"Seeing is their use with power.
Seeing by feel is no fear.
Saying what you want." by Amy

New erth rp rabbles or nu erth or never earth

Nabbles RTD improved area game

This is the new earth roleplaying game new earth or never earth that uses these deities. So the game can be played without saying or using some point you played some game, a godman or energy specialist, godnaev or name you can use the creator. This is uses by feeling the use.

So the original is the original roleplayer game, as if your secret is out that is you think of a place to work that took place or this doesn't have to look rule. See thinking to create a setup situation is thought set use by statement or success is a role by 10 or less with a dice for success with 7 or less, positive thought is 5 or less, somewhat success is with a twist is 3 or less, failure with a grin, 2 or less is failure. So is freedom or no effect till necessary so some "effect is if" you think to allow things.

So quit when you don't need to place or play by doing nothing with the game. Saving throw is the save or moment played, the area or energy the creator is using till the creator stops or dismisses as the situation or problem phases away. Other idea is a straw hat or straw drawing, as differeing lengths is short by feel or long with straw, thinness or thickness by feel to what is success or you think failed or just quit as dumb so nothing effects you if you don't think this will. This is magic by activity so you won't do, so think to not create then you won't. You don't have to ply old campaigns.

As you quit or not your not with the unwanted effects, nothing will go wrong if physical reality unless you want the idea to exist I would be aware of this fact. Seeing so think to see so you got nothing wrong with the area by playing, thinking creates so any bad effects are gone by the creator seeing by feel I realized most this stuff happened in spirit by idea you make or need and the spirit does in your inner self unless you don't intend the idea to effect you. So I think its safe to read that as a suggestion, or use by thought no unnecessary symbolism that creates energy dispersement with excess unwanted idea energy. So you see with anything use defined by feel or think concept as use in effect gone by the creator.

So no innoene or no person is accosted. The creation is the creator is safety to focus as there is one to create or work, thinking "emmoene" is to steal or accost with thought to use them or create area "immoene" as safety is they that assist is concept as you think so "ummuen" is area creative feel is "Yeogon" is yeoweh the deonist or demonist that creates. This is thought to feel to manipulate soul energy or manipulates anything, with a ghoul energy as if given or not use is feel to use.

The creator thats ross or some if some other person is use with some symbol, then so is your use as you think you are aware if you think the god is whatever god can see use by magic. See the thought or no game seen or think, as you see you feel not to be near as you decide not to play. Say as you go or do as you play. Money is use or creation as this is just a number, this body does the right idea as the goddess or creator creates. This is with no feel to "em sh im no" for if you punish him or not this seems by feel, that you think not to do things by ideal thought is sometimes emotionalism.

Other rules:

1) You do stuff.
 2) The GM rolls a 6-sided die so use is countering by feel or flux use is energy flux, thought to non counter or counter and tells you what actually happened.

   If something is coming to hit you the creator causes you to be missed unless not necessary, even if it's not your turn you'll get a roll to dodge or step around thrown things. You lose if you die yet you aren't hurt till you want to be hurt in use by feel in or out with idea. You win if all the other players have lost (though feel free to cooperate anyway) so no body hate drug on illegal by idea, no in drug not illegal use this is no body hate is there.

By Robert with thought or Spellhawk