy. Its a way to regain energy to be well as you interact with things. To get near the object and think to 'collect soul.' Think or attempt to touch the object and you recollect the soul when you think to 'absorb the soul' from it. An to reclaim your soul energy part is improving your life in a way. As each part of your soul that you recollect, is giving you your life back, as if a thought to you.

  To some others, collecting souls sounds wrong.  So it, the object, sometimes lives longer. So to recollect your soul energy is to regain life and you live longer. Some may think, 'why live longer than what is destined?' It may be that its unnatural, and even a life to live is a moment that fades away as only the memory is there. Well were destined to live as long as we have soul energy for natural causes. But, you may work as you may, within the destined limit.

  True, one can forge their own destiny, but the plans are there for a reason. Doing things to extend one's life, it isn't that great anyhow. All you will do is see your friends die before your eyes, your loved ones, perish and you'll hate life even more, or start to, if you have'nt already. But that is what is so sad about it. Unless you can put off, as if there but not there as here is not here and, as you think in the pain and you don't as if to learn is to just look without judging.

  So why not just go with the flow an not fight the current, unless your not pacifist. As when the time comes, you'll get another chance, another hand to play in the game of life. Well the non-pacifist would live longer an forge their own path. So that will be when life will go on for you.  As a friend named Dei said, "I just want a peaceful, easy-going life, say for now and if true you as an assumed ideal, I do want to live a long life. But still, perhaps there are other ways. Without having to deal with taking the energy of souls. Perhaps a substance like the philosopher's stone."

  There has been a substance made in truth to cause antiaging effects that counterbalances the soul collecting. Usually you could use cambogia or vegetables sometimes fruit. Others use wine extract called Rezv and its slightly expensive as well. It does a decent job at getting rid of aging for awhile by energy. Then if you mix 2 parts copper with 14 parts water and add 1 part apple cider vinegar thats theory useful with 1/4 part baking soda you can get antiaging energizing effects. Credits go to where its necessary, as in assumed thought therapy isn't necessary. If you think to use this use only 1/2 teaspoon cambogia mixed with cherry flavored water or 1/4 teaspoon resv, if you don't have the vitamin or other pill form.

  As you think smart you are a smart person as body is to get rest, as a concept is a thought to restore by if you think you are not disrupted in body you are alive. As the subconscious fixes the body, as things exist and take the pain as energy. Anonymous for some of the information, as if in some idea your not as assumed and not in an idea at the same time.

  So you aren't a disruptive presence as if in nordic runes, thought to those that know you is in a thought as if you are as though pointed out and nothing is less. As in this is to assume a life is made and by the creator in the life that nothing but a game, think out what you do as if you to yourself live and in you will as that you think out and the creator makes or unmakes at will. This uses Pantheists approach with the creator as the head god so the creator is what or where, you consider things by used ideal. Think then your free grom the others soul collection.

  As water is use in thought you assume this is safe and where you don't assume its not, as this is thought as a point to consider the idea as is a thought that relieves the point of stress. What you don't want to effect and you are well, as if a concept is written or not as nothing more nothing less. As this is use this isn't always what is there if there is a way the will to the way is a part, seem to think and consider as though you were dead and yet alive. There is a point to this, as if you were a dead thing revised you are as apart and yet not so you see the use as thought to assume in use that is a thought you were effected. Think then your aware then take the appropriate measures.

  As though nothing but a memory to others in their lives, think as the past is faded awaiting and fading away your life is thought if nothing is a thought by life. That the subconscious created and nothing in life and in what you call false life, electrolysis is where the soul draws energy then in the use. This is use as you are want in need by thought, as to lie again is to lay down say to live is a lie and death is an namorality, you may think you are nothing in life but a dead thing reborn but your way is your own as though alive. This is then as a thought of a living vampire is there. That is where if you please him or her you get things by feel.

  Skyhawk and Aromanceria