Post_modern_DnD_5ed version 1.7

  This is the post moderate age using the Ultra modern DnD, that you didn't expect by what you have to work with by feel. This is where you have a post-period from a war or otherwise that is a time of high physics and future moments. You see the settings are on a planet or things done in space on a space ship, the idea is to work with the after point of the moments we have. What you experience and what I the DM/GM experience is two different things. The DM/GM is what sets the scenario, usually on a point or moment in thought. The magic skills, if not learned or known in class descriptions can be learnable. The character that is you, literally lives through the point that is there. So enjoy what you find with this game.


World base
The source of power
The system (revised 3/14/2020)
Attack/spell/effect system
Skills with skills list
Feats and Special abilities with feats list
Normal stuff
Religion (Revised 1-26-2021)
Health system gauge
Getting Beaten Up
Food for thought
Remembering Spells and creating Innate ability
Class descriptions
Magic system skills
Special Abilities
Character alignment
Character creation
Charts for character tables and Experience level
Equipment for the character in tables
Glossary of terms

 World base

   This originating world and universe of planets is based off the old world view, that is so won by heroic deeds if it is done, this was before the point before earth had some idea of fairness. So you don't have to do things when you think to do the point as this was when emperors and councils ruled the originating world as freeborn men with the elves, yet living amongst the elves and sea-elves were people. The world was known as Amerindia or in the old name "Ambigascar" was its name as it owned the trade, even then the the world was unpeaceful and not truly incited to war for the truce and pacts of which held it together called "the pact" meant as the free world trade pact and it was counted as peaceful moments in life. This was truly the world of before the ancient greece fell from the earth.

 Though this is a land thought with rare mytholigical beasts or mythological idea and strange humans with other forms attached to them. Freedom calls to where adventure exists an Amerindia that would be for something. This is where they would fight to the end if they had to, and then they banded together as they could. This formed the United Trade of Amerindia that existed underground where it allowed business to rule itself and the area for its own sake and when some asked the business, there was always an answer. However compared to todays united worlds, they were corrupt to the point of absolution and any would kill for gold had they to get some.

 The people are apart of a free trade alliance who traded for drugs, slaves and other things like high tech stuff without any illegality or disruption. This was a place that was advanced, yet the worst was the willingness to torture and negotiate for that was all except for the crystalline and modern age equipment and modernlike machines that would do as they thought at it what was needed or spoke what they wanted. This culture was backward and varied as to unknown degrees and very suited to adventure and information to the willing except for weak people who got killed if they upset them.

 The advanced old ages are hard to forget as it allowed open swords, guns, laser and phaser. Armor was a part of the idea that was naturally used, yet this was an advanced land with problems of kingdoms and early democracies. Where this world is advanced the middle ages were similiar yet unadvanced in technology, and is what dnd, an medieval wargame, along with some other adventure games were coming from as they were copying some personal and world attitudes at that time. But on the other hand some would say a game is a game and this world is a good choice to "steal" from along with others as in middle earth and middle ages.

The source of power

 The source of all power is raw energy from the planet core and some sun or thoughtful activity energy that is or surrounds everyone. Its created by the sun then radiated by the planet core at night creating a constant wild energy field. All this energy fluctuates like gravity and is shaped by purpose like runes, weaving, I was using magic by iffy idea or if use was command words etc. This energy is undepletable as the sun will send it radioactivity that replenishes the planet core as in sunlight and yet isn't noticed till a sensitive works with it or by meditation. You see its that easy to have children anyway, so we put such restrictions on ourselves that we don't have any.

  This makes the raw earth energy a wild constant with a concept that's done by effect or there is possible effect failure. At any given time there could be a fizzle because wild energy is in a state of flux. The real god is what you see as food or drink so the area you feel is energy to useful place energy arrangement. This is feng-shui nowadays yet your energy you fee or feel is focusable feel by thought I mean the idea to what is obvious to use. What some see or feel is the area you can work by feel or not be oboxious ignore.

  This power is called mana and feeds the body energy in which is pooled by the body as stamina (life force). Magic users tap into this mana for direct use and other classes use the bodily filtered stamina from mana that takes a small bit more, to achieve effects because its channeled through the body. The only exception are the gods that grant magic for those who champion their cause, and this is divine magic counted as stamina. Only those who are worthy can channel this raw force to make effects happen. Sometines these people are "god touched" and act like zealots only when a "religious experience" happens and they are rendered unharmable.

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The system

  The classes and system of gaming with this are simple, we have 3 classes to work with by feel. Bum: This is where the character has no job and no income, along with no housing. The worker: That is a person that works for a living and sometimes has a place to live if they have some income to work with by feel. Sometimes if allowed, they can rule things. The ruler; This is a president or king or something similar such as an emperor, parliament or senate. They make the rules, that people live with by idea.

  So the system is this in use; Skills are what we make up for working with the moment in idea by feel. This feel is a point we know what to do with the feeling you have. We have a skill called the skill name that is there and named for what we do by profession. The profession skill can be gotten. We start off with Proficiencies, what class we have as a skill with (Int) as a stat such as Worker skill (Int) for a working person or worker, Bum skill (Int) for the bum, ruler skill (Int) for the ruler and civilian skill (int) for the person that lives somewhere. Then there is Focus (Wis) for magic effects and stamina points (stp), Perception (Wis) for knowing what is there by the spirit and eyes to know things by feel, Survival (Wis] and Profession (Wis) to cover for the job you do, see that is what you do at the moment. You may add skills as you want per level by making one up or use this list. Skill rank amount is each point that you put into the skill total. Assigned by skill points. The skill points are (Int or Wis mod + 6) x 4 for first level. After first level is 6+Int or Wis Mod. Whatever stat is higher is used by adding the mod to the base amount of 6.

  The limit of how much you can have in each general skill of allocated skill rank points is the Intelligence mod plus character level.

  The proficiencies are what we choose to work without penalties, such as untrained, normal or accurate weapon proficiency with bonus to the attack roll (+1, +2 or +3 perspectionally), and armor proficiency is what armor you can wear starting with light for +1 to AC at 15 Strength (Str), medium for +2 to AC, and heavy for +3 AC. It's what we want for what we get.

  The stats: Apart of the system are the stats. The stats are with 5e dnd standards, yet you can choose to use the live action point assignings or assign the stats by use of 100 points and spreading them through the stats, this is done as 1 point assigned is 1 point gained.

  The stats are:

  When you apply this to a handmade character. Calculate the Ability score mods unless you want to use a chart. The ability score mod is calculated by thinking to determine an ability modifier without consulting the table, subtract 10 from the ability score and then divide the total by 2 (round down). How to make a character is further described in character creation.

The Stamina

 Stamina is marked on your character sheet as STP: for daily activity or body channeled effects. You start at 100 stamina (100 stp) then each action will consume a bit of your stamina. Also, the rate of use for stamina points is 1d6 per round or per hour, otherwise you can do 1 round of actions for melee or 1 hour of activity outside of melee. The regen rate for stamina is 1d10 stp per round that is recovered and after 0 stp its nonlethal damage. This is permenant till used up unless its over 100 stp where it drops by 10 per round, till 100 stp or used that round in a spell like action. Some spells and maybe actions could recover stamina like drinking or eating for 1d10 stp, stamina increase spell effect for 1d20 stp. Yes, this means you can gain stamina back to continue fighting after hanging back to drink or eat something. You can go above 100 stp via focus by a standard action to gain 1d10 stp. For actions below 0 stp take 1 point of the nonlethal damage per 5 stp.

 This nonlethal damage is where that is based off dnd and this is the negative energy that can be used for energy effects of many types. This energy is ultraviolet or ultra blue-purple thats not seen by the human eye. Its effects are to weaken the body everytime its used for a spell by adding to a nonlethal damage total. Each point causes 6 months aging repairable by healing of any sort or rest for 10 min per point.

 Fatigue is where you get below 50 stp. When fatigued, your constitution and dexterity takes a -1 temporary reduction per each 20 points starting at 50 stp. This is only temporary, regain the stamina points somehow above 50 and you can remove the temporary stat mod.

The dice or diceless system

  The dice are based off a d20 that's rolled and can be diceless, if you want it to be with a system that's not rolled. Dice rolls are the action itself and thus diceless, unless you are aware and just want to roll dice. Dice ratings like 1d8 are the amount. As in the 1 is a multiplier times 8 base amount for a longsword. The str stat bonus and other bonus are added on, like a 1d8+5 for a 5 str mod. This is 1*4+5=9 damage done by longsword.
   The dice base amount are: dice base = amount;
   d4 = 2 , d6 = 3, d8 = 4, d10 = 5, d12 = 6, d20 = 10, d30 = 15, d100 = 50.
   Healing and spell effects in amount use the same base amounts.

  See this option for gameplay is where you don't use dice. For the idea you think, this is what is done. The choices of success is using d20 as 10+skill rank or mod and get a 15 or above, then you got success, if your not doing this online then either use a penny toss with a call or drawing straws, and then getting the longest or shortest straw for success. So if you use a 10+focus rank approach, then a 10 + 6 focus ranks (6) = 10+6=16 or automatic success. Otherwise 10 + 4 focus rank = 10+4=14 or automatic fail.

  A fortitude check with +4 is a fail, otherwise a +5 fortitude is success. However for attack rolls, This is using the d20 as 10, the modifier is either base attack bonus or strength and/or dex mod added to weapon proficiency. This total is compared to the Armor class of the opponent, and if greater then this is a hit. So say you had a +3 weapons accuracy proficiency and +6 strength mod, that 9+10 must equal or be greater than the opponent AC of 15. This means 3+6+10=19 compared to 15 making the opponent hit. This is how the Diceless system can work, that's unless the GM/DM has something else in mind. However this may be appealing, it's up to the GM/DM to see if they can implement the idea. If not, then there is always rolling a die. If you need initiative, then use the speed + dexterity mod or just to decide initiative with creatures, think to use speed. The person who gets initiative gets one action/atk first.

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Attack/spell/effect system

  Attacks in real life are done by spell or physical assault, made up of melee, or the ranged actions. This is using a bit of stamina for the round of 1d6 per round stp. Melee actions are physical based assault consistant to swords, fists, feet or other melee. Ranged actions are long ranged assault including bows, guns and spells. This can be lasers, phasers and mazers. Each melee and ranged action are in rounds. Each hit does the damage that is described in a point using melee, ranged and spells.


  Due note: Size does not matter, in the attack so its no longer counted, as a modifier.

  A spell or prayer is stated out unless understood by feel, this is created by the soul guiding the spirirt and is done as though a free action or with use of a focus check. This can use some stamina of 1d6 stp in melee or battle and 1d6 per hour outside of battle. There are
magic sysytem abilities that are innate abilities. They are learnable, if you have the Arcana skill. Each combat moment is in rounds of 6 seconds. Each moment outside of combat is in minutes, hours or unlimited time. Spells use the universal energy, that creates by what is done with the consciousness, this means you make by the conscious thought using your energy as a guide. That means you use the consciousness of energy to create by your directing thought. This is spoken or created by describing in text what you want. The universe will respond and make your result by using a Creation innate abiility.

  The amount of damage or healing done is:
1d6+cha mod per each 2 focus ranks for levels 1-6
1d8+cha mod per each 2 focus ranks for levels 7-12
1d10+cha mod per each 2 focus ranks for levels 13-18
1d12+cha mod per each 2 focus ranks for levels 19-24
2d10+cha mod per each 2 focus ranks for levels 25-32
2d12+cha mod per each 2 focus ranks for levels 33+.

  Duration is used for moments that aren't instant or unlimited and 1d6+focus ranks for levels 1-6, this changes to 1d8 for levels 7-12, 1d10 for levels 13-18, 1d12 for levels 19-24, and onwards. This is represented in a chart:

Duration/effect dice base chart
Effects Dice
1-6 1d6
7-12 1d8
12-18 1d10
19-24 1d12
25-32 2d10
33+ 2d12

  The example attack is with a worker named Joe that does the spell effect as a second action, if you think to cause an effect that is with an attack of 12+d20 (14) or 26. Then the AC of 12 is overcome, this causes the attack to succeed. You hit with 2d10 damage or 15 damage, this means 15% of the targets health. A second action is done of a fire sphere effect and using a 10 focus rank that is automatic success, this is using a level 13 fire effect and a 4 charisma mod, that creates a 5d10+4 damage using fire. So you get 42% fire damage that is searing. This is applied to the target by reducing their health percent 57%. This is all in a round, so its melee if battle and 1d6 stp reduced for stamina. That is stamina recovered by drinking, eating or spell increase.

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Feats and Special abilities

  Feats are features that create the point by activity done for the moment. You can make up the feat as you go along or have the DM/GM decide what you want. We get 3 bonus feats at first level. Starting from level one and each 3 levels after, we get one feat and you can get 2 bonus feats per every 2 levels. Any feat can cancel out the insanity that a demon could induce. The feats if not created by you are listed here.

  The special abilities are what the body can create with a point you think to create things by feel. This is where the body is energy and the idea is created by the soul, that guides the spirit in the point you use to create things by idea. What the soul does with the spirit is realized. So your aware of whatever is done. You decide what to do, then your soul is what makes the idea as a special ability. This is in a list, that you may peruse by feel. Enjoy yourself or what you read as you need the idea and gain the special ability, that is done by your creation ability. This is the usage of the creator and the universe to create the ability. You may create a special ability in place of a feat. Any special ability is created as an effect in use, that cancels out a demons insanity. The special ability is listed here.

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Normal stuff

  AC = Armor class which means how difficult a person is to hit in rating, Body evasiveness and barriers between you and target consist of this. Spells are just done and they succeed or not, according to saving throws.

  BAB is Base attack Bonus or what the bonus is for the attacker to hit. This consists of the skill and movement of the attacker.

  Saving throws include Will Saves. They are if you survive the moment and is equivalent to tolerance amount and stat bonus => DC (Task Difficulty) or the equivelant point that is 10 or above using Will mod+rolled d20. Stat bonus is optional and ability amount. To make your saving throw you use tolerance and the ability amount to overcome task difficulty or get 10 and above. Immunity is very high tolerance.

  A Skill Check is using the action of the skill rank or stat mod + d20 with 10 or above, otherwise this is drawing of cut to length straws or using a coin flip. This is to decide the success of the check. This is 15 or above with the diceless system.

  Experience is what we live through with levels that are defined in charting by experience points. This is assigned per what we do and what we encounter by feel. If peaceful ending is what occurs, we still get the experience points.

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  This is the faith that the spirit creates what you need. That uses the soul to create by making things by spirit feel. The spirit is what knows things by soul interaction. This is universal knowledge you are aware of, that's known point your aware of by insights. This is what you think that you realize. So the creator is what created us and the universe in idea. He is an alien God with lesser lords under him. See if a persion beleves in a religion, then the magical ability will be merged to that one religion or God, if you were to have 3 religions each having 1 god or lesser lord, then your magical ability would be split between them, each getting 33.333% of your power as you focus and pray to them. The more religions you have, the more your power is split between them. This will stop people from joining a lot of them and using them in a unfair way.

  So when you have no religion, put the creator as your God. Think about it, if you do not believe in a religion then your magic will be fused with you completely (unless you do believe in a religion, then it will be split between whatever you choose to follow). If you do not have one, then it will be more ability based. So for example, your magic or stamina points, this includes base abilities, magic spells, and intuition in effect. That will be higher then a person with a religion, but people with one will have creation magic, and whatever their god is good at (it can be healing, creation, etc) but if they have more than one god their magic will be lessoned by however many they have.

  Whatever lord you think to use or work with, they are aspects of the creator and you can create things with them that uses the creator as a source. This is with an infinite source, so the creator or spirit that goes through everything creates whatever you need. That is what you think about to intend to have done. This is with infinite duration, unless you need an instant result or something that requires duration. This is described on the spell system described. Here is a list of Gods, here is a list of more Gods. If you want to switch Gods or no longer serve a God, the way to do this is to give up the benefits that the God gave you.

  So with multiple gods, you can have them yet you won't get them jealous. This is the idea you think to serve many gods a request. When you do that you can do a rite, then create the point by the god you requested things from by feel. This means those Gods of same alighnment or neutral and some other alignment won't get jealous reactions from the Gods you serve. You see, the Gods that are neutral to each other is not minding each other, so there is no jealousy. This is done if your GM/DM allows for the Gods to be used. So if you think of a point, then you can use the point and the Game master sometimes will allow it. The Gods ability from the God/s you choose are listed under the heading Divinations, and on the Character Sheet you list your God/s beside the "God:" on the list. You can always use the creator as the God you chose. He or She will do any request.

  Angels or valkyrie, Deva and Demons are a result of some person becoming a being, that serves the purpose of the creator or God. This is made by feel with your thought that the being does. However, a person that transcends and possibly dies is becoming one of the three. The angel is a God worshipper and messenger that does what you want as a need, this is where the Valkyrie is a battle angel that is basically of good alignment. The Deva is a being that is neutral in alignment that serves themselves. The Demon is a being that serves themselves as they serve other people, and those that think to use them, use them by their thought energy sent to direct them. That is done by having the creator cause the result, that makes what you need. They have your health+con mod in health and the other stats you have, this is used to do what effect or duration you can do.

  If you call a demon then know that you feed them emotional energy to cause them to do what you need. This can cause insanity if you think to use the demon again. So roll a 1d4 or draw straws and possibly do a coin flip to decide if your character goes insane. That is where 1-2 is insane and 2-4 is sane. You can do this over again if you need to do things sane. If insane, you create chaotically, this is when you could go off on those nearby or you go off on yourself. If sane, then you are aware, calm and can do what you need without any problems. No worship or piety is necessary for the creator, Lesser lords or Beings. They work with requests, that are thought to them or stated of them. Here is a list of Demons and here are some Angels. Here is a entire list of Angels.

  This use of these beings is done by thinking of the name and if you need them there, you summon it there from their dimension then they do what you need in the area. When they die here or leave to go back, they return to their dimension. If you summon a demon, offer an object as a thing to possess, then if they won't possess you your free from craziness. So a balrog named bill, that is going to do things for you will create what you need as a want that is done by the being. This is an effect of the point, you create by focus then and using imagination or feel. That works as you think of the need now with what you need by feel. There is a being swap, too. That you can do.

  The being is usually an angel, valkerie, deva or demon in sight or thought about that can be swapped in place and you get to be in the being's place, that is done when the character uses the spirit energy and turns into energy, then is where this is suggested as though an ability used by your character to shift to the area through the spirit energy. The being disappears and you form where the being was formed. The being reforms or materializes when you shift back, that's if you need it there. This is done if he or she that is a GM allows for this effect, otherwise this not possible to do. The idea however if allowable, that is using an effect done if there is enough requests. This is with 2 or more requests to the beings, where the character can do that, btw.

  This is done with a 1d8+cha mod per each 2 focus ranks or each time you make a request as a point of creation for the point of the day. Each new day has a reset of request points to 0. So a person that made 4 requests in a day or had 10 focus ranks and +7 charisma mod, they will get 5d8+7 effects. Duration is 1d6 rounds unless outside of battle. This is set as length in duration with rounds in melee or until the requester decides to end the moment, that is with possible minutes and possible hours outside of battle. That of course uses a 1d20+focus rank with 10 or above as success. The health percent of the demon, valkerie or angel is 100%+your con mod times the level. They also have your other stats. The limit for requests to a demon or angel is int mod or charm mod + half level.

  So remember, you pray to a God, think a request to a demon or angel and otherwise do things by the point of making use of the subconscious. The subconscious is the activity of the brain or mind focused in creating an effect of ability or magic, that creates what effect there is by use of something or stating some idea with a point to create an effect your intent. The math rule behind this is (half focus ranks)d10 (according to level 20)+charisma mod worth of effect or 7d10+10 effect damage or healing for a level 20 character. The dice base or d10 is for a level 20 character. The dice base changes according to this idea, d6 for levels 1-8, d8 for levels 9-16, d10 for levels 17-24, d12 for levels 24-32 and up. Duration if any, this is 1d6+charisma mod worth of rounds in melee, otherwise that is unlimited time outside of battle until you decide to end the effect by feel or thinking. This is making use of energy and imagining the end of the moment. Once ended, then it's as though it didn't exist here to effect by feel.

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  Godmode is a special mode that is granted as if by a God, and thinking done that allows this by the DM/GM. This is where you play as though a God, and things are easily done where you receive no hits and your hitpoints/percentage of health and stamina is always 100%. The stats you have are unaffected by disease or illness or stat drains, so other things such as stat raises still can occur. The idea is done as though telekinetic or able to do things psychically. The Game master can even make this a spell or ability you can do or say, that you grant yourself Godmode as though divine. The Godmode is usually given to the DM/GM character or usual NPC the Game master wants to protect, so think about the idea as a special condition or something similar, if you ask for the Godmode on your own character.

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Health system gauge

  Characters at the beginning of the game, start out with 100% health(hp) + Constitution mod. This is the fhp, or full health points. If you are at 100% hp or above, then you are in perfect condition. When an enemy's attack hits you, you deduct the amount done in damage as though a percent of the Health gauge. This is based off the idea of 100% being fully healthy in the body.

  Also this is where 0% is being not healthy and inactive of body condition. Hp only acts as a buffer for the damage you take. In fact, any hit dice mention or hit points mentioned is considered as though a converted to 100% health. That is done unless you add your constitution mod times level as added percent. Consider this toughness.

  You can still get a limb taken off at 100% hp, though it'd be very very hard to do so. When you reach 0% hp you do not die, after one hit though you are knocked out. Healing spells are each point healing in % recovery. Sleep is 30% hp per hour, recovered. Natural Regeneration rate in battle is 5% hp per round recovered. One round is 10 seconds. And, 5% per every minute outside of battle, except if poisoned or diseased.

  The HP cannot go above fhp unless it's a temporary increase with food and drink and healing spells except when you use the creation ability to make monsterous regeneration aa a special ability, which is a special case. Also, when you rest, the added temporary health goes back to the fhp %. Also, without monstrous regeneration, you don't regenerate past fhp.

  So back to monsterous regeneration, as a special ability this is where you are allowed by the creator to regenerate quickly. This allows you to become able to regenerate more than 100% HP, that's easily done. You also gain a permanent 6% to your HP when you get the Special ability and every level after getting the Special ability. The rate of regeneration be 3d10+Cn Bonus per round of 6 seconds in battle and outside of battle its 3d10+Cn Bonus per minute. Monstrous regeneration requires regeneration.

  How are you hit though, if your feeling weak or feel the blow? As you get less hp, you get weaker and more tired due to lost hp, and you may get bloodied, as well, at the moment of half hp. Unless you receive a cut, then weakness is somewhat instant. Shock value is then when you go into shock and may become prone, which is decided by fhp %/5. This makes for a more realistic combat scene. When a character suffers their Shock Value in damage, done by various means, there is a chance they can become stunned. At -2% your character dies.

  Some might see the need to use fatigue. Fatigue happens with half the health and below. Every 20% starting at 50% health or below, you can recieve a constitution and dexterity stat reduction of -1. That is removed by the time you go above 50%. This means you can create more realism to the gaming situation, so if you choose to use this idea, then you can also use the fatigue point. This is a point decided either by the players or the GM. If you decide to go with your own idea, then that's up to you.

  If you want to use the Con mod as a bonus, then you may add it to your % starting at level 1 or the level your at. This is where you have a +3 constitution bonus at level 1, that's applied as +3 to your 100% health. This is per level until you raise the Con stat for fhp. So with 103% as your level 1 health percent, 2 more levels raised at +3 Con mod is +6 to your 103% making 109% and so on at level 3, that makes for a stat change allowing +4 Con mod at level 5. So this means your allowing the character to have +7 for 2 more levels. Applied, this makes 116% for level 5, and that's how this will work if the DM/GM allows this point.

  Instead, if you add the con mod as a bonus at the level your at then, you can possibly choose from level 1 to your current level for addition that makes fhp. So say its level 10 with a +7 con mod, that's 7*10=70 added health percent. See that makes for a 170% health percent. That seems fair, if your the right person for it. So feel free to use this if you want more health percent. After all if your the DM/GM or your DM/GM allows for this, then you can create a more fit character.

  The profession skill can be gotten and this is written as profession (Wis) in your skills list with some choice of healer, nurse or doctor written somewhere as your profession, then you can negate the need for a healers kit. This means, if you use the profession of healer, then you don't need a healers kit to heal by feel. This is because you use the healing skill as though a special ability. Then you make the result of (half-level and round down)d(skill rank selection, look at chart below)+charisma mod in health restored. That means 10d12+7 damage reduced for healing the percent of health, this is with a level 20 character, 15 focus skill rank and 7 cha mod. For a level 10 character with healer profession, 12 focus skill rank, and 5 cha mod, you would have 5d10+5 health percent restored.

Skill rank selection chart

Die; Focus rank/s
d6; 1-6
d10; 7-12
d12; 13-18
d20; 19-24
d30; 25 and above

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Getting Beaten up

You don't have to get beaten up though getting beaten up, is when a character becomes ‘bloodied’ at half hit points, a status effect which we’ll see to add to the Status attribute. Players can activate a “healing surge” to restore one-quarter of their hit points 9 + Cn Mod times per day, as a kind of “brief rest to regain stamina”. Other effects possible are a “second wind” ability, that allows you to restore 2d10 hitpoints, useable once per encounter.

  Shock value, is HP / 5. Makes for a more realistic combat scene. When a character suffers their Shock Value in damage, there is a chance they can become stunned. On a roll of a die, decided by the GM, a 1d6 is used if none is decided on, for general idea and purposes. Where 1-3 is shock happens and 4-6 is where no shock happens. If in shock, then there is a 1d6 of rounds missed for the shock to subsist.

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Food for thought

  For more realism, there's a possible food necessity, decided to be used however the GM wants. Food necessity, where the character must eat or die in 24 hours and be weakened by 1 point non-lethal damage every hour after 12 hours not eating or drinking. This can be rested off after eating or drinking something. There is 1 hour that passes by for every 2 points removed of non-lethal damage.

  Then there's other being form, where the character becomes other than the form that is solidly physically formed. If in other being form, then food isn't necessary as energy is the food. In fact, 1 bite of food or 1 ounce fluid is actually 100 hours energy and improved activity. Otherwise, they are unlimited in actions and usually somewhat high in energy. Other being form is possible by etherealness and gaseous form special abilities or the Energy body feat.

  The non-lethal damage can make the character lose 2 points of constitution and strength each point. Think about the idea and eat or drink and each point is temporary, that is used energy and removed is a point per bite of food or sip of drink.

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Remembering Spells and creating innate abiilty

  There is spell learning and creating by extra innate ability, that is done with the ability effect or have idea to declare what you will learn. This is done as to announce a spell or special innate ability and then roll to remember the spell or ability, that is done by what is used for an arcana skill check to remember how to do the effect, then optionally you may roll a wisdom check to remember it. Be sure to write it into your character sheet.

  This is done as if you wanted to learn an outside spell called entice or Summon Golem guardian, that you mention in a spells ability: Entice (Int) Rank 1 or Summon golem guardian (int) rank 1. Otherwise you wanted to learn an innate ability or special ability, this by use if you wanted to learn an innate ability then you called Create, you remembered the use of the ability and wrote it down. This is written as a ability listed under the heading of "extra ability skills" list. This is done as Create (Cha) Rank 1.

  If you are interested in magical ability, then learned a special ability or Magic system skill, then it's from the special ability list without a feat point or you can use the Magic system Skills list, without level necessity chosen from ability not in your class features. This is where you list that special ability or Spell-like Ability, that is listed in the special ability list and you don't need to mention a rank. Optionally you can put what the special ability does, after the name of the special ability.

  The more you can use this ability excepting for Special and Spell-like ability, mainly by doing it as though a 1d20+1 and casting it forth or making a use of it, the more the ranks rise with its use. This is like with the create ability, you create release of something. You would roll a 1d20+2 with 10 or above for a successful creation effect.

  I think with spell learning and ability use; Its uncastable or unusable until you recall it, +1 on successful recall + 2 on first cast or use + 3 on second cast or use and so forth, otherwise this is a +3 for a 20 or above that's rolled on the Arcana check. So if you use it, then it raises despite the skill points. This is true as the magic skills and learned skills are separate from the class skills. So its an option to use a skill point, then you of the ability can raise the magic skill or innate ability rank.

  The damage or idea it does, excepting for Special or Spell-like ability, is the point of rolling a d20 with the ranks as an addition. Then getting an ideal 10 or above for success. That deals out 1d10+charisma mod per each two focus ranks for damage/healing or 1d6+focus rank in duration, this is done as though rounds in melee or unlimited time outside of battle, unless elemental then its minutes. See this is an effect for the ability you create. If you created an elemental effect, then the idea is instant or for sleep then the idea is in rounds or unlimited time until your soul wakes you up. So you create an item, that item could last until the time is up for it, where for items there is no actual time. This is a known effect done by the character in idea.

  These skill ranks, if any assigned for spell skills and ability skills, excepting for Special and Spell-like ability, they are possible to raise in ranks using points from the skill points described here in skills and feats and extra points are applied by gm/dm otherwise. That means the DM/GM adds to the rank of the spell or innate learned ability whenever he or she wants, otherwise you can apply your own skill points.

  The effect is decided upon by the gm/dm, so think about what you want and you can get a result. You can create almost any innate ability, however you sometimes have to have a spell come from a spellbook. This is depending on a DM/GM so feel free to ask him or her if its allowed, otherwise the GM/DM might say it never happened.

  Here is a list by school of spells you can use. You now know the procedure for sifting your memories for old spells you learned, somtimes from this list. If you want to learn harder spells you need to practice extensively in a certain school. Unless you want to walk the path of wizardry and dabble a little in everything...Or solicit a wizard for a spellbook. If you can even hope to encounter one...With a high enough Charisma you might even hire him to tutor you for the day.

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Class description

The classes in this Ultra Modern system are Bum, Worker and Ruler.

  These classes are to be used in place of the PHB classes as:

Bum class replace thief.
Worker class replace fighter.
Ruler class replace sorceror.
Civilian replace the ranger class.

  The remaining PHB classes except psion and mage gain a d12 base hit dice change to become 100% health, unless there already and the spells are replaced with the will word skill at 1st level, Psion gains a d12 hit dice base to 100% health only and Mage gets a d10 hit dice change to 100% health. This is with the will word (Wis) added in place of spells at 1st level as an innate ability.

  The classes are allowed by gm to go epic level as is wished. Since this is a nonlethal type magic, it makes the characters with higher health percent because below 0 mp or 0 stp it takes from health for spells if spell failure. The reason for the different classes is these are specialist classes except for the mage who is a generalist. Most skills are listed in the Magic system. The skills in class features are w/(core stat). The (core stat) are str, int and etc, as in (int).

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Bum (Bum)
Bum abilities in the magic systems are
here. Otherwise go here for (Ex) Ability.

Saves: Will good
Weapon & Armor Proficiencies: 1 exotic, all weapons and ambidexterity makes them good with accurate weapon and medium armor proficiencies but medium armor and no shields.
Skill points at 1st: (6+Int or Wis Mod)x4
Skill points per level: 6+Int Mod

Class skills: Bum skill (Int), Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Profession (Wis), Perception (Wis), High Bartering (Wis) and Focus (Wis).

Class features:
1st level gets will word (Wis) and Class ability (Ex).
2nd level gets 2 bonus feats.
3rd level gets Time ability (Wis).

A familiar is gained any level for free or discount. Any level there is a bonus language only once.
Bonus Feats: Every 2 levels starting with 4nd a bum gains 2 bonus feats. At each such opportunity, he/she can choose any feat or make one up that the bum meets the prerequisites for or needs.

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Worker (worker)
Worker ability in the magic system are
here. Otherwise go here for (Ex) Ability.

Saves: Fortitude and Reflex good
Weapon & Armor Proficiencies: 1 Exotic weapon, Normal and Martial weapons can be used with light armor and all shields. This means Accurate Weapons and Light Armor and Heavy shields proficiency
Skill points at 1st: (6+Int Mod)x4
Skill points per level: 6+Int Mod

Class skills: Worker skill (Int), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Ride (Dex), Diplomacy (Cha), Acrobatics (Dex), Stealth (Dex), Athletics (Str), Profession (Wis), Arcana (Int), Survival (Wis), Perception (Wis) and Focus (Wis).

Class features:
1st level gains a bonus feat, Class ability (Ex), Kinetic speed-up (Cha) and Human defense field (Cha).
2nd level 2 bonus feats.
4th level gains 2 Bonus feats, Kinetic attack (Cha) and Kinetic funnel (Cha).
5th level gains Time ability (Wis).
6th level 2 bonus feats.
7th level gains Kinetic runic (Wis) and Kinetic Antemetal (Cha).
8th level 2 bonus feats.
10th level gains 2 Bonus feats, Kinetic manipulation (cha) and Kinetic flying (Int).

Bonus Feats: The bonus feats must be drawn from the bonus feats you think to use. The epic Worker gains 2 bonus feats every two levels starting level 12 and every level higher than 20th (22nd, 24th, 26th, and so on). They must still meet all prerequisites for a bonus feat, including ability score minimums.

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Ruler (ruler)
Ruler abilities in the magic systems are
here. Otherwise go here for (Ex) Ability.

Saves: Will good
Weapon & Armor Proficiencies: All martial weapons except exotic with ambidexterity but light armor or shield. This includes normal weapons and light armor proficiencies
Skill points at 1st: (6+Int or Wis Mod)x4
Skill points per level: 6+Int or Wis Mod

Class skills: Ruler skill (Int), Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Arcana (Int), Survival (Wis), Profession (Wis), Perception (Wis) and Focus (Wis).

Class features:
1st level gains will word (Wis) and Class ability (Ex).
2nd level 2 bonus feats.
3rd level gains spell recognition (Wis).
4th level 2 bonus feats.
6th level gains Elemental ability (Wis) and 2 bonus feats.
8th level gains Time ability (Wis) and 2 bonus feats.

A familiar is gained any level for free or discount. 2 Bonus feats every two levels starting at level 10 and every three level higher than 20th.

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Civilian (Civilian)
For civilian abiliies in magic system
go here, otherwise if not in Magic system go here.
Saves: Will good
Weapon & Armor Proficiencies: All weapons including club, dagger, dart, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, shortspear, sling, and spear can be used with ambidexterity and all natural attacks (claw, bite, and so forth) of any form they assume with wild shape. All light, medium armor. Shields are all but tower that can be use. This is Accurate weapons and Medium Armor proficiency
Skill points at 1st: (6+Int or Wis Mod)x4
Skill points per level: 6+Int or Wis Mod

Class skills: Civilian skill (Int), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Nature (Int), Perception (Wis), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Arcana (Int), Survival (Wis), Streetwise (Int), Athletics (Str) and Focus (Wis).

Class features:
1st level gains 2 Bonus feats, Class ability (Ex) and an animal companion for a familiar.
2nd level gains Chaos effect (Cha) and Nature Sense (Ex).
3rd level gains 2 Bonus feats and trackless step.
4th level gains Spell subversion (Cha) and Resist nature's lure.
5th level gains 2 Bonus feats.
6th kevel gains Chaos confusion (Cha).
7th level gains 2 Bonus feats.
8th level gains Time ability (Wis).
9th level gains venum immunity and 2 Bonus feats.
11th level gains 2 Bonus feats and Possession (cha).
13th level gains a thousand faces ability and 2 Bonus feats.
15th level gains timeless body and 2 Bonus feats.
17th level gains 2 Bonus feats.
20th level gains 2 Bonus feats.

Animal companion every 3 level higher than 20th gains +2 health percent, +1 strength and dexterity, and an additional trick you can make up yourself. 2 Bonus feats after 20th, every 3 levels.

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Magic system skills

  The magic system is spell ability based off spell-like abilities that doesn't always occur unless you went and rolled 1d20+focus rank and got 10 or above, especially if the other makes a will save so they are listed as special skills with intuitive intuition, this is done by what you experience and treated like special abilities, that's without effect length. These abilities can be learned and created by feel. The choices of success for going diceless is using d20 as 10+focus rank or mod and get a 15 or above then you got success.

  If your not doing this online, then either use a penny toss with a call or drawing straws, and then getting the longest or shortest straw for success. So for effect lengths see charts. Think to see when they are gained, look at the Character description. When the character gains a level and they spend skill points for focus skill they raise a special skill by these points, alotted by skill point calculation in the charts section. This is where they are the skill points listed as a chart attribute.

  Their are other skills possible via skills and feats section that are allowed. Each skill point applied is a skill rank in said Ars dnd skill as 1 skill point = 1 skill rank. So 4 points in the focus skill is 4 skill points in the weaving skill and that is a 4 rank weaving skill. The maximum Skillpoints allocatable for the Special innate abilities are Character level + Charisma mod per each level. Some skills require a skills check.

  If the mp/stp is used up and goes nonelethal damage (<0), then opposite elements used will weaken the person thus per point nonlethal damage, there is 1d4 additional ideal damages that aren't always as if your hit. Soul batteries are collected energy that can be used for creating an energy source made from the area energy, outside yourself for any purpose and by anyone with magical ability. That is a use by the word use that creates for what is there, by what energy conscious is there by thought.

  However if you want to add a cool idea, that is realistic or not always possible as chaos is possible with the chaos die roll. Now that is useful or decided upon the area use, or not as 1 for actual done, 2 for something as 3 for water or elemental changes that aren't specified in the area or 4 for not happened.

  The action verbs are northern based words actually used freely with nouns to direct by what you think but is a must so used in the sentence as thought in make, seem control, do or alter, see or destroy, so protect and create or perceive to no influence. Spell words are focus words tat create as you focus energy to create by will thought with the creator. If spellsongs are brought about by the action play word as in "I play the hym ritual song".

  Otherwise alternate idea is the art action words that are if subvert, use or feel control, see to alter, feel to destroy and think to protect so seeing thought in use not always done is what caused this. So if you will to thought in thought you can use or create with the energy to change things on or with an instance. The noun descriptions are what you decide to use in fixing an idea, think or avoid fixing an idea to not be in the area to be with use creating what you wish use with wisdom to create or see use.

Magic Menu System
General and focus ability
Soul Batteries
Will word ability
Runic ability
Wish ability
Chaos ability
Creator ability
Kinetic ability
Elemental ability
Shift ability
Celestial ability
Mystic ability
Eldritch ability
Were ability
Angellic ability
Time effects
Shadow practitioner ability
Light creator ability
Dimensionalist ability
Divine ability
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General Abilities

  Focus ability

   This skill is "Focus ability" on the character sheet and stat block (the area where class skills and abilities are listed by feel). Focus is the ability that allows for you to focus on a thought and creating what you need. This is done with a 1d20+focus rank die roll and counts as success with a 10 or above rolled. Otherwise this is increased energy for more potential spells.

   You may increase your mp by 10/level in which you use a standard action. 2 attacks taken up would have a Focus rank to succeeding and +(however many here) to the mana you get. Your full round taken up with idea by focus could have 20 mana regen. For stamina you can go above 100 s to gain 15 s and Focus rank. Focus for 5 min; for mp and s, 1st level regains 20, 2nd level 40, 3rd level 60. 4th level 80, 5th level 100, 6th level 120, 7th level 140, 8th level 160, 9th level 180, 10th level 200 and +10x etc.

   Focusing in this allows for greater damage focus by casting it then waiting a round to effect release. As though in what you do as damages if normal and then that use is the focus ability to effect greater damage. Doing so allows for increased damage effect by spell or weapon. Using this damage focus takes an extra attack. So to use, take 1 attack action for the weapon or 1 whole round for the spell. Then use is easier, this is another point for the focus with accumulated two attacks taken up.

   Each skill point in focus ability adds 1d6 hp to the focused spell or weapon damage like 2d6 hp healing via 2 focuser rank. It also increases your mana restored by +1 like 1d10+2 for 2 focusing skill ranks. Per skill point it adds +1 to the stamina recovered like 1d10+2 stp for 2 focusing skill ranks. This uses a concentration skill check to be made for success via d20 and takes no no mana or stp points where this is a specialty lightning by thought with ions made with elements and personal allowance.

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Soul Batteries

  Get the crystal or object and say "a-d" (Aid-Dee) or "makrawees" (mak-ray-weh-ee-s) at the crystal to create an energy trap source with a lit candle near. This soul battery can hold 100 mp/stp with your charge or others. It can sustain the energy for spells and pass the rest to the body for addition to your original count.

  Will word ability:

  It is to imagine the event whatever way the mage wants then will the event to occur by speaking a power word or phrase that represents the effect. The noun form keywords are: "yl" for wild magic, "pyr" for fire, "lece" for water, "air" for air and zone, "humu" for earth, "as intus" for life and heal, "neta" for nether, evil, void or negative, "bodio" for body", "ypa" for clean-up, "uma" for summons, "myu" for magic, "t" for time (speed, slow or stop), "avem" for dream and "fatalis" for instant death.

You use these words through will word the effect you desire as in "make control pyr" for creation of a fire that controls people. The words "yl protect" for a wild magic protection.. Gain a will word effect by casting it with a free action. Each 2 focus skill points to an ability has the effect of +1 round to all non-instant will word duration, +10/- damage reduction. Speed, slow and stop time effects here and +1d6 + wis mod for all will word effects. With time effects, do not apply the all skills bonus.

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  Runic ability:

Runic Divination. Divination runes are marks of choice on a tine(rune carved piece of wood, ivory, bone, etc..) and the focus of the mind to bring future vision through it. Just do it to bring the vision, with the use of a rune of choice. To use this say, "I divine with astral rune" then wait for a dm supplied future glimpse.

  Runic Magic: Runes are the symbols of the representative force Use: focus through the rune and will through that force the effect you'd want. You just do the rune to make it happen. You can draw the runic picture and use that as a temporary focus or use a runestaff to make more permenant spells. If the wielder is good enough being 10+ level said wielder can imagine the effect and say the rune name to channel through. To use a runic effect for level 1-9 draw the rune on paper thus state result like "I use this fire rune making fire healing for [person or thing]"..For level 10+ just state "I call the water rune for cooling the temperature down" or "I call the nether rune to make 20 gold" for the instant +20 gold. Each 2 focus skill points to an ability has the effect of +1 to non-instant runic spell duration, +10/- protection and +1d6 + wis mod for runic effects. This uses wisdom as core stat.

The runes to draw are as below:

For wild magic: the runic symbol is a fairy picture.
For fire magic: the runic symbol is a dancing flame.
For water magic: the runic symbol is a picture of a few wavy lines.
For air magic: the runic symbol is a picture of a whirlwind.
For earth magic: the runic symbol is a picture of ground.
For life magic: the runic symbol is a picture of a dancing person.
For nether magic: the runic symbol is a picture of a skull.
For the astral plane magics: the idea runic symbol is a picture of a cloudy tree or what your energy is concept in art.

An example of these runes are at

Wild magic is chaos magic and the magic that people would call to get what they want when no other force works. It is the most difficult and takes the most effort. It is raw force that will overcome any other force being the power that underlies all powers. It is the power of decay and disruption plus this power controls all other forces plus its opposite is astral for it counters the astral energies. One can call demons with wild magic as demons are chaotic in nature thus controlled or contained with the chaos in an area.

Fire magic is from the plane of the fire elementals. It is also heat. It has the power to cause or quell fire and its opposite is water.

Water magic is the ability to manipulate water. It to can quell fires. It can also do great water damage plus its opposite is fire.

Air magic is the power of the wind, weather, psychic and lightning. It can cause great damage through any of this respective power. This also serves as support as barriers, shields platforms plus its opposite is earth.

Earth magic is the power of the earth. It is divided into lava manipulation, plant life manipulation, and earth manipulation. Minerals, metals and rocks are of earth as well as plantlife of most sorts as well plus its opposite is air.

Life magic is good because of it being soul power and does not control but supports in its manner without end.. Through it people can manipulate spirit force by this soul energy. The soul is a very powerful life force that is represented by life magic. Things are alive (including inanimate objects) because of the soul except unworshipped things for its people that give a little of their soul force as they focus. Everything becomes alive by life given from peoples thoughts. The proof is to believe a stone has conscious and then do this for ages till it does. One day the stone has a conscious will through belief effort thats revealed to its worshipper. To resurrect by life you bring back the soul to the body in reuniting by spirit force. This spirit force is the element to keep life going plus its opposite is death..

Nether magics are evil for its the magic of death, dark and void. Anything dealing with death is done with this force. Animation of a body or skeleton is controlling life to make an alive state in a dead thing drained of life. Compulsion is part of death as it can force a personal fear to make conformity by threat. Undead are animated by desire and purpose or by someone else including liches and vampires. Its death manipulated life that allows the dead to come back as in raising. Void is death as it consists of nothing but death and lost things bringing entropy to what it touches. You can make objects from death recreating the object in perfection including memory and emotion plus its opposite is life.

Astral plane magics is dream magic plus people can use dreams to best effect through this power. Visions can also be enacted to the person who is the target. Be wary of attracting power beings for the very use of astral power begets attention. This power can replace the other powers as a energy source except death for the effects you need plus with this power people become stronger in the mind. Overlong use becomes a +1 int mod to character as in any use of this power. Its opposite is wild magic as it counters the wild magic energy. This is what can effect others.

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  Wish ability:

  The wish ability is the Saying of a wish and the effects a few minutes to a few days later. It is slower than a spell only because of the echo effect that causes the power to manipulate the events to occur. Any event can be accomplished by a wish. .The wish ability is governed by will(wis) and accomplished when you do it. Usage: state "I wish for [desired goal]" then it happens. An example: "I wish for 100 gold" and the it appears near you or on you as dm decides. This effect is instant thus per 2 skill points for limited wish or per 1 point unlimited wish. The limited wish allows for small to normal effects as in wishing for gold, dealing 1d6 damage/healing for each 2 focus skill ranks, +5/- protection, for speed, slow and stop time wish effects look here. The unlimited wish allows for any effect like make an enemy disappearance as if non existant, to dealing 1d6 damage, +10/- protection or, speed time gives the same as above. This uses wisdom for the core stat. No stat wishing due to buying stat points with xp and no instant death due to the spell death. With time effects, do not apply the all skills bonus. 

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Creator ability:

The creator ability contains skills that are instant or round based. Skills in the ability are; Creation for the effect and Spell recognition for the recognizing of the effect so far, that means this can use the creator to recognize the idea and create the effect. If you need to create with these abilities and roll a die, then roll a d20 + focus skill ranks with 10 or above as success.


Creation (Ex): This is a creator's wish ability, think it and state the result to create it. The gm will decide if its possible. He or she can create whatever he or she wants by thinking about it and his or her need manifests. How quickly it manifests is with a roll of a die 10 (if you use a die roll), this is 1-2 within 1 second, 3-4 is within 2 to 4 seconds, 5-6 is within 5 to 8 seconds, 7-8 is 9 to 12 seconds and 9-10 it doesn't manifest. This roll represents how long you focus energy to create the manifestation, otherwise you could just focus for 2 to 10 seconds for 1 seconds is manifests within 6-10 seconds, 2 seconds is manifests within 3-6 seconds, 3 seconds is within 1-2 seconds manifest. This is creation of whatever you want that appears somehow, and you think it, act as though using it and you can seem to create it.

  Spell recognition (Ex):

Spell recognition (Ex): This is where you know what the effect was and can create the spell or effect again, this is if you knew what the effect was. So you know by thinking you know, and the spirit allows you to realize the effect by knowing what it is. On a die roll to see if you knew it, their maybe a die 6 where 1-3 is success and you do and 4-6 is failure and you don't or there could be a 1d20+focus rank and that's getting a 10 or above for success that you knew. Otherwise the GM allows this ability to work.

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  Chaos ability:

There are 3 skills within this ability thus they are Chaos effects (Cha), spell subversions (cha) and Kao confusion (Cha). Each skill is gained separately at some level. No roll is used for success of these skills as you just do it unless you are needing to roll, then you may roll a 1d20+focus rank with 10 or above..

  Chao effects:

Chaos is wild magic so the worker will only have to imagine the event and it will happen by calling upon chaos to make it so. The chaos energy, can even make it happen, by imitating the source! Call chaos by a free action with these noun form keywords; "kao" for chaos, "p" for personal use.

You use these words through chaos to effect your desire as in "kao create" or "create kao", for a chaotic event, as in stating the effect and having it happen with the chaos making it occur, by a 'kao create'
"kao control" for a chaotic control spell
"control p" for personal control
"kao destroy" for a chaotic destruction spell.

Each focus skill point being 1d6+cha mod damage/healing, until level 20 where its a 2d6+cha mod in effect, +10/- damage protection and any effect lasts 1 round, speed time along with slow and stop time described here.

 Spell subversion:

Subvert an active spell as it happens. The spell must first be seen in some manner to subvert . A successful chaos roll makes the subversion happen. Then after that the chaot simply redirects plus reforms the raw spell as needed. To stop a subversion one makes a save versus will. Call this effect using a free action by these noun form keywords; "juu" for spell, "kao" for chaos plus the art action words are subvert, control, alter, destroy and protect as in "juu kao subvert" to subvert a spell, "juu control alter" to make it a control spell, "juu protect alter" for making the spell into a protection spell and "juu destroy kao alter" for a destructive chaos spell. Each skill point is +1 to the chaos roll.

  Kao confusion:

 Causes destructive confusion near the target enough to distract the opponent or target. This will be a disturbance somewhere where the caster wants it so to be effective plus it can take any form the practicioner wants. Call this by natural ability or wild rune with a free action. A chaos roll is needed for success plus there is a save vs will to null the effect of being dazed for 1 round. Each focus skill point added in makes it +1 round to the dazed state upto 6 rounds with a 1d6 rolled to decide how many.

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Kinetic ability:

This effect is the concept of motion which is focused by the warrior's single-minded focus through the effect you would want. Focus it through your body motion or weapon choice motion believing that your motion will allow for the effect. There are many things you can do with this. Things to do are: Kinetic speed-up (Cha), Human defense field (Cha), Kinetic attack (Cha), Kinetic flying (Int), Kinetic manipulation (cha), Kinetic funnel (Cha), Kinetic runic (Wis) Kinetic Antemetal (Cha), Kinetic choke and Weapon power (Cha). These effects are just done and it happens sometimes with a a 1d20+focus rank and a 10 or above is success.

Some skills are done with a perform skill check. Each skill point is applied to all of the skills equally so all you really need is the focus rank as in 3 focus ranks=3 kinetic speed-up=3 human defense field=3 kinetic attack= 3 kinetic flying=3 kinetic manipulation=3 kinetic or will skill funnel=3 Kinetic runic=3 Weapon power. Except the kinetic choke is not a true skill but a special ability, thus each skill has its own effect as you gain all the kinetic skills at different level with kimetic ability that channels skill energy unless class specified.

  Kinetic speed-up:

When traveling, by 3x light with 2x movement you can speed things up by using your kinetic motion and imagine time speeding up as in a clock. Imagine this clock as it is in normal motion. Now speed up the hands of the clock in your mind while moving and it will speed up time for your group or yourself as it moves. Now allow the clock in your mind to slow down to normal while not moving and this will keep time stable. This method can make ideal traveling time as in minutes from hours to cross a place that would normally take hours to cross. When in effect there is a +20' to all base speed in character party till the effect focus fades away. When dazed the effect is cancelled leaving the worker slightly tired. Call this effect by a "make spe" for make speed-up and lasts till worker decides to end it by "destroy spe" for end speed. Each skill point is +5' increase to the +20' speed and gives +1 attack action to the party upto +4 with a concentration check and a 1d4 to see how many attacks are added to all party members. With time effects, do not apply the all skills bonus.

  Human defense field:

This method is called the human defense field. While moving in some manner, try to visualize a air field that keeps attacks from touching you. It bounces the attack because of as inther and motion of body being linked by mental focus. The better that one gets at this, the less likely they will get hit even by spells themselves. This gives the worker +6 to AC and +3 to the will saving throw. Call this effect by "make 14 seh" for make defense field plus this effect lasts till combat end or a "destroy 14 seh" for end defense field. Each skill point adds +1 AC to the +6 AC of the caster.

  Kinetic attack:

The kinetic attack is similar but not similar to normal attack as you power the weapon to assault with. This effect goes like this: Focus the motion of the body and weapon in hand to make itself energized. Just feel you body and weapon motion being channeled into an energy effect of your choice on your weapon. Now swing your sword or whatever you do with your weapon at the target of choice. Causes +1d6 damage added to choice weapon when in effect. Call this ability into effect by "make eqyu" for kinetic attack. The worker can end it by a "destroy eqyu" for end kinetic attack or be disrupted. Each skill point is an +2 to the the 1d6 as 1d6+2 for 1 skill point and 1d6+10 for 5 skill points.

  Kinetic flying:

Flight is achieved through the effect of sudden movement while you feel happy by a happy thought. Gathering your kinetic energy while feeling happy you fly in the air. The happy feeling will lift you up on kinetic motion of the sudden movement. This works most times granting worker the ability to fly at will while in effect plus stops working on touch of ground. In order to work you must lift off the ground through a free action. To call this into effect say "make jio" for make fly while with happy thought and kinetic channel. Each 2 focus skill points adds a +1 mod to the perform skill check.

  Kinetic manipulation:

The kinetic manipulation is simple because of the fact of imagination. Imagination rules the mind and it also rules kinetic motion, by manipulation. Imagine the effect needed and focus your movement into fueling that effect into happening. Allow the motion to cause the effect and control another, by relaxing your mind and focusing your will to control, as you do the idea. This uses your gut feeling to convert it through focus of your motion, and making the effect you imagined. Moving your finger in some manner will do it. Control anyone at will without realization of it. Call this ability into play, with "control p", for manipulate people and "destroy control", for end manipulation.

This effect ends on a successful savings throw vs will by victim done each round of effect till broken or on the controllers command plus can be done anytime.Each skill point counts as kinetic strength as in 50 lbs per point. 1 skill allows you to control up to 50 lbs person. 2 skill points allows you to control up to 100 lbs person. 3 skill points allows you to control up to 150 lbs person. and etc. So a 5 kinetic strength = up to 250 lbs person control.

  Energy funnel:

Funnel the energy of others including objects into yourself as they do an action. Fueling yourself for another action plus your own kinetic energies to keep up an assault or do another spell. Drain an emotion to cause the person calmness, drain an enchantment by draining enchantment or sap the attackers will to stop an attack early. Call this into effect through noun form keywords: "efunn" for energy drain, "wim" for emotion, "objii" for object enchantment, "wyl" for will, "e" for energy, "p" for person or spell use in mind for energy.

On a 1d10+2/skill rank is hp as in 1d10+6 for 3 skill ranks drained per round from people to be considered as stp to you. For objects enchantment disappears leaving a normal object. Will drains on success creates dazed effect on person.lasting 1 round /skill rank to bring the person out of the fight . Emotion drain person calms or brings people out of berserk state on success. Protection effects are +10/- damage reduction per skill rank. Control effects are to control objects or energy via voice commands plus objects must be seen as in a magical statue or control a spell thus to end it quickly or force it on the caster. Examples: "make efunn wyl" for energy drain person will, "destroy efunn wyl" for end energy will drain, "destroy efunn" for end energy channel, "make efunn objii" for energy drain enchantment, "control e destroy". for spell end and "control e p" for control spell to person.

  Kinetic runic:

The kinetic rune is the focus on the rune using the hand or finger trace in air or on paper to cause the rune to enact temporarily with purpose by intent. Carving it into something may permanently place it in action. The worker can do any rune with this, called in the same manner as runic magic for it uses the same runes. Each 2 focus skill points is a +1 round to non-instant runic spell effect, +10/- damage reduction plus a +1d6 hp to create a runic effect.

  Kinetic Antemetal:

This is the ability to get effects from metal and stone, as a form of magic in the area, by speaking to the metal itself. The ability is activated by thinking of the metal, in the area and to imagine the event whatever way you want. Then, to will the event to occur by speaking or willing a power word or phrase that represents the effect. The metal will cause the effect, by you, an adding your energy through activity, as though speaking to the metal and making vibration, to the metal itself. Thus, the metal will vibrate and make it an effect. Through the speaking, by vibration, to the area energy and possibly causing the result.

The noun formed keywords are: "yl" for wild magic, "pyr" for fire, "lece" for water, "air" for air and zone, "humu" for earth, "as intus" for life and heal, "neta" for nether, evil, void or negative, "bodio" for body", "ypa" for clean-up, "uma" for summons, "myu" for magic, "t" for time (speed, slow or stop), "avem" for dream and "fatalis" for instant death.

Where in thought, influence is to create an event by the causing it. As you think of a moment or create some idea to use, your idea is thought or idea use in concept by what you see. What you see is there if you think this is.

You use these words through willing them, for the effect you desire, as in "influence control pyr" for creation of a fire that controls people or fire destroy to cause the fire to destroy a target. The words "yl protect" for a wild magic protection.. Gain a willed effect by casting it with a free action. Each 2 focus skill points to make an ability has the effect of +1 round to all non-instant effect duration, +10/- damage reduction. Speed, slow and stop time effects here and +1d6 + cha mod for all kinetic antemetal effects. The attack effects of this is a 2d10 damage per every 2 focus skill points, negatable through resistance to the effect and this isn't counted as magic it's metal effects, or a reflex save.

  Kinetic choke:

Choke a person to death using metamagic to cause the throat to close up killing them. A concentration check is necessary but a save vs will halts the effect unless the kineticist decides to stop the effect.

  Weapon power:

  Elemental magic power focused by kinetics to the sword. This effect goes like this: Focus the motion of the body and weapon in hand to make itself energized with the element of choice. There can only be one element or a combined element. Just feel your body and weapon motion being channeled into an elemental effect of your choice on your weapon. Causes +1d8+cha mod elemental damage added to choice weapon when in effect. Call this ability into effect by "make eleqyu" only for weapon power attack. The worker can end it by a "destroy eleqyu" for end weapon power attack or be disrupted in some manner. Each 2 focus skill points is used as +3 to the the 1d8+cha mod as 1d8+4+3 for 1 skill point with 4 cha mod and 1d8+4+3 for 2 skill points with 4 cha mod, +2 rounds to duration like 4 rounds greek fire with 2 skill rank. The elements are listed below.

  The elements listed in the runic ability if you are wild, fire, water, air (lightning), earth, life (heal, bless and life) layed against wound for healing, nether (instant death, void, negative, evil) and astral plane for effects. The combined effects are fire and earth for lava or brimstone, fire and water for greek fire with 2 rounds burn damage (unkillable fire), water and air for cold or ice, wild and any other but astral for double damage of 2d8+Focus rank damage, life and any other but nether for element healing like lay weapon against wound to heal, nether and all elements but life for dealing elemental damage to any creature like werewolves, dragons and vampires, astral and all elements but wild for attack at any distance as if you were near the target, nether and life for pain (unconscious) thats 2 round, wild and astral for domination (control) from anywhere as if near for one strike for 2 rounds, air and nether for blindness of 2 rounds, air and fire for body nova that causes the struck victim to explode and doubles damage effecting all enemy for 2d8+Focus rank.

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Other abilities

Elemental ability:

 What it is, is to make use of the elements, that is creating a gate if the element isn't near. This is done by imagining the event and summoning the elemental energies, that allows you to be manipulating them as it's possible, then this is done to cause an element effect in whatever shape or size of area effects you want in a form. The point is a moment, that is where the element once summoned is creating itself from the gate energy. It's in use of an idea shape whatever way you want, this is a point it effects either the area or the person. So I think about the element and then will the event, the element will do what you want to occur your intention with the consciousness of energy, if you want to speak your intent then it's done by speaking of the point with a surge of energy and a power word or phrase that represents the elemental effect. The chaos adds its strength into it as well. You can cause elemental damage or effect healing. The elements here are represented, known by elemental energies.

 The idea is done when you close the gate, think its closed and the brain makes it closed. The idea is a concept that's done in time, where you can imagine the area and that is what appears from the element in use, so if you use the time as though an element then you can create with a point or thinking of the time to create the effect. Then it's created wherever you intend and whenever it's to be there.

 Here are the use of the other elements:
 This is earth that blocks things out if you imagine building a wall of mud or transmits the energy to the area that forms as you want. Fire is where you create with a concept and think the fire forms from heat what you want.
 Lava can create a melting of the body or material in the area. This also causes heat damage, that effects to the body can make the target collapse after 1d6 rounds. Yet after 1d6 rounds, the item is melted. Otherwise the target receives heat damage, that is the effect damage over a few rounds if in melee. This is 1d6+focus ranks in rounds or until decided to not effect the target.
 Life energy is event energy, and that includes the body energy. This is making use of the life, that is what exists to create events or activity from what exists. This includes healing by the feel or restoration done on focus.
 Fire and ice makes the material or body have internal combustion, this turns it into ashes. This elemental combination cannot by saved from, so this means you create the effect of instant death.
 Air is where you think of the point and make effects, an this is with the intention and thinking of an area that is filled with air. This air creates by condensing itself, then making with the energy and your awareness of what is thought to be. This creates the effect of air and psychic nature is with it's vibration, so that if you desire to realize and the air allows you to know what is possible so you can be guided by what you need represented by visions. These visions can stop when you need them to stop, this is done by the creator ending the point or vision using the dimensional "I" consciousness of energy.
 Water is possible to manifest by thinking at it what you want, that is sometimes use of a water gem like aquamarine or blue moonstone that you hold and focus energy through to create the water. This can freeze into ice with cold air, if you think to focus water into a shaped form you can create water effects. See you can create with a thought being projected to make an icy effect or freeze an idea that you don't like out and it dissolves back into energy, this works as you think of the ice being formed. Sometimes this is working with the element or otherwise is holding a diamond, thinking to channel the cold energy into becoming ice in effect. If you freeze something and this is done by freeze out, you can create purified energy from the frozen thing that is existing and all that horrible result that energy which makes the frozen thing or idea not exist. You see one thing, even if energy, replaces or adds to something else. This is a known effect. That means you are free from an effect, that you freeze so it doesn't exist.
 Acid is the formation of dissolving liquid, that acts on a surface or target. The applied acid can also dissolve substances and surfaces. Acid once used, this will dissolve things applied to or this will cause acidic damage to the target. The acid damage lasts as a per round melee effect or as long as the acid is applied, that means 1d6+wis mod rounds of effect. You don't even have to focus on it.
 The dream element is making things by putting some part of you asleep, then you see what the subconscious allows you to see as though a vision or glimpse, that's as a point is done if you intend it to be noticed in a vision and you can even put a person asleep to mentally chat with them and wake them up after your done.. You control the vision by thinking you do, that is done with the point and intent or thinking of what you need. This vision ends when you realize what's wrong, think you wake up or hear a loud noise. Then your awake, you are aware of what is there as though you were refreshed and awake.
 Disease as an element is any illness or bad body condition, that happens upon the body.
 Poison is the very dirty water, that dehydrates the body and causes it to get worse in condition or plant that causes bad health.
 Void is where you focus on the point, then create with nothing. That is what makes what you want if you have what is being copied. Otherwise this is MPO, that is where the object or element is created if it exists. This is a concept that makes what you want, however if you use void as a raw force, you can create a sucking of the energy and life that is there in the target. This is where you create a knockout and death by the effect, if exposed long enough to void.
 The counter to the elemental energies being used is making use of the creator, that caused it and can cause the element to unexist and that's as though it disappeared so it no longer effects what it can do or did.

 The noun form keywords are: "yl" for wild energy, "pyr" for fire energy, "lece" for water energy, "air" for air and zone energy, "humu" for earth energy, "pyrhumu" for lava, "cyro" for ice, "pyrcyro" for fire and ice or internal combustion, "aetus" for life and healing energies, "ach" for acid or dissolvation, "zez" for disease, "pasa" for poison, "neta" for nether, evil, void or negative energies, "bodio" for body energy, "uma" for summoning energy, "juu" for magic energy, "t" for time (speed, slow or stop), and "avem" for dream energy.

 The action verb words are cause, control, alter, destroy, protect and percieve. Et al..

 You use these words through your will and with the effect you desire, as though used as "cause control pyr" for creation of a fire that controls people or "cause pasa air" for making a poison wind. The words "yl protect" for a wild magic protection. Then you get an effect, this is done by casting it with a free action.

Each 2 focus skill ranks has the effect of +10/- damage reduction. Speed, slow and stop time effects here.

  +1d10 + wis mod for all elemental effect amounts with levels 1-9.
  Level 10 is where it goes to 1d20 + wis mod.
  1d30 + wis mod for level 20
  2d20 + wis mod for level 30+.

  Duration of non instant effects are 1d6 + wis mod in rounds for melee or unlimited time for outside of battle. A concentration check is made for each round that is more than 1. That's until it's ended by thinking it is ended. So with time effects, please do not apply the all skills bonus.

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  Shift ability:

The summoning ability contains three skills that are instant yet skill rank limited, and the fourth ability is not rank limited and yet only demons can do it. The skills are with core stat: Create item (int), Summon (int), Shapechange (cha) and Possession (cha). Each skill point is applied for all skills so, thats 4 create item=4 summon skill=4 shapeshift skill=4 Possession skill.

  Create item: It creates the item of choice alotted by skill rank. The item appears where the crafter wants selected from the list. This is limited by 10 max skill rank. 1st skill rank any one good, equipment piece or simple weapon. 2nd skill rank any one sword, scimitar, rapier, axe, light weapon and flail except great, heavy or double weapon. 3rd skill rank any one great sword, great axe, heavy flail, halbred and warhammer. 4th skill rank any one exotic weapon. 5th skill rank any one magic item at a +1. 6th skill rank any one magical item at a +2. 7th skill rank any one +3 magical item. 8th skill rank any one +4 magical item. 9th skill rank any one +5 magical item. 10th skill rank any one +5 intelligent item.

  Summon: The summon ability is limited by skill rank. The skill ranks are limited to 10 ranks. 1st rank gains any small animal or small seaform summoning ability. 2nd rank gains enables any large creature summoning ability. 3rd rank gains all other humanoid races summoning ability. 4th rank gains plant life and rock form summoning ability. 5th rank gains any inanimate object summoning ability. 6th rank gains small, medium or large elemental (any element in runic ability elements) summoning ability. 7th rank gains any huge shape (dragon, griffin, hydra, giant, giant aquatic etc...) summoning ability. 8th rank gains any tiny form summoning ability. 9th rank gains enables any Huge elemental shape (all elements) summoning ability. 10th rank gains any Elder creature form (elder eye tyrant, elder elemental, elder aquatic form etc..) summoning ability.

  Shapechange: The shapechange ability is like the polymorph spell except use a skill rank to determine the form shift. The skill ranks are limited to 10 ranks. 1st rank enables any small animal, small seaform and body part shift (cat, starfish, a hand into a sword blade etc..). 2nd rank enables any large creature shape (troll and etc). 3rd rank enables all other humanoid races shift. 4th rank enables plant life and rock form except not a creature. 5th rank enables any inanimate object shift. 6th rank enables small, medium or large elemental (any element in runic ability elements). 7th rank enables any huge shape (dragon, griffin, hydra, giant, giant aquatic etc...). 8th rank enables any tiny form shift. 9th rank enables any Huge elemental shape (all elements). 10th rank enables any Elder creature form (elder eye tyrant, elder elemental, elder aquatic form etc..).

  Possession: To possess somone the person takes over the body by shifting a part of themselves, as in their spirit, into the victim and its like you have a puppet where you are your the puppetmaster. It controls the person fully and not the controller that gains the skill of the puppet or if they lose the will battle to control themselves they gain the puppeteer ability. This uses cha as the core stat and the possession duration is measured in rounds. For each 2 skill ranks its 1 round + Focus rank. Means a 5 focus skill rank will last 3+4 Focus rank or 7 rounds possession.

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  Celestial ability:

  Celestial ability is the ability in using the stars as a source and using that source through a focusing key. This can be a key that is used in a lock, or a figurative key that is a word. This is done by drawing a sigil or naming a sigil to invoke the stars power in the air. Then, you may optionally state the constellation name. The main thing, stating 'I summon [name the summons here]', is needed. This is forming gates where the thing you want to summon is and summoning at will. Then, your getting the summons to where you are, or near where your target is. This is to make thought of where you want it to appear. This innate ability uses Charisma.

  At level 1, you can summon any elemental effect. At this level of summoning, you can get 1d6 per focus skill point allocated + Focus rank, for the total effect. For shielding its
+10/- per Each 2 focus skill points.
  At level 5, you can summon any creature to aid you and attack the target/s. At this level of summoning, you can get 1d10 per skill point allocated + Focus rank, for the total effect.
  At level 10, you can summon any elemental to aid or attack target/s. At this level of summoning, you can get 1d12 per focus skill point allocated + Focus rank, for the total effect.
  At level 15, you can summon any greater elemental, to direct with your will. At this level of summoning, you can get 2d8 per skill point allocated + Focus rank, for the total effect.
  At level 20, so you see or create you can summon any Deity effect by stating the Deity name and the effect to get a result. Here is the Deity Domain list. See or not if your aware of what the Deity name is then think to evoke what the Deity rules or creates by idea. At this level of summoning, think the deity to use as you describe then you can get 1d20 per focus skill point allocated + Focus rank, for the total effect.

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Mystic ability:

The Mystic ability contains skills that are instant or round based. Skills in the ability are; Mysicism (Wis), Spirit walk, Etherial form and Spirit possession.

  Mysticism: Being a mystic be the epitome of using spells, rituals and words to cause an effect by life energy for the effect to happen. The ritual be most important as it allows you to focus the energies in however small the ritual or effect. Studying the pattern to recognize the effect be also a part of this as it enables the Shaman to effect a counter with no trouble or ward away disaster. A general rule be to know the effect be to recreate the idea or product and to recognize danger signs give you ability to make proper saves aka a +2 to will saves and reflex rolls. Now to the ritual or word phrases using art as the verbs and form as the nouns with raw magic as the material and these words are:

Form noun words: "juu" be magic, "corpo" be body as in living body or dead body, "ego" be mind as in mental or perception, "solido" be material as in any materials, "grubb" be plant, "el" be metamagic as raw power, "kuh" be illusion, "ert" be earth, "lava" be lava, "pyr" be fire, "lece" be water, "purn" be ice, "sild" be shield and "air" be air and barrier

Art action words: make, alter, destroy, control and perceive. Using these words are to get these results: Each 2 focus skill points gives a success to be achieved with a +1d6+wis mod effect as in healing/damages, +1 rounds to non-instant effects, shields are +5/- per any weapon, and the effects possible are for "juu solido make" for magic missile, "ego perceive" for adapt perception, "el control" as in raw force bend aside and "ego make" for create image. With others possible for different combinations.

  Spirit walk: To walk the planes in spirit form and hope to get back without death as it takes the spirit to power the body and the body weakens quickly after 12 hours and yet its a gift of the spirits to be able to granted by prayer or service to the spirits. On gaining this ability focus a gray wall to hide yourself and then send your spirit as "ether", sending it out to travel for you into the spirit world or where you think about, you can go anywhere and anytime to "visit" in another body unseen including the "animation" of a dead to very dead body and it will appear as you want. Your presence be naturally against being seen with exception to detection spells or spirit traps to catch the possessor. Your will forget natural functions after 24 hours of walking and yet you can cheat this by using soul batteries that act like blue magic containment to convert raw magic of any sort including spells sent for or against yourself and this can be represented by crystals or soul and energy traps.

If your spirit guide be near then you can travel together without harm. To get the spirit back to you "yank" it to you mentally after thinking on it and it will come. The amount of stamina governs your spirit walk and if you lose stamina to the negative and then you will weaken and gain nonlethal damage. After 12 hours your body will recieve 1 point nonlethal damage every 30 minutes regardless of stamina without a soul battery with spirit walking. You cannot go past 12 hours in the past or 12 hours to the future without making a concentration check.

  Etherial form: This be like the etherial form special ability, except a Shaman is gaining etherial form by prayer, a deed to spirit or by spirit walking that makes it more possible every time its done throughout the weakening of the dimensionsal walls near you. This uses Will to shift you to a ghost form of any shape that becomes as though real life and may become invulnerable at will to any attack except corruption itself by demon or spell. Which, can turn you unless you make a will check. This negates the spirit walking limitation and allows unlimited travel.

  You travel as yourself with your body in energy form wherever you go. This form cannot actually be seen, but it can be felt. With Will and intent, you can make it seen physically. This is until you lose your focus on wanting it seen.

  If turned you could be controlled or sent away as in turned back into your form. Its done freely without any stamina used up and with a free action that takes up a entire round. This isn't a natural form because you need a push by making a self-sacrifice and say or think "ghost form" or "etherial form" and thereafter can take the natural form of what you were with possibility of other shapes. This is only with a concentration check.

  If the etherial form be achieved then your body may dissapear into energy with you recombined with it as its now energy but only if you did Spirit walking 10 times. Otherwise you can't be detected if you keep a gray wall around you and focus by folding energy around your shape to feel it form and there you are in the form of choice. By focus on your body and mentally stepping into it will bring yourself back at the moment of death. You then will reappear at the place you are at to live again in the body of your option.

  Spirit possession: To possess somone over a divisional point of spilt wine is a mistake, by spirit this is like beating another that be unlike themselves with possession. This is where you can ask "are you possessed?", so I think by the person taking over the body with the person. This is usually by shifting a part of their spirit into the person, they are a victim and its like you have a puppet where your the puppetmaster without the skills or kills of the puppet thats hostile. It is the demon of themselves that controls the person then nearly drives them insane, until forgiven or love or something that drives the demon away.

  They are fully there and the controller gains the skill of the puppets body with the stats of the body "sharing" its attributes to the puppetmaster. With the shared attributes, the puppetmaster gains what this is to the body be in shape and skills. Whatever shape and in this way they are shapeshifters. This uses cha as the core stat and the possession duration be measured in rounds of 10 seconds. For each 2 skill ranks its 1 round + Focus rank. Means a 5 skill rank will last 3+4 cha mod or 7 rounds possession till resisted by will check, that's roll a die under the DC of 20 added to the players skill rank or intelligence mod. This is the point you make with the ideal attribute nothing more than that.

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Eldritch ability:

  This ability is using charisma as the base stat. There is one innate skill in eldritch ability: Eldritch magic (Cha). As always, if you need to get success, then use a focus skill check with 10 or above as result. Otherwise you may use the Diceless system.

  Eldritch magic; Eldritch is condensed mana magic to cause effects and it transcends time and space. This uses the death of something to get an effect with added personal mana energy and other energy. To kill something doesn't mean you always kill it, you just stop some function. By using this, you can master the negative.

  The way we gather it, is think of a container being in an object and this makes the energy gathered by a thought 'anme' at the object. This makes it gather the necessary energy. When used by thinking about it, the effect is possible to create a detriment or death in the object. You create effects with thinking about the container of energy, and stating or making by willing your intent for the effect.

  If you decide to end the eldritch energy that effects by objects. Then, decide to stop it, and it stops itself. So if you wanted to get an effect for levels 2 to 7, then its 1d6+cha mod per each 2 focus ranks. For levels 8-13, its 1d8+cha mod per each 2 focus ranks. For levels 14-20, its 1d10+cha mod per each 2 focus ranks. For levels 21-27, its 1d12+cha mod per each 2 focus ranks.

  For levels 28 and above, its 1d12+cha mod per each focus rank. Now duration is 1d6+focus ranks for levels 2-7, 1d8+focus ranks for levels 8-13, 1d10+focus ranks for levels 14-20 and 1d12+focus ranks for levels 21 and above. That is done in seconds or rounds in melee, minutes outside of battle or unlimited for non timed events unless the person wanted to end the moment..

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Were ability:

  Were effect is done in two different forms: Were ability (cha) and Alter form (Wis). As always, if you want success, then you can do a focus check with a 10 and above result (if rolling) or 15 and above (if diceless where you add 10 to the skill rank), otherwise drawing straws and getting the longest or shortest will work by feel. Otherwise you may use the Diceless system.

  Were ability; this is where you use metaphysics and create by thinking or feeling what you need to happen and the subconscious creates what you need or state. So the metaphysics uses: the affinity of something, is an attraction and unattraction of objects or humans in and of a relation. Thaumaturgy or like actions that can control or manipulate like actions through linking actions, exerted force over an object, or visualization from a person. 'As above, so below. Make something happen on a small scale, and you give this the energy to happen your need on a large scale.'

  Mind over matter is yet another way this works, so how much focus in thought, as a grey ritual is just as good as a real one and how in use you are much in idea as that you put into the moment, think to occur the moment and if you feel, make thinking happen to occur. The amount of thought equals amount of energy. An approach is you can change as you think or that you are on a project with creation and the focus is on that project. The more energy you have, the more chance of manifesting or finishing things. If distracted, the project sometimes never gets done, because of sidetracking. The more will one has to occur the project to completion, the more power one puts into it. Eventually, the project is finished.

  Alter form; This is where you think of the form to become and breathe in and out, that is with thinking to become the form you see or intend. Allowing the idea and DNA energy from the spirit of the animal or being, this is done to help manifest or create the altered shape with an induced strength of +1d6 str stat raise that lasts until the effect wears off. This first effects the spirit, then you can choose to shape the body. This is done to create the were shape. Popular shapes that are achieved: other human or humanlike, wolf, fox, rabbit, goat and other shapes including cat. This effects for 1d6+focus skill in rounds or until fighting is over. Otherwise 1d6+Focus rank in minutes or until you don't desire the were altering. Sometimes where this effects the body, there is a were moment of random irritation and sensitivity that can cause anger and hate moments. This is decided by the GM or yourself (where allowed) by a d100, in results that means 51 or above is a were moment of some hatred and with a release of anger. This were shape stops being with irritation and your were moment is done. That is done in 1d6 seconds in melee or minutes outside battle by feel and idea.

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Angellic ability:

  Angellic ability; This ability is using charisma as the base stat. There is four innate skills in Angellic ability: Angellic magic (Cha), Messaging (Wis), God magic (cha) and shifting (cha). As always, if you need to get success, then use a focus skill check with 10 or above as result. Otherwise you may use the Diceless system.

  Angellic magic; This is ability where you write or think things, then state the idea and the area energy consciousness is what creates the results for what you think of what you need by feel. Also if you imagine the event or action, then you create with the energy using your energy as guidance, thus imagination becomes real results or manifestation. If you need things, then they come to you by what you feel is necessary.

  The effects of angellic ability uses the creator, the one whom created us, this is done to create peace and harmony in the area by feel, also if you focus on a target you can create a generated result of what you imagine is formed. This has the effect of 1d6+cha mod for levels 1-6, if you are levels 7-12 then its 1d8+cha mod, so for levels 13-19 it's 1d10+cha mod and levels 20-26 it's 1d12+cha mod. This is per each 2 focus ranks. The duration is 1d6+focus ranks for levels 1-6, 1d8+focus ranks for levels 7-12. 1d10+focus ranks for level 13-19, and 1d12+focus ranks for levels 20 and above. This is in seconds or rounds in melee and minutes outside of battle unless instant or unlimited in time.

  Messaging; The ability of an angel is really where you are a messenger of telepathy, so if you think of the message to send, then think the person you want to have the message gets the message. The person will get a message by feel. So this is the messaging ability, really caused by what you think and need, that the soul causes the spirit to make known. This gets to the person you think about, that ends up with the message you intend to send.

  God magic; This is using God names to create what is needed, this works as you call out or think the God name and ask a request. This is what is used by feel for the people that use this as an ability . where they their ability is powered by their spirit guded by their soul. The effect for this idea of God magic is similar to other forms of magic, except the damage or healing amount is 1d10+Focus rank per each 2 levels as a point for the character. Duration, if non-instant, is 1d6+focus ranks for seconds or rounds in melee and minutes outside of battle unless unlimited in time.

  Shifting; This ability is where you think about the location and you are there if you need to be there. This is a form of teleportation that uses the creator, an though are what is "created" there where you need to be and uncreated where you are at the moment.

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Crystal time ability:

  Gemstone tardus: This ability uses Wis as a core stat. The gems you use if correctly chosen will create time effects, otherwise think of objects that will make what you need. Where you move faster in a car, you experience a time efect. That means you see the point of the events and items move by faster as the car speeds up. Then you slow down the vehicle, and the time of the car movement is slower with the scenery outside it moving by normally. This is basically in movement where you experience 3d gyrations. That is when you perceive yourself being in the front seat and then the back seat and the front seat again. This happens if you move a car.

  The silver in the car frame can become energized by energy in the area as it moves around the car, so you see that means polarization of its element silver is occured by feel. Then you can create with the soul or spirit what energy effect you think and focus by statement with vibrations that you need. This is including healing by feel, so that is done by the spirit-that-goes-through-everything. This is an effect done in the moment and what happens is time energy resurges to create with what is possible. Think of the effect, and the energy conscious of the spirit will create what you want if necessary by some point out. Think about it, money can be a powerful energy source. So the more money or energy you have or think to use as a source, this uses the particles of the object. See that allows effects if the source is enough, I this is where the more you might eat from intensity. Anything can be used as a source. That is done, unless you think to hold off on eating, then you use the energy of the object and not the food you want to eat that causes the intensity to fade away.

  If you can keep that open mind or heart, you can then get that effect of restoring lost limbs and complete regenesis. regenesis is where you think about the change and reform the body by the particles, if you think to a stone to do that idea. THis is a known effect of gemstones, so think of what you want and touch an object, person or gem and that changes time so this could by chance be any gemstone, then you get that created point. This is the effect of idea being used, if you think to create things you make with what is possible or not do it. Orgonite has gemstones, metal and resin with a positive conversion. This energy creates what is done, that is positive and known about so you think and you create better. This is less in form, think about some conclusion to see the end.

  This is the point, think and you know. The point you think about is done in thoughtwaves, sent to the stone, then it creates itself by feel to make the point you need. If you feel the need, then you create with life and you might go to jail for illegalities. The point being, you create with energy of the body, think about idea and say what you need to create with the subconscious. If you ask the subconscious by stating a question, then your subconscious gives an answer. This is in the form of creative use and whatever you think is right is correct. So I think this is a point in idea, you create with a thought and make by the energy conscious of the area.

  Although, if you consider carbon ash, you can use that as energy is a source from it in stored formation. Then is the point you know, if you realize the point by the spirit knowing it 5 minutes in advance. Then you can understand what is necessary. This means all is possible by the spirit. The spirit-that-goes-through-everything can create anything if you think about the idea. This means where you think about the point of returning, you go to some point you return to by feel. Think and you know the point and you realize what you can do. If you don't, then you can figure things within an ideal energy concept. Think to not do it, at the drug user, not including legal drugs if you need them to stop doing drugs or cigarettes. This is a point in idea, done by what is thought and created is a concept by what is possible.

  If you possibly are aware of things, you are spiritually aware and sometimes alert, this is from what you think is there. This is usually in the "en" or "at the end" stages that creates with a space, this space is in the soul so think to do things in the space and then something else is possible or think to do nothing by the point you have or desire. This is done as a point you can work with, so I think it's a point as it came from a public announcement. Think and know, then is the point you know or realize. This is a concept in the wrought time by the spirit or soul. The spirit knows things that happen and the soul allows insight by what is known from the spirit. So I would think about things if necessary, this is a concept known as space and time manipulation. What you think about is there, what you know is what you consider to exist. Think about what you want and you stop this point. This is a point you realize with the spirit and know by the soul.

  This is where a known effect occurs or happens as if perception were set by the subconscious, that is knowable with a soul or spirit energy vibration in the area. This energy is what alerts you of things it does by feel. That is done in energy form where you think it's there and your body draws in energy to create what is necessary. Think it gone and share some of your energy with it and it disappears. This is using a known effect called the time of moments. That is a point you think of the time, so then is with the moment where then is when it is there and set by subconscious and sometimes by suggestion. This energy allows for what you want, so make use of it with or for what you want.

  The idea is a point you consider, if when you think to create with energy. Then you make the effect or ideal intent, this is done by what you want to heal or create unless not necessary. When you think about the idea and state the point, you create the idea using the subconscious, but if you want something shut off then think it's off. If you want something turned on, then think of the idea as a point it's then "on" and you can either make use of it or not do it. If not, the effect isn't happening, elsewise you can open a conduit or space tunnel in time to shift by walking what you need shifted. This is using the dimensional energy, thinking to shift or work seeing what you want. So think if you know about a song or music, you create with the point or directed by feel thought. This is not done, if not necessary by feel.

  That includes coldness in the area, sensing auras this is from the idea the spirit moves through time and then uses some heat up. This is a point where the spirit creates things using objects as energy. That could also be yourself that shifts in time to somewhere else, this occurs with the body becoming non-solid energy from a body energy surge, you know things by what exists then with thought to the gemstone you shift through time if you want to shift and otherwise that body energy moves with ease and becomes solidly formed where it goes and thinks of by feel to exist. Make a request of it and you can create nearly anything that you intend. Offer in the excess body energy thinking to create with idea that's spoken and you do not have a machine malfunction or lesser heat. That's unless you target someones machine, though you can set up defenses for that tactic as your stating the right suggestion. You know your machine is targeted, when the system starts giving errors. The errors you think to get normally don't count. So think about it you know what is there, then you can know what is what.

  That is why it's an indication of the lifeform you can detect either by smell or body odor, otherwise the machine in the area that sorta overheats. If you know the name by feel of the spirit, you can command it to leave and you don't have to leave the area to calm it's riled self down. This is an energy effect, that it manifests, by the way. So think to know things and you do things unless unneccessary. However you can see the spirit by use of the third eye, think you know the spirit by what it says, then you can create with a point and the spirit will do what that is by your point in a point of leve or take. That is a point you know, think to do things if you want and know good results. If you don't want bad results, then you don't do it. This is a point known in time. This is a point you can do. Their is cell storage of information, if you think you know what the body stored as information you need to know then you realizarion in idea by insight.

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Shadow practitioner ability:

  This class has 4 abilities: Shadow elementalism, Summon shadows, Shadow form and Shadow angel. They use charisma by the feel or with idea to use them, that is the core stat behind these abilities. A focus or concentration check may be required if to make the ability work, this is with a 10 or above for diced results and 15 or above for no dice.

  They that experience the point of an ability, can make it a listed ability. This means they can add necro healing, if they use the recall by remembering if what they experienced is useful. Then if they recall what the person did or how it felt with a Arcana check, then they can recreate it as a point. They can add Necro heal (Int) or whatever ability they recall as an added ability with the skill ranks of 1, if not a perfect roll and if a perfect roll there is a skill rank of 3 with a 20 rolled. This looks like a Necro heal 3 Ranks.

  Shadow elementalism; This can form any element out of the shadows energy or darkness if any darkness is nearby, that effects the target if you think it will and the effect is per each 2 ranks of focus or concentration skill, whatever is higher. This is 1d10+charisma mod. The duration is 1d6 rounds in melee or unlimited outside combat, if any duration will happen from the effect. Until light or fire is exposed on the caster or the area. This shadow element is what can strike even from the shadows of the target.

  Summon shadows; This allows you to summon any shadow shape by what you think, The shadow shape can only be effected by light, fire, and magical weapons. Yet the shadows do what you want and can create what you need. Think about the idea and you create with the shadows, if you intend to create a result. The damage and healing that is done by the shadow shape is per each 2 ranks of focus, this is 2d6+charisma mod in amount. Duration is instant. The health of the shadow shape is 100% hp. This is a point you can work with if you think you know the character and want to do things according to the alignment. If you don't, then you will raise or lower your alignment.

  Shadow form; The shadow is what is there and you are then the shadow, and if not felt this can be undetected except by you. You revert to normal after you are exposed to light. When you are the shadow, you create with energy and what you create is then up to you. This is what you can use to make any effect to a target, through the shadows. This includes healing or damage of each 2 focus skill ranks, that is 1d10+charisma mod. Duration time is 1d6+charisma mod in rounds or until light has been exposed to by feel. You aren't effected by normal weapons, however elements such as water, fire, earth and air or magical weapons are what can hurt you.

  shadow angel; this is the idea, you summon a shadow using night as the energy source. Then think the creator shapes it into an angellic servant. The Gods or Dithemos can command the shadow angel, so that means the angel of shadows will do what you need. The light in the area, this can dispel it, however it can shift from cast shadow to cast shadow and do what you need. The effect is a point you think about, the stats are your stats, the health however, they are 100%. It can send to the target whatever you send through the shadows or dark element. The damage effect is per each 2 focus or concentration ranks of 1d10+charisma mod. The healing effect is with energy you send, this is per each 3 ranks of focus at 1d10+charisma mod healed. Duration is short term, a 1d6 rounds or until daytime if cast at night.

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Light creator ability:

  This class has 6 abilities: Light elementalism (cha), Turning (cha), Summon being (cha), Light form (cha), Light angel (cha) and Light aura (cha). They use charisma by the feel or with idea to use them, that is the core stat behind these abilities. A focus or concentration check may be required if to make the ability work, this is with a 10 or above for diced results and 15 or above for no dice.

  They that experience the point of an ability, can make it a listed ability. This means they can add Angellic magic (cha), if they use the recall by remembering if what they experienced is useful. Then if they recall what the person did or how it felt with a Arcana check, then they can recreate it as a point. They can add Angellic magic (cha) or whatever ability they recall as an added ability with the skill ranks of 1, if not a perfect roll and if a perfect roll there is a skill rank of 3 with a 20 rolled. This looks like a Angellic magic 3 Ranks.

  Light elementalism; This can form any element out of the area energy or light if any energy is nearby, that effects the target if you think it will and the effect is per each 2 ranks of focus or concentration skill, whatever is higher. This is 1d10+charisma mod. The duration is 1d6 rounds in melee or unlimited outside combat, if any duration will happen from the effect. Until light or fire is exposed on the caster or the area. This shadow element is what can strike even from the shadows of the target. This proves that energy converts into something else equally.

  Turning; Turning is where you change the point of idea that the being, person or thing does. This is where you think to turn something or what have you that you don't like, and the energy is what does the effect of turning away. You could turn a monster or goblin into doing something you intend to be done. This is all done by a focus check or concentration check.

  Summon being; This allows you to summon any being that is shaped by what you think, said being can create with what energy or particles are there. The being shape can only be effected by elementalism, and magical weapons. Yet the being do what you want and can create what you need. Think about the idea and you create with the being, if you intend to create a result. The damage and healing that is done by the being is per each 2 ranks of focus. This is an 2d6+charisma mod in amount for what is desired. Duration is instant unless you desire some timed effect with 1d6 rounds in melee or unlimited time outside of battle and said being is cancelled out by the darkness that is directed it's way. The health of the being shaped by will is 100% hp and they act as you direct them. The light energy is what creates your will by itself. So all you really need to do is think about the point to create and direct the conscious energy. This is done by the energy consciousness making what you want or intend.

  Light form; The light is what is alive there and you are then the being, and if not felt this can be undetected except by you. You revert to normal after you are exposed to directed darkness. When you are the light, you create with energy particles and what you create is then a concept if up to you. That is energy reacts as though you created something from the energy, this means that you focus by thought the energy and your energy waves or vibes program the area consciousness to create by itself. This is what you can use to make any effect to a target, that effects through the sunlight or light. This includes healing or damage of each 2 focus skill ranks, that is 1d10+charisma mod. Duration time is 1d6+charisma mod in rounds or until directed darkness has been exposed to that is done by feel. You aren't effected by normal weapons as your immune to weapons that seem to pass through you, however elements such as water, fire, earth and air or magical weapons are what can hurt you.

  Light angel; this is the idea, you summon a light being using the creator or a god as the energy source. Then think the creator shapes it into an angellic servant. The Gods can command the light angel, so that means the angel of light will do what you need. The light in the area, this can cause regeneration to it, and it dissipates as darkness is directed at it. However, it can shift from any in point and this is used in the light to create any other area effect with light or particles. The effect is a point you think about, the stats are your stats, yet note the health however, they are 100%. It can send to the target whatever you want to effect them through the light gate summoning the idea or themselves. The damage effect is per each 2 focus or concentration ranks of 1d10+charisma mod. The healing effect is using thought with energy you send, this is per each 3 ranks of focus at 1d10+charisma mod healed. Duration is short term, a 1d6 rounds or until dark if cast in the daytime and that is done by feel.

  Light aura; This is a point you think of the concept of light particles as an energy wave, that create the healing and light shift of compatriots and yourself as a form of teleport self or others if you intend to shift. Think of where you want to go, then you will shift yourself and others you think to shift that get near your aura. Healing done by this is 2d10+healing rank in percent of health. This is a point, that you create and make work with what you get. You can shift teleport anywhere you think to exist and imagine.

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Dimensionalist ability:

  This class has 7 abilities: Thinking spell (wis), Reality hacking (wis), Dimensional shift (wis), Pass the idea (wis), Dimensional timing (wis), Dimensional created effects (wis) and Timeshift (wis). The ability of the Dimensionalist is using Wisdom as it's core stat with idea to use them, that is the core stat behind these abilities. A focus or concentration check may be required if to make the ability work, this is with a 10 or above for diced results and 15 or above for no dice.

  They that experience the point of an ability, can make it a listed ability. This means they can add Angellic magic (cha), if they use the recall by remembering if what they experienced is useful. Then if they recall what the person did or how it felt with a Arcana check, then they can recreate it as a point. They can add Angellic magic (cha) or whatever ability they recall as an added ability with the skill ranks of 1, if not a perfect roll and if a perfect roll there is a skill rank of 3 with a 20 rolled. This looks like a dimensionalist magic 3 Ranks.

  Thinking spell; So suggestion in use is where the character can create by dimensional energy, think about the idea and state the effect then they make things easily by use of the subconscious and unconscious mind. The effect is 1d10+wis mod per each 3 ranks of focus at levels 1-10, and per each 2 focus ranks with levels 11-20. for levels 21+ thinking spells create 1d10+wis mod per each rank of focus. There is 1d6+wis mod for amount of rounds in melee or unlimited time until decided to quit outside of battle.

  Reality hacking; This is the point you think, then state what you want and you create what you will into manifestation. This means there is a 50/50 chance to have success. That is rolling a focus check and using your focus ranks to see or feel if the effect worked with a 10 or above roll. Otherwise you can roll a d100 and you create the effect with a 51 or above. This can work as attack, too, that's done by a successful roll with an element you pick as the force that effects. This works as an instant effect, that is 1d10+wis mod per each 2 focus ranks and no savings throw.

  Dimensional shift; the shift is done where the brain consciousness creates new sensations and you are aware of things that exist in a way of thinking. So a raise in vibrations are what you think to do with a positive viewpoint. Think to do good things and you create with the mind, see as you create you raise vibrational states, and then your senses make you aware of the things that are done.

  If you don't become aware of things in a higher vibrational state, see then you need to think positively and you create an uplifting moment. This moment is the shift in perception, so think and you are aware. This works by the spirit that goes through everything, so if you think about the point and then you are no longer down in feelings. You are feeling better by feel. That is the active spirit, this is the point of idea and creation. So think and you know more of what exists by feel. Sometimes feedback occurs and things work out, so with a focus or concentration check, if you get a 10 or above you succeeded.

  Pass the idea; this is where the dimensional being, that is the said person creates a transfer of energy. Think of the person and if you need to have what you want to transfer, then you create with a point or some action what you need shifted or created elsewhere. This is a upbringing action, that creates a positive vibe and you can work with others about by use of awareness. If no awareness is there, then the area or place doesn't exist. If you think of a positive result, you are positive and that creates a positive vibe. A vibe is a vibrational state, that will be what creates with some idea you think and that is done by what you need.

  So that is a good thing, if you think positive thoughts you create positive results, this is a known effect of ions in space. What's not known, this is a point you consider, think and things become clear. If it doesn't then think of something else. Bringing yourself down doesn't help anything. Think about a good thing and you bring positive results with what you will, think or consider. This is a known fact of life. If you do things by thinking positive to bring yourself up in mood, then you can help yourself out in the end. That is the known facts of life, think and you will know. The effect is done by a d100 and getting a 51 or above. The effect happens with a 51 rolled on a d100 or rolled 10 or above focus check.

  Dimensional timing; Think to state the place to shift to by feel, the time you think is the time that passes by there and you know what happens by the power of the third eye where you think to be. Think of the time and area and you return by feel. So, if you think to cause attacks to pass, and state where you shift to to wait out the time. The timing is done and you can return by feel with the spirit returning you to whence you came. This works as you are with a 10 or above result from a rolled focus or concentration check.

  Dimensional created effects; this is where you make results including raise dead, so think of the area and you are there at least in perspective. That is where you know the point, the spirit makes you aware and this spirit goes through everything. So the spirit makes you aware of what happened, if you think you know, then things will be alright. This comes as insight, that is the soul and this means it can be anywhere. So think of what you need and you create the point, the subconscious mind is what creates the point. The programming that it follows, this comes from the soul. The point happens if it's necessary. What you create somewhere, that is creatable here. Think the spirit creates what you want and it's done. That is using life energy, so what is death? The absence of all senses except the spirit sense. This is the energy of the body, that creates with a point and that makes what you need.

  The death energy comes into existence if you think it does, the cell energy is with decay and that is what you direct by a thought point. This if directed from the body, will make the body live longer. The death and decay energy, if you direct it at diseased cells will be what breaks down the disease. That makes what you think of a cured condition, so think and you know that is where the conditioning of the body is what is undone.

  After that, then think positive, wait a minute and you create with a cured body freed of whatever had ailed it. Enjoy the moment and you make with results that you know about. This is a point from what I remember. So think positive and you can create positively so they say. This is a point you know, so think and you create with a deep subject or concept that comes from the subconscious mind. That is a known effect of life and not much else.

  So think about things and you create the idea as you know what you do there, thinking about things leads to actions and that means you make the point by use of the soul and this is what you can observe in real life. So real life is a point in perception, that is a point in the past life. This is what I remember from that time. So remember, what happens in the past is the past moment. This is what happens, so now is a point that creates memories. See this is what can occur, and what you feel is what also allows you to remember things more easily. That is long term compared to short term memory.

  This is what is written, that is the result of feeling things out with insight at the end. The soul is insight, so you can see where this goes. The end point is always better than the beginning, unless you think darkly. So think and you know the point of revelation. The idea is what creates. I think so you know where knowledge can come from and what you can do with things. This is where positive action is done in perception. React accordingly, the soul can see what is there and you realize the idea from the spirit. This is a realized result from what is done, nothing more than that actually exists. If it does, then you would know about it. So whatever occurs, you are where you are and that is all that counts. For up until now, things were easy. After this point, things will get different results by what you do. Think about this, the point is a point so live with it. This works with a 1d12+wis mod per 2 focus ranks for effects. There is 1d6+focus ranks for amount of rounds in melee or unlimited time until decided to quit outside of battle.

  Timeshift; This is where the point in dimension is a moment and you think to see that moment. When you do, your in a different time that you think about being. When you think of your own point, then the time becomes the moment of time, that is whence you came. This is a known effect that's done, if you get a 51 on a d100 or a 10 and above on focus checks.

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Divine ability:

  Divine wizardry; Divine wizardry is fun and uses the soul copy, that you can know by the spirit and this then the soul allows you to realize as though insight if created. This is where you think and you create, if you intend the creation to manifest with the soul for the body or soul copy for other things and targets. Since the spirit knows things by the creator or your God, then if that means the character can use any one of these that are based with a free action and charisma. (Sic) The effect duration is used and allowed for, if you say catch something or some monster on fire or freeze the target until you don't want the effect outside of battle and 1d6+charisma mod in rounds for battle.

  The effect is per each 2 focus or concentration ranks, that allows 1d8+charisma mod energy effect or healing effect. Except the divine ability is with 1d10+charisma mod with effects done. This energy effect can be anything allowable by the GM. The focused and concentrated effect is possible. That is done either as a free action taking a round, unless your using the intensity special ability. That allows multi actions with less time used per each action. This allows you to use up the round as a point with 1d6 actions per round. Otherwise, that effect uses a focus or concentration check. That's where you are getting 10 or above on a 1d20 for successful action and this is with a 15 or above for no dice. This class has 1 actual ability: Divine Wizardry (cha). They use charisma by the feel or with idea to create by a point. That is the core stat behind these abilities.

  They that experience the point of an ability, can make it a listed ability. This means they can add Divine wizardry (cha), if they use the recall by remembering if what they experienced is useful. Then if they recall what the person did or how it felt with a Arcana check, then they can recreate it as a point. They can add Angellic magic (cha) or whatever ability they recall as an added ability with the skill ranks of 1, if not a perfect roll and if a perfect roll there is a skill rank of 3 with a 20 rolled. This looks like a Angellic magic 3 Ranks.

  The jinx; Think you feel bad and project the bad feelings towards a target, this can cause even people to not do things correctly. Otherwise it's the evil eye and could make things not work right if you direct the energy towards a device. In order to deflect the evil eye, state or think, "creator, make things of bad intent not effect me." Of course, there is a 50% chance of success, so think what you like if that works, then your naturally lucky with a luck roll.

  Foul transformation; this is an example from watching Giuliani and is the idea from genshin impact where you create the greater strength and endurance by thinking of your need and getting energy through the skin or swallowing, that means your surviving foul energy, cleansing yourself after the point. this is when you create with a fart and smelling yourself yet you can do what you want, this works as you think to absorb energy to the body and imagining the result. then created is the response that creates what you intend or think will happen. this energy is burned away by the solar energy or sun energy. then you are working with the sun energy, used to create what you think and feel will happen. this works by the feel and thinking about the idea you intend to transform into by the point.

  The overall effects of this is your ability temporarily increases by a +4 to ability rolls, you become faster by +10', you become slenderer by a +3 con, you have numbed pain and you laugh to yourself so you ignore pain as you become stronger or seem to have more endurance with a +5 Str. Basically, you become godlike, this is done all by the thinking to absorb energy into the body. What a foul transformation, indeed. However, if you don't cleanse yourself, you could feel weaker by the stat additions not being there after 1 hour of what I call the effect. This is the energy that does it, so you know that the creator is great indeed. Without god, we would only be a memory. This is a known effect, don't do it if you don't need meltdowns or too much sweating as thought is doing an effect.

  Clean transformation; this is where you think to absorb clean energy and any elemental energy, then you make the point you think about to create the effect by feel. You use the energy to create the point. This effect is temporary by the way and it feels better than foul transform. The creator or god with your intent will make you feel good and you will not be unlike a god or being as you get +50% HP. You will be immune to disease as you are aware of the point and whatever is necessary to know. This works best as you are careful of the idea you were to avoid.

  Scanning; On the topic of scanning and clearing... it just takes practice, visualization, and a whole lot of discernment.

  Because dark energy likes to get in the way of clear visualizing as well as clear energy work. You have to be aware of what is real and what's illusionary/fantasy. Real energy is felt. You see it and feel it. Illusions have no feelings to them, or are jumbled and nonsensical. Focus on what you'd like to scan, and visualize it in front of you, then focus on sensing whatever you'd like to sense. It takes practice to get it clear. Think to clear things, use a golden rainbow sword, or a golden rainbow tool. Use your intuition to feel out what's right when healing and clearing.

  The divine ability: The point and create of the purple power; This is from Lalate as example. The point you think and ask about by statement, this is the point that's done by the soul if intended. Many people do things without intention, so this where you create by feel and make with a concept, that means you describe or state and you make what you need by the point. This you express or calm down and do, so at least things are done by the spirit and soul. That allows manifest and things to work out by feel. If you think about the point, you create by the feel with idea. This is a known fact of life.

  Supreme healing technique; The rainbow bridge. Rainbow energy heals all things, and clears lower energy near instantly. By doing the following technique on all of your body, you will notice great mood improvements and gradual bodily healing.

  Rainbow bridge- State or imagine a rainbow pouring down from the sun, the clouds, or from whatever source you wish, pouring down over your crown, washing over your etheric body, healing and clearing all parts of it. Then the rainbow pours over your physical body... brain, senses, pouring through all of you, cleansing and purifying you. Once it goes through all of you and you feel satisfied with the shift in energy within you, it goes down into the earth, grounding and centering you in your power. If you have specific ailments, focus the rainbow energy on that ailment and visualize it clearing and healing. Anything can be healed. Enjoy what you do!

  The emerald fire is connected to the divine, and is profoundly healing. It can be used to heal broken hearts as well. Visualize the emerald fire engulfing whatever part of you you wish to heal. Some enjoy seeing my whole body engulfed in it.

  The Violet fire transforms energy into it's highest state and clears dense energy. It's connected to the creator or your god. Visualize same as the emerald fire. The violet fire can be used to clear ego, and beliefs.

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  The alignment you choose or if undecided, as ouch or allow is the area its obliged yet nothing more so think its unaligned. Twelve distinct alignments define, seeing what all the possible combinations of the lawful-chaotic by ley use or focus is axis with the good-evil axis. Each alignment description below depicts a typical character of that alignment. Remember that individuals vary from this normal cleanup, allowable and that a given character may act more or less in accord with his or her alignment from day to day. Use these descriptions as guidelines, seeing to the use not as you are scripts. The first six alignments are the useful idea created by wizards of the coast, lawful good through chaotic neutral by feel so they are the standard alignments for player characters. Seen or by idea they choose, as they are decided to use things as unaligned. The three by idea or more evil alignments are there relating by relation for no thought or monsters and villains, this will stop as you create or the last seen and the last three general points are not useful or by focus there for the true backbone of people.

  The ultra alignment is a class to them as a march to fifteen. The ultra reality of the borg, so you see the area you feel to use so thought is use unless abuse. See they allow overpopulation so you don't have to worry to the area you see. The unaligned alignment is for those who are there are no reasonable relities or realities after this to some area uses that you see. The only reasonable ways you to go though them is role play as the area you think is where the subconscious is creating as the alignment is so the area they think, then this is your use as you wat or wish by feel if a good idea is breathable makes seeable the area only reasonable suvivable places or unexistable is focus as this can exist otherwise is mentionable or if in case you can't do anything then think un allowed this is some cool area. That are where you think or your subconscious manipulated body is create or feel, as you wish so if to survive in a place humankind can't then other races are possible. As long as water is nonpoisonable you are safe. The food is what you wishes create yet if you may wish to return, if they aren't alive anyway the realm is the area or divined point yet this is your own decision. So you see not to use or not to conclude is dismiss, yet exists if you think the idea necessary where not is nothing no need is some feel or not to be. So you see or you can use the area energy, basically none of them are effected so afftected is one with or not by idea seen or understand naruto runes better with many uses for them anyway.

  Lawful Good so you see or feel to cause, the undependable area is "Crusader" is the area you use not the area you think to become.: A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. She combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. She tells the truth, keeps her word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion.

  Neutral Good see to the feel not the feel or use is not by what you think, this is the point you see to adjust for "Benefactor": A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them.. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order.

  Chaotic Good with the use is form, that was to meet someone now I don't think to as real "Rebel": A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society. Chaotic good is the best alignment you can be because it combines a good heart with a free spirit.

 Lawful Neutral is point by thought, think to nothing for energy release. The point to focus excess to the ground or the road energy to the core from feel to relent to create or just this. "Judge is feeling by sense to feel" to create or not create.: A lawful neutral character acts as law, tradition, or a personal code directs her. Order and organization are paramount to her. She may believe in personal order and live by a code or standard, or she may believe in order for all and favor a strong, organized government. Lawful neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you are reliable and honorable without being a zealot.

  Neutral is concept non control, control is thinking though to seem "Undecided" or cleaning by feelling failure or success: A neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. She doesn't feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos. Most neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil-after all, she would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, she's not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way.

  Some neutral characters or use by feeling concept, feel the concept or create not "with on or off" the other hand. See to think to commit themselves by feeling non vile nature is restorative yet feeling vile they are likely to go clean up or down to work philosophically to neutrality. They see good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. They advocate the middle way of neutrality as the best, then the use due to malady leads to the most balanced road is use in the long run. Neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion to thought think not to be enslaved. Ciaou.

  Chaotic Neutral by thought care or careful use, think to use the area aanimal user feel or animal spirit as "Free Spirit": A chaotic neutral character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A chaotic neutral character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). A chaotic neutral character may be unpredictable, but his behavior is not totally random. He is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it. Chaotic neutral is the best alignment you can be because it represents true freedom from both society's restrictions and a do-gooder's zeal.

  Lawful Evil decorate by dedoctorate, seen or not is nothing by or not useage is "Dominator": A lawful evil villain methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts. He cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life. He plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion. He is comfortable in a hierarchy and would like to rule, but is willing to serve. He condemns others not according to their actions but according to race, religion, homeland, or social rank. He is loath to break laws or promises. This reluctance comes partly from his nature and partly because he depends on order to protect himself from those who oppose him on moral grounds.

  Some lawful evil villains have particular taboos, such as not killing in cold blood (but having underlings do it) or not letting children come to harm (if it can be helped). They imagine that these compunctions put them above unprincipled villains. Some lawful evil people and creatures commit themselves to evil with a zeal like that of a crusader committed to good. Beyond being willing to hurt others for their own ends, they take pleasure in spreading evil as an end unto itself. They may also see doing evil as part of a duty to an evil deity or master. Lawful evil is sometimes called "diabolical," because devils are the epitome of lawful evil. Lawful evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents methodical, intentional, and frequently successful evil.

  Neutral Evil or creative concern, think the use or "Malefactor" effect is malicio de greater user or malicio the great is useful: A neutral evil villain does whatever she can get away with. She is out for herself, see pure and no by simple thought. She sheds no tears for those she kills, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. She has no love of order and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make her any better or more noble. On the other hand, she doesn't have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has. Some neutral evil villains hold up evil as an ideal, committing evil for its own sake. Most often, such villains are devoted to evil deities or secret societies. Neutral evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents pure evil without honor and without variation.

  Chaotic Evil is there in some feel yet not so bad off is the area they feel, yet not see despotic natives as cool so they aren't the "Destroyer": A chaotic evil character does whatever his greed non feel, hatred by thought, seeing and lust by failure for destruction drive him or release not to do. He is hot-tempered, vicious, arbitrarily violent, and unpredictable. If he is simply out for whatever he can get, he is ruthless and brutal. If he is committed to the spread of evil and chaos, he is even worse. Thankfully, his plans are haphazard, and any groups he joins or forms are poorly organized. Typically, chaotic evil people can be made to work together only by force, and their leader lasts only as long as he can thwart attempts to topple or assassinate him. Chaotic evil is sometimes called "demonic" because demons are the epitome of chaotic evil. Chaotic evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents the destruction not only of beauty and life but also of the order on which beauty and life depend.

  True good is feeling use as you care or if no thought is caring, "The hero" is the person you think time to create better by feel.: A quibbler is a person that created the univeral way by wavelength or thought you think to create better use, this was reported thanks to robert seen as some of use is a general good person doing good intents with evil or good training. Your balancing good intents while doing good and evil or neutral actions. Double deal those who make trouble. Don't believe rumours, or do what isn't in the best intention of most. Use what is useful and may intention a positive understanding. Pay lipservice only if you need to or use by request the law by obeying them, this is thought only in the open and near the law as necessary. With a regressive motion this is so i decide, they can turn on those who were or are evil. Some use psience or science to back them up. They use laws so they get some effect, the quibblers are likely not to care on results except for what the think. Seeing is not only off the thrilling feel of the moment along with the people responsible this use is the response as they achieve what they think is wanted is necessary. They might say things are not always fair yet careful planning is creating, its not fun to play alone and yet the point by area they don't really help with as they focus on their own needs.

  The true good is to not tell of peoples problems and only so they can play with the faults. Aspects are to notify enforcement of law to what is occurring if any and to reflect the law. If they can't do that then they notify people of the laws which apply. Some do argue the point for quite a while till the nonhostile gives up. In their mind there is no wasted events and time is always of interest. The goal is to achieve a position of greatness and allow fame to cause glory and yet to not stop progress. The en thought "For the worthy can usually use or use the end to achieve, by a game that guides the way and most enemies fall by the wayside." Seeing the use is wayside service, seen and yet use is in or by the thought brownie area that are points. Seeing the area point you may think this is some focusing idea, yet my lover was a witch that loved if devestating was me as I didn't please her so she was not. This was a relationship not so bad off "yet thought I was a bum" she was structural use I was focus.

  True Neutral by the shirt feeling not to do, this was the area you saw to create with so you prophecized for us not those that didn't seem to need a "Prophet": A true neutral character or generally a neutral will control of what a person may or may not want to do by attempting to see and prophetize as they desire, on what seems to be a good idea. She/he doesn't feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos, compared to accepting the visions of what may come. Most true neutral characters don't exhibit a lack of conviction or bias, its rather a commitment to neutrality as the two forces are what drive the visions and if there is only one vision then duality dissapears. You however don't have to do anything at all.

  Duality is twine or created result to seem or not be with idea, Seeing this in this case is to a cause or things are thought to appear existant from good and evil or not see effect, by your idea this is wok or working as you think to wok I suggest working as you wish or side by side. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil-after all, she/he would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones that are guided by a vision or dream. Seeing the end result was my desire, so you see the end for yoursel you may want to know think before you act so you avoid think some avoided result to work with things.

  Still stop as you are so you don't do what you don't need to do, she/he is not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or use by some universal way. When they have to they will prove a point, like socially they are almost banned from giving or protraying a vision so they help the besieged and to aid a group for their own free will. In their mind there is no wasted events and time is always of interest and vision will derive from most any sign they get, like a black hand on a pole where there was none meaning endangerment, except they love to study and give examples. This is used of what you use.

  True Neutral is the best for nuttyness, because it means you act naturally and strange, and without prejudice or compulsion even while you dream and its counted as an acted out vision. The goal is to be true to yourself and most will fall into place. What can be said "make good where it can be good and bad where necessary without prejudice except by using to work or create better with good comparison."

  True evil by feeling yet you don't have to do unnecessry idea by what your idea is or you don't have to experience things you don't want to create, true evil then is not evil as you see the area you see to use or create sight to not have to experience is not alwaays some "evil monster": Some aren't always like this but some can fit this evil monster role. This general evil achieve for the love of evil profit or greed and objects and do evil intent with good and evil actions. They won't think to debate between criminals and investigators of doing intention of evil! They're doing evil actions while looking for bad results in an area to disrupt. They play to own with time and choose not to follow rules, except for what rules are made by themselves. These people are the easiest to control because they follow the notions and consider what can be abused. If a vision occurs then they might attempt to change it, by vision manipulation and/or guilt trips. When they have to they will prove a point, as socially they are almost banned except they show redeeming points so they help the people needing help and try to aid a group for their own reasons.

  They attempt to control and connive or live by possessive standards. The monster maker isn't responsible for their own bad actions, they were possessed by an impulse or so they might say. If not that, then its a self excuse. The goal is to achieve with statement of bad as truly skilled for the sake of imfamy and seek to own. If everything is perfect then they will achieve with what they think of right, to think its right. They will do many things and mostly bad appearing good without forcing an issue. The true evil leave it alone or don't do if its an idea thats new, unless paid to. The true evil person is to claim an idea for their own and subjucate the idea maker, without giving up and they make things pretty hard in the end. So the line "Placate or use till the idea is dead" and "Don't beat a dead puppy, for its a useless activity."

  The ultra class is thought to use idea or not seem as you aren't as you think. See the area you feel if you do things this is their folly as they feel they aren't effected by what they do. See as you are aware your alert to the area you feel to create, as they are the feel unless you think you are feeling as they feel what you feel or feel what they want they create or do. This is their feel to the use so they think good if their way iss some feeling better. Some are area aware or activity creating to give an other things to create. They are aware yet there "where are they", so you see the area feel this is auratic influence or not always there if the wrong or not by the aura use. See with actic or activity is radience that radiation thought is collected to some area, this uses an energy convertor that is energy from thought sent to some pool. See as your not there by incorrect feel with some influencer not there.

  Ultra good or "Ultra yet end very creative" are then the use by feel create with the cool area feel, as do is creative or be is not bearing to beating or not being as if beaten as your nice that is seeable feel is sight or thought to see good intent not done as doable is finishing. See to create better or think less destruction, as you are aware by life or feel see or use is seen use by feel. "Cris is a madhouse" as if you see or feel use is a quaint description. So an try to use thought to create thought by feel. Say or feel to use better sense or creator feel to use cool or see cool air flow by the creator. As you see "think no evil to be no evil" an things are right or "sodomy", think better to seem better by feel or real use. These are physical materialistic spiritual types. As you see yes or as you see if things, as things worked I worked over on technology so this worked by your basis on technology so don't put me there. This can lead to seem vindictive.

  Ultra neutral; Ultra yet non crazy; As "pure back" you see what your doing your creative enough "pure neutral" or creating by feel to balance both sides is "pure clean energy". The creator is what you see as use, so your use is energ use by seen idea no way done is done by life by feel. As you see if you can't do it ten don't try. So energy is introspective, see as you are your aware as alert or if feeling or details by some clue are what you see or set aside "neutrality" as use. "This is said as you leave a area" by use really no use unless necessary. There is energy in no anarchy so your use is usable as use in materialism. I noticed as you see use they see use or see, an use reason to do things elsewhere nothing else "I think to in see no evil, eviction or burn notice" as thought no evin. This means or not there and so not any other techniques to fuse, the souls to your own so this is your feel or use by feel or that's it by focus or not see to do things for seen approval "or not" is the term they can use. The ultra neutral is sometimes thought to do so think is activity or indertermined idea. Be is not their use so they use the idea or nothing is done. The area is focusable as the area is concept to create with some point. Indeterministic yet determined with information or use by feel is concept determined in feel.

  Ultra evil "Palaz the paralyzing agent user"; They turn ultra into tragedy as they think be is beating or you are useful. This is the area you see to sense yet is serene. These are statues or things to form by molecules use by feel looking by focus or creative, with focus by failure to seem better or not mind by what happens so you see the real area use as um or use. See or seeming in use is by feel is a bit "this is expensive" to use, as you see or use feel by idea to create what is necessary by idea or not use. So deefective energizing by effect is use an no palaz means to ai or feel use, view or feel. They coordinate or cooperate by some idea so by use is feel. See by use is feeling yet see as you are your ignored till you create "no is cruelty until your creating", thinking to use is focus or in use to the use you feel. This is focus to some area you think to see or feel. Thinking seems use that is wrong or correct by no thought except by feel. "So now you realize things, you can see what you feel is use or not waiting in line as "cheat or not". Stop or go as you want so you went or were left off by feel." This is what they feel to the area use or not.

  See as you seem to do this, yes as you seem use or in no see, so you create as use is use as no havoc thoughts with use by this. So use is drugs as not necessary tragedize carefully if you target carefully thin or no tragedy will occur. These are physical use people. "I think no worse yet, I am great not to feel as you do now that you know or not as no need as I am point out stupidity as a thought is done. This is said from some lunatic." See now in feel better to see better or this is thought reasoning to defense or non retrieval, I heard that as "This is said when you leave hell. But that is why lyers are like you."

  This is life in a machine. See as living can seem done by use. Considered root 315 as a world bided by machines seen from a window by some tense or release consider in use some machine life. See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there yours don't eat.

  Yet you see or not always seem to use, as you don't need to not do so your use is not unuse is free energy or use is feel to free. Not so by supernaturally or use done. So time the creator uses by what is to "seem create", what is useful you can or can't in see or thought is use to see with as focus not create a twisty stick so you want or help with intuition. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. So suggest a good idea for some intent to be good so aaw for you. I am sure you can get good intention, yet beware the freak were creature by what you find here. See or as I will to create to the area as determined is future yet reaction is not always put off. So I changed the permissions to use your sense or feel as there is not always there.

  Unaligned by idea or idea is real thought is focusing, "Just let me go about my business.": If you?re unaligned to our purpose, you don't have to stay or actively seek to harm others or wish them ill. But you also don't go out of your way to put yourself at risk without some hope for reward. You support law and order when doing so benefits you. You value your own freedom yet don't take your battles out of states, without worrying or not worry with the idea by thought much idea about protecting the freedom of others. A few unaligned people, or so you see don't do the real thought because its realistic some places. So you see what is to earn or you don't have to yet not other places and most unaligned deities, some by a point aren't undecided about alignment. Rather neutral ultra evil as they can do yet think they own this as that is all. See the point to them is they can do yet not create unless they own it, so they've chosen not to choose sides just go or create with what is there, "seeing so feel no vindictiveness" then they won't striken or not from thought not vindictiveness so its either because they see the benefits of both good and evil or because they see themselves as above the concerns of morality. The Raven Queen and her devotees fall into the latter camp, believing that moral choices are irrelevant to their mission since death comes to all creatures regardless of alignment.

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Character creation

  If you see to make a character, then handmake it, for 4.0E or 5.0E. The dnd books found, are here for 2E to 4E books. For an example of a handmade character, look here for the text editor made character using 5e. If doing a handmade character, look at the PlayersHandbook; 1 and 2, of 4e or 5e, for creating a stock character, like a giant, so when looking online then look at this step-by-step character page and using this page as a racial bonus and skills listing. The experience level chart is here. This is Equipment for the character.

Normal instructions

  Think to use this for a handmade character, this is done with some text editor or put it on paper using pencil. Make the character for skills listed in the system and as to what the class gets in character description. Now get the character to the level desired. Feel free, to add the character power of "creation", to the character sheet, if your using DnD 4e or 5e rules. Think about things that you want to create and don't forget to add in the Skill additions, if you use the idea. As listed in the Skills and Feats section.

  Now for the character modification, after character creation modify by making the age anything greater than 15 and the weight anything greater than 50 lbs, removing hit dice and putting 100% health and removing spells as this Post modern dnd does spells differently through spell-like abilities, that are innate magic effects.

  The stats are decided by rolling a 6d20 or use of 100 points, this is where each point is a stat point and your assigning the collective points, keep in mind skills and health are important so get a higher int and con. This is set amongst the different stats that are changeable with a stat raise of 1 stat per every 3 levels:

  When you apply this to a handmade character. Calculate the Ability score mods unless you want to use a chart. The ability score mod is calculated by thinking to determine an ability modifier without consulting the table, subtract 10 from the ability score and then divide the total by 2 (round down).

Ability Score Ability Modifier
1 -5
2-3 -4
4-5 -3
6-7 -2
8-9 -1
10-11 +0
12-13 +1
14-15 +2
16-17 +3
18-19 +4
20-21 +5
22-23 +6
24-25 +7
26-27 +8
28-29 +9
30 +10

  Health is in percentage, you start at 100%+Constitution mod. Then each level is to add the Con mod. Monsters start with health percent by rolling their hit die.

  So if to get luck, then use this idea for Ars magic: Luck is supposed to sometimes be a hard stat to increase. But the benefits are bountiful, even if luck starts at 0. If you pray to your god in Ars DnD with a luck of -1 or lower he will punish you. How to raise it then is to find something and pick it up off the ground for luck if valuable, see a use for or whatever you find happens in the luck event. However certain objects that you can find, they will increase your luck bonus. The luck check is used to determine success of an action. Roll 10 or over for success, roll below 10 for fail where something could happen to you. This is known by what the DM/GM says or does.

 Regular Luck Adjustment Event
  +1 Find a lucky piece or coin.
  -2 Break a mirror. (Other glass items have no effect on Luck.)
  -n Breaking n eggs laid by you (at worst -5).
  +1 Sitting on a throne (sometimes).
  0 Throwing a worthless gem at a unicorn.
  -1 to +1 (averages to 0) Throwing unknown valuable gem at cross-aligned unicorn.
  -3 to +3 (averages to 0) Throwing known valuable gem at cross-aligned unicorn.
  +1 Throwing unknown valuable gem at co-aligned unicorn.
  +2 Throwing named valuable gem at co-aligned unicorn.
  +5 Throwing identified valuable gem at co-aligned unicorn.
  -1 Killing a tame monster.
  -1 Killing a peaceful monster (sometimes).
  -2 Killing a peaceful human when you are not chaotic. ("You murderer!")
  -5 Killing a co-aligned unicorn.
  -5 to -2 Cannibalism (eating your own species), unless an orc or a caveman.
  Set to 0 Praying with negative regular luck (sometimes: "golden glow" boon)
.   -3 Praying on wrong altar.
  -5 A sacrifice (not your own race) on Moloch's altars in Gehennom.
  -3 Being converted by trying to convert an altar.
  -1 Otherwise unsuccessful at converting altar.
  +1 Successfully converting an altar.
  -1 Sacrificing at another god's altar.
  -1 Kicking another god's altar ("Thou shalt pay, infidel!")
  -1 Trying to engrave something on another god's altar (also gives "Thou shalt pay, infidel!")
  +2 Sacrificing your own race on your own chaotic altar.
  -2 Sacrificing your own race on Moloch's altar.
  -5 Sacrificing your own race when you aren't chaotic.
  +1 Sacrificing, slightly mollifying your god, negative luck.
  Set to 0 Sacrificing, mollifying your god, negative luck.
  +1 Sacrificing, having a hopeful feeling, negative luck.
  Set to 0 Sacrificing, reconciling, negative luck.
  0 to +5 Sacrificing, god happy.

  The carrying capacity, otherwise known as encumbrance, is Strength x 10. That total tells you what you can carry as equipment or magical gear. This total is adjusted when the idea total for strength is changed by stat additions or subtractions.

  The Will is used for resisting the effects cast at you and also making a difference in reduced effects from magic. This is gotten by (St + In) / 2 and rounded down. Feel free to use the stat and add a mod with the idea to form a stat mod, that is used from rolling a D20 and adding the modifier as you are with 10 or above then you succeed the will or resistance check. How you can use your Will in resisting effects, that is used by the point and this is used to subtract your Will from the amount of damage done by the other.

  The Fortitude check, is formed by (St + Cn) /2 and Rounded down for ability to know when you are sick or poisoned. Used by combining the Fortitude value with a rolled D20 or acted part, this is used in comparison to a DC. Which this is done on a success and nothings wrong when the combined value is greater than the DC roll. The DC is a rolled die 20 that is where or when you think you are acting right. Otherwise, make use the stat mod and add the mod to a rolled D20, any total 10 or above is success.

  The Speed, this is how fast you are in an action and makes the initiative. Calculated by (St + Dx) / 2 rounded down. How to use the speed, is to compare with other characters and whomever is faster, as in greater in speed score, goes first. A random factor that can be added to initiative, is d10 + speed.

  The reflex roll, this is used to dodge things. When its used, you stop the damage and dodge attack. You form it, by the formula of (Speed + In) /2; Round down the remainder. So if you think to make a Dodge roll, compare DC with the combined value of Reflex value and a rolled D20. If the value is higher than the roll, otherwise feel free to use the reflex as though a stat and give it a stat mod. This is where you roll a d20+reflex mod, and if you roll a 10 or better then you made it. Otherwise rolling under 10 is a fail, and you didn't dodge the attack.

  Charm is how well you can convince a person to create friendships and that is created points of convincing others, this is done mainly by speaking or causing the point of feeling do you get an effect by feel. Charm is created by use of a combined charisma and intelligence, then divide by two and round up the remainder. That means the formula of (Int + Cha)/2 and round up the remainder. Then record the score and get the ability mod and use that with charm effects and charm checks.

  STP is your stamina points as your character uses it. This starts at 100 stp, then reduces over time unless replenished by rest, drinking or eating. When you think to create with an action some result, the stamina will come into play, however this is a thought only and if you use t will add to the reality of the character play.

  Now apply your class skills and magic skills. You start with Focus Ability and Soul Batteries. Add the special skills as listed in the character descriptions that suits your class and level, into the skill section. Treat these special skills like dnd skills as in skill point allocation adding in the leftover skill points. Put the skills in their own section for each class you have. Worker skills for a Worker and Civilian skills for the civilian. Then rename the character class as it will not be the same, except for the mage, fighting classes such as barbarian and etc. With the fighting classes not mentioned in this game you keep the same except change hit dice to d12 or d10 as needed to 100% Health.

  Equipment is here to pick from and applied by how much you can carry or encumbrance. This is your strengthx10. Remember to subtract what you carry in weight, as you gain more stuff. A bag of holding can carry an unlimited amount of things with only the weight of the bag showing.

  BAB or base attack bonus is used to hit the target, that is where you compare a d20+BAB with the AC of the target. This is gotten by combining the Strength mod with Dexterity mod and the weapon proficiency modifier. Say you had a +4 Str mod, a +3 Dex mod and a +3 accurate weapon proficiency. This means you have a +10 to hit added to the d20. When you roll a 12 and add it to the 10 BAB, you actually rolled 22 and if the foe had 15 AC, you hit for however much damage.

  AC is how hard you are to hit, this is where you add the armor proficiency mod, the Str mod, the Dex mod up to +3, and the AC Bonus Value. Say you had +1 light armor proficiency, a +3 Dex mod and +4 Str mod addition, and 5 AC Bonus. That means you have a 13 AC.

  If you decided to play an angel or valkyrie, deva or demon you replace the race with associated name. Don't forget to add the bonuses that are applicable as listed in the character race descriptions. Whala! you are now done and need to choose the game module or allow the DM/GM to come up with a scenario in which to play as you go. There must be a willing dm for the game module or it won't happen. For epic 20+ level characters look in the epic level handbook found in dnd resources or here at When you play your character. Somewhere on the character page, try to keep track of the the Health %.

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