Reality backing magic

  With reality backing magic, or magic being backed by reality, there is a sign everytime that magic works. So there are signs that the magic effect will cause, to indicate an idea of the reality of magic. When these signs pop up, you know them for what they are, sometimes when you think about what you see. As you see it, when you see it, and how you see it is up to the eye of the beholder. So, what you get with this is that when you do a spell, there's something there, as in a feeling, a physical activity, or other things such as mental activity or idea that suddenly seems to be there and gives the magic a sign. Which is sometimes reacted to and sometimes given a physical form if there is a possible reaction.

  Sometimes the strange or unique idea pops up in the mind, from the indicator, to spur on a moment and behavior and none is done. This momentary behavior could good for the effect or bad for you or both. When you consider what the best course of action is from the moment as it happens, then your mind might get implications and gives you even more idea. Thus, you could use this for writing things. That be so when you want to write things down.

  So there you go, the sign of a moment is a momentary point of reality that is a possibility of the magic and its helping you to realize the event and actions to come, by being a sign. Often this causes you believe in the effect and give it strength by you sending thought energy or feedback. Sometimes you may be acting to cause the event as you 'forsee' it and if the effect is there or about to happen. Some actions are more likely to help the effect by feeding the momentary feeling about it or feeding the effect positive energy. Thus, it becomes a stronger effect of magic, to your perceptions of the event that may be coming. Although you might want to talk about it and when you try to explain some of this, it could be a tough sell.

  As in a point, the people you talk to could think 'this was only a coincidence'. Most times, they will accept it and go on, forgetting about it from lack of usage or thinking on it. So, if they think your loony or deranged, or have mental problems, from spouting 'nonsense' , then let them forget it and its actually as though it never was spoken about. In a rare case, there will be agreement of some sorts. And, there might be people who remember you for saying what you want. Then you make what you say seem innocent or harmless. Or, you might get interference.

  Now finally as you wish to know, you get the picture depiction why people can seem like nutcases when they really aren't. However, there is a few cases where they really are nutcases and they act on the signs of magic they perceive to create harm or chaos. These people are best avoided but don't seem as though they are nutcases until they start mentioning strange stuff. And, it depends on if the stuff is strange to others, as it may not actually be strange to you. So, this sign phenomenon can pass as plausible or acceptable. So be warned! Those that remember it can sometimes try to correct you for it.

  On one side note: Most of the time when a person receives a sign from magic being backed by reality, there is something that is spoken of it. If the right person hears it, and the wrong idea is gotten, then they could correct you for it but in their attempt they could do you harm. If you were badly mistreated by such a correction, then any correction afterward are possibly perceived as unnecessary threats and unasked for, as though it were unneeded.

  When one such a case happens and what you think was actually bad for you, don't heed the correction or decorrect it, as your mind focuses on the idea and then makes the fixation of the mind happen from the actual reaction, so to make it disappear. Distract yourself and make yourself forget the point as you correction, if you want to.

  Or to seem something and stop the semantics, think to stop right with the correction as its happening and continue on your life path. As if a view to see, there is a point that you quit. One such way, be to affect the person doing the correcting. Distract them with another thought and they forget what they were doing or as you were about to do. But if in thought as if its best, its best if you find a way for yourself. Think as you see or seem as you are willing, think now if then you know a way as if to react and keep yourself from being effected by others as your okay.