SH's dnd adaption version 3.5

  This is an idea that works for any dnd version, that works by adjusting the point system and spell system.

  This works for any class.. think to use this for a better idea of what to expect from the arda and ars-dnd systems. Especially this is useful if you don't want to use those systems, and want a taste of what is offered with them.

  The system is simple, take a character idea and produce the character by hand or computer text editor, replace the hit points and the magic points with percentage. This is done by making the hit points become 100%, they are allowed 100% or more health at start. This is more than 100%, if you use con mod as a bonus added per each level increase.

  So you may see a character that normally has 100% health, that has a +4 constitution mod could start as 104% at level 1 and 140% at level 10. That means 4*10=40 points and 4*1=4 points, that are added or re-evaluated. So if you need magic, then the magic points become 100 MP unless otherwise specified and the spells go into a skill called "make ability" or "focus".

  The language used for the spell is any language you feel is appropriate, also any effect is possible if allowable by the DM/GM. An example spell is with english, "heal" set in play will heal 1d20 or whatever die you think is appropriate in health percent. Otherwise you could use a spell or prayer set in play, that's used by announcing the spell and this is a list spell or prayer. So think to create something, that you consider appropriate. Then it may be usable by the DM/GM.

  That means you can apply this ability, this is well that it is used by creating with the ability listed as though a power that can be used any time, that is by anyone: cleric, priest or other spell users. The spell mp is adjusted by the use of spells and start at 40 mp, that means what you do are 10 mp per each time. That's done outside of melee, and 5 mp for minor and 10 mp for major or uber effects during melee, this can be any spell or prayer. Eating or drinking is used to increase the magic points by 10, healing spells and potions are done to improve health. Resting is used to increase the mp and health by 20 mp and 20% health per hour rested. That's about it for now, except for resources.

  For monsters health and stats, be sure to copy their stats and descriptions from the source. Then paste it into a text editor and save as monsters.txt or something, otherwise you may copy the stats and described abilities onto a piece of paper. See for SHs Alternate DnD the hit dice are actually health percent. So if you think to use their hit dice, that's rolled and used as health percent or 5% for a Garden gnome..

  The resources are as follows:

  The dnd rpg pdf/rtf files are here for general DnD books.
  Need a pdf reader? get it with this link.

Written by skyhawk
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