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DnD 3.5, 4.0 and 5.0 rules and other books

The dnd rpg pdf/rtf files are here.
Need a pdf reader? get it with this link.

Other RPG and Systems

Previous page, that is with the link to SHs Alt DnD, this is here.
The alternative Oblivian challenge system 1.2 is here.
The alternative spell system or dragonmagic otherwise atlantian magic release.

SH's dnd adaption version 3.5, this works with any version.

Other RPG Resources

More 5.0 DnD and other RPG files are here.
4E or 5e Character related and generator is here.
Encounter calculator for characters.
Go here for Etools.

Network dnd files

Here are the files an links that may be needed to play dnd online.


Openrpg-1.80 for windows
Traipse OpenRPG

OpenRPG and Traipse Linux/OSX Install Instructions:

Download/Install Python 2.6.2 or better (
Download/Install wxPython 2.8.10 or better (
Download OpenRPG Base Zip (OpenRPG base)
Or, Download Traipse OpenRPG here
Run to Launch OpenRPG and for Traipse, run Traipse.pyw to start it.

Linux Ubuntu Users can get some addtional help here

Get to the main OpenRPG site here for a better OpenRPG client named Traipse and updates to OpenRPG.


Dnd forum explaining the different network programs

Main etool files

Etools is the main computer character/monster/other generator for DnD 3.5E and below.

click for etools

Get to the E-tools here

Extras for etools

Exotic races_adds half-drow, gray elf, half grayelf, kitsune, half dragon, half fey