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GM/DM Guide

  This article details the GM/DM workings that may be required for the idea of a roleplaying game to work.
  There is game balance. You apply what rules that you want to apply. This is a point you know to apply the right rules and regulations at the right time so there isn't too much done. That means you don't intentionally overpower the game, so think about this and you know what ones to do. After this, there is the way to maintain that balance, listed below there are game rules that you may put to use.

 First thing, this is the interest level. Don't bring more fights than necessary, you will know how many are good. This is the point of when they lose interest and get bored of the game. Try to make the game fun, use chat and joke around as you deem it necessary. If you want some DnD 5e books to read and that's including the DM guide, look here.

 Second thing, you may play the game by creating the scene up as the characters go along, this is possibly using an IM Client, Roll20 the free online DnD player or Possibly social media that includes Discord. This is used with invitation or if you have an account. The IM or social media client must have a dice roller option. This is an option of pidgin and various clients, however using the pidgin purple pack you still have the option of dicing.

 Openrpg or Traipse openrpg may be used as well, yet is more or less unneeded because there is discord chat without the need for minis and map. All you really need to do is describe the scene and act the DM/GM role. As Traipse tends to be better at handling the game, I would use Traipse. Feel free to use any other online game client as you desire. The game map is necessary for this. Which some are *here* or here*. Also needed, are the Game minis. Just search the web using google for 'openrpg minis' to find some. Thinking to operate Openrpg and Traipse is self-explanatory.

 Third thing, Plan ahead of time and play on in the moment, otherwise you might find yourself unprepared. This is necessary to make things run more smoothly. Think to setup the game encounters and play as you go is a more interesting gameplay.

 Fourth thing, think to avoid the DM/GM trap. That trap is where you think its there, so usually this is without a good explanation to how things got there. If you must put something there for the player, then at least fill in the point with 50% fluff story and 50% reality crunch as they say. So seem real and yet give enough detail for the roll. If there is a failed roll, then have a good description for some type of failure. Such as detriment or some sort of deprivation.

 Fifth thing, to set the Chaos DC or DC in a melee and outside of melee, you can use this formula: The number of actions in a round times five. Outside of melee, just come up with a number that you think suits the moment. Otherwise, use whatever method that is necessary.

  The normal DC is set as you want, unless you want to follow this chart:

Task: Difficulty Class

Easy: 15 or 20
Medium: 25 or 30
Hard: 35 or 40
Very hard: 45 or 50
Impossible: 55 and up

 Sixth thing, try and create or bend rules as needed to suit the moment. Unless you want to follow the rules as listed or have more fun with more rolls. This is smudging in game terms. Its alright to do, if you aren't strict.

 Seventh thing, you as DM/GM can start the players and characters at any level, as long as you think to apply the changed stats and changes that are appropriate according to level. Its alright to do, if you aren't too strict.

 The rest of the things are some rules to follow for game flow.
  Try to set challeges in the game, to get the player to interact more often. Then make suitable rewards on completion, like whatever experience you think is needed, otherwise this is where you get a favorable result or if you survive something. For example, a player must open a magically locked door. On getting it open, they get 500 experience. Or, the player gets to open a trapped chest. On disarming and opening it, they get a suitable magic or normal item.
  Don't be afraid to make up things as you make the scene up. Such as treasure and the scenery. There may be some treasure to make it interesting. Some game rules not apply.
  For monsters and characters health, be sure to copy their stats and descriptions from the source. Then paste it into a text editor and save as monsters.txt or something, otherwise you may copy the stats and described abilities onto a piece of paper. See for SHs Alternate DnD the hit dice are actually health percent.
  So if you think to use their hit dice, that's rolled and used as health percent or 5% for a Garden gnome. Only characters do not use hit dice, they are allowed 100% or more health at start. This is more than 100%, if you use con mod as a bonus and its added per each level. So you may see a character, that has a +4 constitution mod could start as 104%..
  Try and keep the game under 6 hours. When you can't, then try and keep the encounters down and yet worth the fight in experience.
  Have a good villain in the game, this can be made up on the spot or planned out in advance. So seem to think and be creative.
  Think of unique things to add to the game, this is such as fatigue and what other things that you can think of by feel.
  Don't go out of your way to regulate the players and characters, let them do the action and correct after. The game will go quicker this way. Try to remember, you don't have to enforce all the rules. That's unless you just want to play strictly. If you don't, then all you really need to do is announce what occurs. This is in the gameplay, as decided by the GM/DM, so think and you know what to do.

 Always remember, try to have fun!

Table of magical and nonmagical items
These are possible magical treasures: There may be other treasures on the spot. However, a successful perception check will reveal its properties.
Item Description
Mana luck piece   The mana is energy and the luck is natural, this has citrine as part of the luck piece. So this is a natural +3 luck if you keep it.
Book of improvement   This book weighs 1 lb and can create the effect of an added stat point, once you use it (read it) and the language is common. The only limits are what the GM puts on it, so think to point out what you need improved and that stat is improved. This can only be used once, as if used and a stat raised you will find the book again because it disappears after use.
Cloak of invisibility   This cloak weighs 3 lb and can create the effect of invisibility, anytime you wear it. The only limits are what the GM puts on it.
Rod of creation   This rod weighs 1 lb and can create the effect of any one thing, twice per day. By will or wish, the only limits are what the GM puts on it.
Rod of plumes   Weighs 1 lb and its special ability is to create pillar of fire over a select target group. Doing 3d6+14 fire damage. And, three times per day.
Key of Preserving   This item weighs 1/2 lb and can make the effect of causing any one thing to not rust and effect a repair of the object. Three times a day.
Chest of reserving   This chest can cause anything you owned or got lost and need to appear in it. It weighs 20 lb, and can make the effect twice or three times per day.
Chest of damning   Causes the object/s placed in it, to corrode or go bad and be damned to cause the personal character to become half their strength. Weighs 10 lb.
Improved Bag of holding   This item can cause any item to be placed in it, and there's no weight from the object. Unlimited items can be put in it. Weighs 1 lb.
PPC gun   Weighs 2 lb, 4d8 Damage, Piercing type and critical of x4. The Size is small, as it can be projecting a particle beam of violet light at a target. See that is using a concentrated purple gem for you.
Longsword of Freezing   This longsword weighs 2 lb and has a x4 critical. Dealing 2d8 damage, its a slashing attack. Its medium size, and can focus an ice attack on the target, freezing them if they make resistance for 3 rounds or dealing 3d6+10 ice damage and freezing them for 1d6 rounds.
Key of disaster   Weighs 1 lb and its special property is to call void on the target group for 5d8 damage. This key, if focused through will suck the energy, that's energy from the victim/s delivered to your character each time its used. It has unlimited uses each day.
Morphing key   This key is the basic 1 lb and the special property is to morph into the shape of the key needed for the lock.
Amulet of forwarding   Weighs 1/2 lb and it can protect the wearer by passing on the effect to another target of choice. You the character be untouched by any effect and this does not include physical damage.
Amulet of prosperity   Weighs 1/2 lb and it can create wealth that comes to the wearer or appears, in their possession.
Amulet of power   Weighs 1/2 lb and makes your effects more powerful by an added 2d10 to the roll. This negates the effect of insanity and makes it so there's no trauma each time.
Amulet of freedom   Weighs 1/2 lb and causes per use, the effect of a freedom from all effects on yourself.
Amulet of redress   Weighs 1/2 lb and causes per use, the effect of double the assault effect that you took to be on the attacker.
Ruby Ioun stone   Weighs 1/2 lb and if you have it on you, it causes a +10 Resistance and +13 to AC. Making you harder to hit.
Diamond Ioun Stone   Weighs 1/2 lb and if you have it on you, it causes a freedom from being effected of all effects put on you. Also it Raises the Constitution by +5.
Citrine Ioun stone   Causes deflection of attacks back at the sender.
Lode stone   With this glowing stone, you will always find what you seek.
Scroll of chaos   By reading this scroll you gain knowledge of Chaos. Add the Chaos special ability.
Scroll of psionics   This teaches the necessary actions of Psionics, in order to achieve a result with it. You gain the psionics special ability.
Magical map   This shows whatever you want to see, as in locations and area.
Book of improvement   By reading this, you improve a stat of choice along with the intelligence.
Rainbow prism gems   They radiate a rainbow light from a power source within, at will.
Blue lightning rod   Shocks your enemies within a 30 foot radius, at will. It needs to recharge after used for an hour. Deals 6d12 shock damage.
Geode of lava   This Geode can summon lava energy at will. Melting things on the target and dealing 4d10+12 heat damage.
Ice diamond   Summons a blizzard that deals 3d10+6 acid and freezing damage per round. This is at will and needs no recharging.
Charm of snowballs   It is shaped like a snowball and shoots snowballs with ice in the middle, in rapid fire from the air near the target, fast enough to hurt or freeze the enemy. This deals 4d10+7 freezing damage, at will.
Ambience stone   This is Raw Amber that heals your character or another character up fully and gives the regeneration ability to your character. If they already have regeneration, then monstrous regeneration.
Stone of calling   This stone, is used at will and summons things to the area. Whatever you focus your mind on, is summoned from a spacial plane that holds the creatures. It is possible to summon a small event or item. Any creature summoned is naturally fighting for you.
Stone of recall   A wonderous rock that glows. When used at will, causes an event you didn't want and regret to never have happened.
Energy Vortex stone   This stone glows with white light and unless focused on, is ignored. This at will can draw a vortex of Mana on targets. Dealing 1d10 per every 2 character levels of energy damage.
Energy stones   Causes an effect at will and this effect is anything that you can imagine or think about. Only, this has 3d10 per every 3 levels of the caster for effect totals or length of effect.
Luck stones   These stones are gray and have an engraving on them, that causes an effect of luck at will. These stones count as a +4 luck, that allows for the lucky moment and you create a result. See that could help you in the end.
Deer Skull of Abundance   Contains a powerful demon ally that can be summoned after pouring wine through the top of it and drinking from the nose. Demon ally is as strong as the person drinking from it with duplicate stats, that is essentially giving you the strength of two men. If the demon ally gets the last hit the corpse is an edible cookie cake with a frosting message from the demon. All the demon requires is that you drink wine, eat cookies, and drink beer. Can scare sleeping targets shitless through the figurative dream realm.
Amulet of faith   This doubles piety and that's devotional points gained when worn where possible, you lose half of your piety and devotion when removed. Piety or devotion allows more Divine intervention (Asking your god to help turn the tides of a bad situation).
Axe of Woe   This axe is an axe that hits everyone that is an enemy around you and instant kills them assuming it hits. The axe weighs 2 lbs and can be thrown 20'. Every 2 devotional points improve it's chance to hit by +3 to the attack roll.
The energy shot crossbow   Like the ppc you shoot energy 3 energy particles shots at the target, this is a long range weapon that has a crystal affixed to it and shoots at 30' with +5 to attack for 4 devotion. The damage is 3d8+devotion % as damage per each shot. Weighs 2 lbs.
The energy bow   You see that is a bow that shoots divine energy arrows as it has 3 crystals attached to it. 3 at a time and doubles in damage for each 3 devotion. The damage is 2d10+str mod as damage. This bow shoots up to 40' and weighs 1 lb. The accuracy improves by +4 with 3 devotional points.
Shades bow   Shades bow this bow is known about upon touch and noticed is the 3 black crystals. That means it shoots 3 shadow arrows with accuracy up to unlimited range, this will deal 3d8+str mod damage. Double damage and +3 to attack roll as accuracy due to each 3 devotion points.
Bong shield   Good protection, where you get +7 to AC and a medium shield that weighs 1 lb. But, it is loud as a bong on a successful block that makes all the enemies alerted and funnel towards you. Good for tanks.
Ring of creation   This ring weighs .5 lbs and has a ruby with diamonds, it can create anything from nothing and imagination. This includes energy strikes. Touch its Ruby to recharge it as it can be used 3 times per day and you can use it 3 times more if recharged. Its effects damage or healing amount are 3d10+charisma mod in points dealt. This is a ring of wishing as another name. So make a wish and wear the ring to create a result. Results are a rolled 1d20+focus or concentration rank and getting a 10 or above result for successful effects.
Ring of fire resistance   This ring weighs .5 lbs and has a small ruby, it increases fire resistance by 50%, where you wear it you aren't effected by fire. Add 10 to your fire resistance rolls.
Storage ring   This is a storage device that is worn and it can store an unlimited amount of things that is any size as it upon touch of the item teleports the item to a portal pocket space, meaning that the ring's consciousness easily recalls the item from the space by feel that you think of using. That means this is able to recall the item by thinking the ring recreates the item, otherwise you can imagine the item that it shifted from energy back to materialize it nearby or where you need it. So this is also like a bag of holding that has a weight of .5 lbs.
Ring of time creation   This ring uses a large ruby and the energy of the area to create time effects and manifest anything that you intend to exist from where it naturally exists, if it doesn't naturally exist then it creates it from nothingness or energy and that happens upon focus and the ring uses self-thought to make what you need to make a result occur. This can speed up, slow down or normalize time as it is there. The ring of time can create any effect you cast or intend to create at any time you desire to effect, wherever and whatever you want.

  The effect damage/healing amount is 2d10+(each 2 focus or concentration ranks). Non-instant duration is 1d6+charisma mod in rounds of battle or unlimited outside of battle, until you don't need it to effect the idea of manifest. The items you no longer need "poof" and disappear into nothingness, that reforms it back into it's natural area or environment where it existed. This ring can restore any item to it's working state or condition. Once used, it can be recharged by touching its gemstone thinking area energy goes into it and then its able to be used again.
Ring of rejeuvenation   This is a ring that holds a emerald and keeps your Mana at 100 mp and stamina at full STP of 100. You never get tired. At .5 lbs it's worth it's weight in gold.
Ring of unlimited wealth   This is a ring that weighs .5 lbs. It holds an emerald and ruby, that upon use by touching it and thinking of the amount of wealth generates it by feel. The effect of wealth or money materialization is also had by this effect. This ring can also cause unlimited amounts of wealth in effect.
Ring of sustenance   This is a ring that weighs .5 lbs. It holds a raw amber stone, upon use by touching it and thinking of the food or drink generates it by feel from energy that causes it to exist by feel. You never feel hungry or thirsty if you wear the ring.
Lucky clover   This is a 4-leaf clover that gives you 10 luck, if you happen to find one.
Ring of luck   This is a .5 lbs ring with a citrine stone that gives you 6 luck, if you happen to find one.
Normal treasure
Treasure Description
Copper coins 1-2000 CP: Up to GM how much.
Gold coins 1-2000 GP: Up to GM how much.
Platinum coins 1-2000 PP: Up to GM how much.
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