Angels' names

  Angels in particular are in mythology, used in some belief and can save you by collecting you from an area. This is done by the subconscious mind. This is a point the angel served a point for its purpose then to send by feel. Well Angel magic is using the angel's name and a request. The Angel can usually do what you think, so you get the job done if you need it to be like that. This is a point that I would like to say is using the Angels name in a constructive manner. Say your trying to make peace between two parties, think it would work out between them and invoke the Angel. Otherwise you could make getting a job allot easier, usage of the angel of jobs or Cassiel. So if you need a result and you know an angel can do the job, then state under your breath, "Oh [angel name], I need things to work right or [make a request here]."

  So if you were calling the angel of situations, you would say "Oh Haaiah, get me out of this situation." or "Oh Haaiah, make things better for those responsible and battle the darkness or monster in the area." Otherwise you can just say the angels name, and he or she will understand what you want to occur. This is a surefired way to get a good result by using the Angel name for magic. For an angels effect you can do. You can use a mold of clay to cast an angel effect, if you think to work with the results and make things better. This casts an in effect understanding or idea to the person's senses, that often takes the form of a black chaos ball that does as you direct.

  This is mainly a list of angels and animal spirits mixed with divine that you can call upon to reconcile or you may go create better results by messenger, which can be yourself sending a message by a chaos sphere that you imagine by thinking of a black sphere. That emulates voice or influences by the actions you do. So the message is sent if it's "heard" by what is done. I think this creates a point of idea, so think of the angel and you can make use of the idea in response.

  Some can use the people as they send messages by angels or are divine and others can use the animal spirits. Further idea and how to use them are described below.

Angel list and use

Table: Angels, gods & spirits (there are 11 angels I know of for use so far)
  1.  Cassiel: This is the angel of jobs and working right. This angel can cause your body to work right, if correctly approached, you are healed of all wounds and illnesses as well as poisoning.
  2.  Haaiah: You may use his name to set up situations you do like or can get out of by situations that you don't like. I can use this name to get out of situations or make things from situations.
  3.  Hahahel: This is the guardian angel of memory and gifts if he feels he or she needs it. You can get things and realize things by this angel's name in use.
  4.  Ieazel: Ieazel guides your words to get what you wish to have at the right time. This is no matter the point to do, he or she will do what I need by what I do if I feel he or she needs to do it.
  5.  Menadel: You may use this angels name, menadel to get over fear and live with courage.
  6.  Mikael: This is the angel of light and love to see through moments of the real situation. This angel helps you to get over paranoia and confusion and you notice the truth. Dispelled is illusion and effects that keep you from noticing things.
  7.  Omael: You may use this angels name to get peaceful resolve. Often thinking of the transgressor and the effected to become peaceful. This works out most of the time, that causes the fight to not exist or matter to the combatant. Sometimes war is just bound to occur in the wrong situation. So use this angel's name to cause no war to exist, that's that and the way that I would approach this usage thing.
  8.  Sahaaiah: use to work with others with or for love. This is a +6 temporary charisma or charm bonus, if you call upon this angel's name.
  9.  Yehuiah: this is the angel of light and use of the angels name brings clarity, this name Yehuiah is used to clarify life and the turns there in by feel. Insanity will stop, a peaceful end happens and confusion is dispelled by this angels name.
  10.  Metatron: This is the angel of meetings and greetings, so if you need to meet or chat with those you think to meet, then think the name or think about the person and you can greet or meet with them. So state metatron while imagining a golden gate. This golden gate draws attention to the person. That uses a probable message from you or messages that you imagine that are interesting to them, when you attempt to draw the person there they might notice the message transaction unless they are too busy. Then they dismiss the idea, then they are likely to not be there. This is how metatron can tend to work. If not then you are aware and know how to approach the person. Then you can get what you want in idea or at work, this is by what you feel.
  11.  Gabriel: The guardian angel that you think about or think the name to call, then you get guidance by feel or some battle on the forefront to be finished. This is with the senses that you have and work with, so if you find a feather on the ground then you create by the idea with concentration that is done as you think to create with the idea in mind. Now gabriel works with miracles, otherwise the idea you think and focus then that is a want and this is created by feel. If you say to a candle flame what you want, then you create what you need by idea being expressed.

     This is a way to communicate as well, if you think of the person then they may respond by feel. The candle flame is an excellent way to get things done, if you follow up with what you need to do and do what you need to get things done. This is also a way to summon an angel physically, so be careful with what you do, the point is this where you create what you want. This is done by influence and the right suggestion. That is when and where things are possible. So think to call gabriel and your guarded. This is done by feel.