Nabbles RTD

  Nabble's RTD is a roll to dodge as a game in which your existence is subject to the whims of chance. That's not very clear, but then again, neither is the game.

  The Rules
  They are very simple.

1) You do stuff.
2) The GM rolls a 6-sided die and tells you what actually happened.

  If something is coming to hit you, even if it's not your turn, you'll get a roll to dodge it. You lose if you die. You win if all the other players have lost (though feel free to cooperate anyway).

  Joining procedure might be different for other people, but for some you simply post in the thread. When enough people post, they will process the first round of actions and we will continue in that order.


  The GM will roll the dice. Other creators might do it differently such as let you roll.

  Rolls are on a normal die with six sides. The higher the roll, the more successful the action was. The more ambitious the activity is, the harder it is to succeed and the more dire the consequences of failure.

  To roll the creatures or monsters actions are to make decisions as to what they do. Then roll the die and subtract the total when attacking, from the total of the players total. That is the effect you get with the creature/monster.

1 - Epic Failure
2 - Failure
3 - Kinda Success
4 - Success
5 - Perfect Success
6 - Overshot

  Example Round
I post details about the opening scene of the game.
Emma posts her first action.
Adam posts his first action.
Lisa posts her first action.
I decide that's enough people and post the rolls.

  The order is now Emma, then Adam, then Lisa, then results from me.


- Taking note of your surroundings does not require a roll.
- Any action impossible without an intermediate action will automatically fail, regardless of the roll. (Example: Trying to walk when you are laying on the floor without standing first.)
- You cannot take the same action twice in a row.
- Only the first thing in a compound action will be used. (Example: "I get the shirt and I put it on" will be resolved as "I get the shirt".)
- If multiple actions are submitted before the turn is resolved, only the first action will be used.
- Yellow is moderate wounds and red is serious wounds as it can be stated as to thy status of the character.
- Bleeding is light, moderate or severe
- If you get severe bleeding you could bleed out in a few rounds, etc.

(Intro taken from Nabble) 
Skyhawk & Nabble