Prophet of the Nameless

Type Sci-Fi - Angst


“I pray to thee lord of the plague or healing. That thou may spare us of thine eternal torment. I have sinned, my lord. I have done much wrong and harm to this world, and yet I ask thee to forgive and spare her of thy wrath. And if thou must then I beg of thee as thy lowly servant that I am, that thou take me and not my sister, for her innocence is my beacon. Preventing me from straying from thou path; She deserves not to suffer more then she already does”

Marec`s eyelids quivered and slowly pulled away revealing two blue eyes. The blue looked not like the sea or the endless ocean but more like tears. His hands lay folded, finger to finger. His chest heaved as he took slow, deep breaths. “I pray to thee” Marec sighed with a taint of sorrow in his deep voice. His eyes started rolling around in their chambers; examining the small room he was in. Shallow walls dyed in a disease-like copper, in each corner stood thick columns preventing the roof from causing unnecessary death, then again death never is.

In front of him shaped a small altar, made of raw brick in the same copper taint, the altar held a small black candle with green markings. Engraven on the altar were a series of small runes, strange carvings that spoke of the nameless god, the lord of the plague.

Marec placed his palms on the ground and lowered his head in silent respect to his deity. His muscles stretched as he raised himself to his feet. He was wearing his usual outfit: fancy black trousers with gentleman boots, a red sleeveless vest and a long black coat reaching his knees. His long thick dreadlocks reached the middle of his back, all tied up with a blood red ribbon.

He gave the altar one last glance and then slowly turned his back towards it and moved towards the exit of the chamber. A small doorway led into a dark corridor with seemingly no end. But Marec saw more, placing his hand on the wall and pushing it aside, making way for a sudden bright light.

The young man was standing in a fancy looking study, behind him a bookcase moved to its former place, sealing off the corridor.

He ran a hand behind his ear, setting a small pluck of hair back at its place. He walked towards a window and stared outside, his eyes incapable of hiding the sadness that he carried with him. He placed a hand on the window and looked outside. The grotesque city of Chaled gave him little comfort. His head lowered and look no more at the streets, his eyes hid behind their lids wanting to hide the gentle tears flowing down his cheeks, dropping to the floor one by one, soaking the carpet with grief.

Chapter One

Lights swirled in fascinating chaos. A heavy beat echoed trough the massive building and hundreds of sweating bodies moved in a hypnotic haze to the music. Jano`s eyes scouted his surroundings, he had entered the “House of Pain” a secret meeting place for all kinds sinister type’s. The chamber was made of bones, skulls and solid brick. The seclusion that the place offered must have been a false image of comfort for the people that came to this godforsaken place. Thankfully he only had to come here once and once only.

A Luscious woman walked up to him and embraced him like a lover “Well hello there handsome, you don’t really belong here don’t you. Want me to show you around”. She was right he didn’t really fit it with the rest of the crowd; he had neat white trousers and a white shirt, a long white coat barely touching the floor and small, round sunglasses hid his eyes from the humanoid mass. Unlike the rest of his clothing; his hair was pitch black, long and tied up in a neat ponytail. Without even giving the woman a glance he bluntly and with flair of boredom he asked “Where is Samuel” “Dax? He’s over at the bar” she said a bit amused “why would…” before finishing her words Jano had placed his palm on her shoulder and pushed her back into the crowd. He continued his path trough the sweating flesh to reach the bar.

People lay their hand on him and touched him everywhere, people bumped into him by accident as much as on purpose. Higher up the wall was a catwalk and a balcony. There stood a curious looking man holding one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life. Behind them stood a black man with his hand folded, Jano guessed that they had to be the owners, or at least very important as they had their own special bodyguard. Jano spotted the square bar, there where 4 tenders behind the bar trying to keep up with the masses of people ordering things. Jano spotted Samuel Dax sitting somewhere at a table edge. The man in white continued his pace towards the man.

“Sam long times no see” Jano emerged from the crowd behind Samuel. He placed his mouth very close to Samuels’s ear. The poor man let his glass slip out of his hand but he instinctively catches it without letting to much liquid drip out “Jano! You mother fucking son of a bitch! Didn’t I tell you not to do that? Goddamn wanker”. Samuel is a tall man, always wearing leather trousers and a tight black shirt. He had short brown spiky hair and a small moustache and beard. His right ear was plated with metal, with two holes that remind plug-ins. Jano chuckled and sat down next to the man “You know why I’m here” “You won’t find him here” Samuel answered, he was clearly annoyed by Jano`s sudden appearance. “I’m sure you know where I can find him” Jano continued calmly “No” “My sources tell me that you got daily contact with him” Sam was starting to lose his temper “And my sources tell me that you should fuck up asshole, I got a daughter to look after, and I don’t want her to wind up dead” “She’ll die anyway, because she is week. And so will you, you know how that goes Sammy” Samuel slammed his fist on the bar table and stood up “Listen to me you fucking asshole, one word about my daughter and I’ll beat that fucking face of yours down to the ground asshole.” Sam`s voice trembled with rage as he spoke the words into the always calm face of Jano. The investigator’s hand moved to his sunglasses and took them off “What the fuck….” Samuel stumbled and stepped back “…are you” Two Silver eyes stared at him, they seemed to penetrate him, looking straight trough him like a glass window “All that matters is that you tell me where he is” “Listen you fucking….thing, I’m not saying a word and I’m getting the fuck out of here, right now” Samuel gave Jano one more glance and disappeared in the crowd “Idiot” Jano stood up and followed Samuel’s sluggish trail of stumbled people.

Samuel gave one of the security guards a nod and pointed towards Jano, who was a beacon among the dark clothed mass. The guard nodded back and cracked his fist, he waved to his buddies and four of them went towards Samuel`s follower. Samuel smiled nervously; he knew he had just signed four death warranties but what else could he do? He looked back once more just to see Jano being surrounded, Samuel ran out of the building into the dark streets.

Jano walked up a small staircase leading to an emergency exit when four men appeared around him “You’re not going anywhere punk” Said one of the brutes with a dirty laugh on his fat face. Jano put on his sunglasses and chuckled to himself “Sam my boy, you just dug four graves” in a fluid cut one of the brutes dropped to the ground and rolled down the staircase, leaving his head and a dripping pile of blood on the floor. Jano was holding a blade behind his arm; it was similar to a katana except it was longer and had strange carvings on the blade. Jano bent his knees and tauntingly looked at the man in front of him “You where saying?” Screams quickly echoed quickly followed by panic. The area was overrun by chaos, fleeing people running away from the fight. Jano swiped the blade over had slashed into the side of a man in front of him, the remaining two drew stunblade`s (knives made out electricity) and slashed at Jano`s neck and arm. The blade sliced deeper and emerged at the other side, in a graceful spin he slashed away the blade aimed at his hand and by ducking while turning around he avoided the other blade giving him an opening. The blade went right trough the man’s stomach and stuck out of the guards back, a slicing sound filled the ears of the bystanders as Jano took the blade out and watched the man hit the floor “one more”. The man started running and dropped his stunblade and drew his gun and aimed it at Jano`s head who was right behind him blade behind his arm. Three shots fired from the holster towards the charging man, one bullet was cleaved aside by the sword, the parry was followed up by a lithe sidestep and roll over the ground and a slice up. Two bullets hit the wall leaving behind deep holes, as a reminder of the terrible power of firearms. The guard swallowed, he felt the blade slice between his legs up to his face. Jano smiled and swung the blade overhead and cut the man’s head off. He looked up at the balcony and bowed to the lord and lady, he then turned his back on them and run outside into the dark alley “Sam you sneaky dog”

There was no trace of the man.

written bij Mailstrom