Personal gods
and Higher selves

   Everyone has a personal god that represents us somewhere. Which is formed as us and appears like whom it represents. Its the supercharged form of ourselves that can do nearly anything. Not to be confused with our higher beings, things that are states in mind change by evolving to the thought. It lives in a separate existence that does what it knows and considers what we do so you see you are alive yet death is decay energy, that you can get from the body to send to the planet core or feel is use. Taller self is intended by this terminology with higher self, so they are or you are aware. So if in fear by what you think, otherwise known as a fear gaze, then you can avoid the personal god by not being near him or her.

  As I think what is up is not you, so I think this is use in prison or free by what you think. So I see the use I think then is used area by the ideal you see. So I see this is what you think, I think this is useful or used ideal by area senses. As I see this says sense I sense you fighting with someone so I sense you were wong so I allow you to work. Don't is not intended by yourself so you could say the animal is effected not yourself. This is where you could be any shape or size so they are as represented by themselves.

   They think them or us we think us or realized ideal or thought so they can get the right ideal by our actions. So I think I will go along with this ideal as you think you create by your own ideal. This means we are our own higher selves or angels among other angellic people. I figured this out by trying to call my angel michael then finding out I had done the things that seemed to fix something. So I think we're on a higher plane that manifests us as our higher self to the point we think that you or we think.

  See this is the last result I got with necromancy. They that are necromancers are possibly able to work with life energy. They that are frozen in space are not able to move to the area feel that is cold, hard radiation that infers energy is harmful so don't try this near those that care or not. See the area realize the point, I think to create is thought so use is theory. So you see the area is something with energy think to see the radiance of energy or the area radiation, as a light is there the area is the feeling that is what you feel or seen is the sight. Anonymous is use acknowledged by ideal.

   So if as your aware then when we try an act of magic, then we are causing the personal god to do it too. The personal god is us with a representation of some sort or our actions so if this succeeds, then we tend to follow suit and succeed in a way. When it fails by the longside, then we tend to fail. Its basically making a wave effect that can guide our actions from our actions. If you wanted it too that wave is actions by activity, then it could interact with this life and personally interfere. So be careful as your aware, sometimes it can read our need and give us a challenge or two to push us along the way. I think to get the need. See the use create no roaches this is the point, you create or consider or not as you think this is to doing things or easily gained results.

   To some think to the area use, this be just another manifestation/symbol of the subconscious. Instead or create is the point you see, always not the ego its a being thats a more powerful you is chthulu is cthilu. You may disrupt things directing its power so think through a device to create with area space not direct it to create the area I don't become the person. It happens that the subconscious be how you work with the higher self and personal god. As the personal god tends to work through your subconscious interactions. As through the subconscious is seen by a point if the god is thought, the thought is sent to the personal god or no goggles necessary.

  See the point is the area the higher self works with the subconscious. As with the need of the subconscious sent to the higher self, unless you believe or not possible unless in life you get to do things in a prosperous motion. This is just like another manifestation/symbol of the subconscious. See is some area you think so you won't effect or accidents are incidents or created by feel. Seen is the area feel is the path light guideth to create as you see the point. There is fact or perspective no last part to this seeing or use is concept or her feel by location. The earth wants me off so I won't bother her think to get away by feel.

   All three are connected in a way that're sort of metaphores for each other. The higher self is useful in this way, where it can cause events that aren't normally done. The higher self does things for you and it can effect you as you want. Where the personal god can take things personally or you can use the Creator, to do things and if you do things are what you think to do. Except, with a higher ability thats concentrated from your energies. So if you ever wondered where your energies go when they are done, its to the personal god. Which you get the spent personal gods energies by the effect of your aura gathering it and cleansing it.

   They work together the higher self and the personal god, except they be in other places. Where the personal god is in an area thats like ours and yet its separate. The higher self lives in the area that resembles whatever it desires on a higher plane and yet its to the purpose of what it decides is necessary. It doesn't do what you decide isn't possible. So our higher self is a taller person or a joke upon the words, it can't effect you with what you don't want as you don't believe in what we do as ourselves. Where right as that, higher selves can guide our bodies into doing things even though we can't think right. This means the higher personal god is a giant or the personal god is our taller self.

   What is the higher self then?

   Have you ever thought you were here to do your own planned bidding? Either through you or separately?

   Well you just bidding things to occur. Some think they are here to do some bidding of God. But each person has a godlike higher self that serves like angels to God, a higher self. I tested this out, and found this god self uses its body on earth sometimes. It may be your own body, as of what is necessary as if then but otherwise in thought. The earth self actually has a higher self guiding, it by what the body does in connectiveness and as this makes use. It creates a use of the in similiarity, this is to your higher self or god and thoughts are what can seem better. It does what you bid the force of whatever to do.

   Which adjustment constitutes some magic, that is by the use and nothing in energy by thought with a use by them. As what is use is copied back as if thought were an idea to seem right and higher thought, that can take and make to create your brain by attunement in mind which is here or thought into a better semblance of what is a living point that is seen except by what the subconscious doesn't show. The actions it does separate are of magic in a moment and in similar prayer, the actions that are physical are through your body or in the form of bodily guidance.

   The process of attuning is where a person stands still absolutely, or can think and feel it as a energy of the rhythm of life. You can seem still and this focuses part, of the nature of the area around you to be as though a part of you. This is much like meditation and is very restful. Doing it for a certain unknown length of time will cause the attunement, as it is things can get to seem at least a bit better by what you do. This is with life or area expression thats ideal. Think then your aware once stated I know creates what you wish. So think as you so this is use by realizing this you create things so that you wish to seem or be there, that is as though a thast that is so you are aware. I think then your aware by the feel or area you think. think then you are better. The area is the point so you think your aware.

   This is like your making yourself smell better, by taking and making yourself a part of someone elses better scent temporarily as this is a use of the point in thought. Whence the person feels a sense of nothingness, or shapelessness one has completely attuned himself to darkness as any other element can seem used by which is gotten to you through void and thought as if you think an is connection that is the motion thought to use aspirin. Aspirin is a good use an is what you think as some aspirin is fiber that upset use, this is by relief really. I think to absorb acid with the stomach or ideal water by theory is no attacking the food now, non unnatural or high fructose labelled fructose you think unless too much where your aware you don't feel the food or no use intended. I believe even that is with some ketchup, barbeque sauce or other food use by focus with walking cures the effect.

   So how useful is this an can ya use this info? The higher self serves God by helping its earth body out. It can act in place of the earth bodies mind. So all you need is to focus your mind and do action to cause the higher self to see it as a 'bid'. Think not to work with others if to use them for their funds as thats cheap they can either get the used ideal or can sense the point is fraudelence then they could react. So "think to time things correct then you get things right or aborted is the ideal."

   To test this, ask it to do things by stating what you want out loud. If they act to accord your ideal they are out of money or likely to not do well near your presence. So think the agravation comes from no longer getting things or inavailability. Then think how they can get the item or ideal right, so then you know they will react peacefully by feeling the situation then knowing what to do.

   It may seem like magic as your subconscious works things out and cause the higher self to do the deed or work through your body. Then I think the area activity is the point you consider then no longer is anything done. So violence is avoided.

   It seems that the subconscious can act as a medium channel and to bring the effect. And it can also act as a maker of effects. But it sometimes uses the higher self to get effects.

Creative needle energy 

  The thought I had was use this idea, as you use what is thought that creates by idea or figuring out that energy. This is the focus to a needle in a haystack to create what shot you think to create. This is in energy by thought the area that creates or doesn't create what you can see or feel is necessary as no need no mercy or nothing wrong nothing bad off. This the moment that by the idea is the end is much like a mobile needle an that is clean where creatable is seeable. The gods and higher selves are possible to create with so this is also concept. Think as you see tea or create as need or not if in need to correct.
  So think a formula to make use of this, such as AgN2O3(SP)2 Silver nitrate oxide or FeN2O3 is with a possible sulfur wit a way to lose weight only if by imagining the energy from your area for you in the aura energy to use collectively unless thought ot necessary. As if you in manage to breath pure oxygen with Sulfer or focus energy, tis by nitrogen with oxygen or thought not to use as no sulfer by idea or without potassium in thought is collective energy to the surface area energy with idea.
  Tis with idea to use "or not as nitrogen is breathed" as particles with ashes or trace elements essence as carbon by hydrogen in use by energy focus if present as trace gases allow thought focus as you focus or other element with sulfer is nitrogen or oxygen. This is focus energy or thought where you can see use to nulle high fructose or some idea in mind from drinks, think to see or create with the excess potassium in use as you think a source with hydrogen or helium to allow magic or body essence. That dissipates where you see or were to alter the reality by thought to change the area energy that has focus to create carbon 23 or without is carbon 22 psyched to create or think away and you are away.
  So life is possibility yet if you don't think this is a possibility, then you can find your body doing reaction to create as you focus when moving. The idea you think is as if thought or not, as you might find yourself doing something like no disruption to life or thought life is not as I actually understood unrealized potential. These is the area not hit that are the idea of life to lose a life, things that doesn't like life are fire energy related so not use is to do in excersize with focus that can disrupt energy parasites are "so what".
  Think as you say this is not always advisable to use what you do or think by focus in what you can get as if "im en in". As if nothing said can create wat you think by the creator, sometimes this does seem to get better results with no chemicals or less food. So what you think can occur if necessary or not to your own mind as you don't have to do things. As your there or here by focus or energy in thought to use, think or use in thought to his or her mind right as you think to chi redirect with feel to create or not by focus.

  You can use the creative disguse idea with this, the magical disguise is you thinking of a persona. That is the person's shape and size as you need to be the person, you manifest the form to seem to be there by thought with chi to shape or created in focus is energy. Thought and this isis allows you to see or fake their form as you make it manifest through the auratic shield. Seem to create the area energy to take shape if necessary. See use or not as you know things to gnow what is useful for what this is, as chi focus is with linked hands or thought to restore is focus by less trace gases more focus unless necessary to release the unlooked for things in smaller quantities.
  In specific quantities your use is restrictive to the area by thought to create or not by use. This created by the thought creates in use the use or need by energy that is expended to the ether energy or spirit energy to see or create in use the area energy to form by focus or create with feel. This is an idea or creative art energy to create by feel, think to focus in thought or physically the energy to form or manifest. This is thought by feel in focus energy to thought in the area that conscious energy is universal energy.
  As that is ridiculous adaptation, this is water with the spirit that can use that is there or put it back by chi energy or not to put it back. This is to release the excess water chi energy, so that is FeNO3 with energy release or wait with FN2O3 that is to soothe the flow with life. Migraine release is SAg2Fe2N3 is Sulfur with Silver by Iron infusion or less weight is by thought, with Calcium is Zinc by Nitrite is AgSO2FN or think this is useful as AgSO2N as if headache release. Some warning is not to get near area sockets with this as you focus energy. There is no other were idea or thought to use energy, if this is not to alter the energy in an area is a way to create with in feel. The area in use is energy free so as you think sterility or thought create this is not to use if noting results.
  As you think, consider by the feel in flow air energy in life with heat or gold silver energy, thought to use your idea is thought or not in concept use or "madew" think to create wealth in thought. As focus energy creates what you want, since most things are not actually considered you want them to do they achieve what you see. So use is thought to the use in mind see well by flowers in thought to create energy, thought in practice is work in use by life energy as a point in theory by focus to force through or around. Look, think in life to create in life or expect as some manifest might disrupt energy to create energy. So you see what you feel you know is by watching or using a gate to thought focus as you feel the ability in use so see or use is energy by idea.

Coloration by aura

 I am aware this is no longer always with anyone that wants to remain aware or work as i am just a thought. Though I think this was energy enough by use with water drinking to work by the focus or think with the area feel. Aura energy is energy so you think to extrude then work. I think this were ideal is the theory by imagination where you imagine then work then your area or golden light is energy by water, when you think then to change the body by imagining the figiglia or second heart where some food or digestion is a glow to the skin that is blue or other colors. So imagining the filia of the large intestin adjusted creates change that is green with the aura or area energy sensed as body energy color that is either green, puce for sickness from something or yellow by altering with the body to burn off the poison. Then I think this is aware thought.

 I believe you can alter the body by thinking what you want then imagining or use is working for use or as you think, then you use magic that is the body energy by the circulation with intention or no longer do things by feel. Intention is where you think, then realize as you don't want to stay there or work what you wish to work so you change things by the focus to create as things are there. This often leads to cremation if energy overwhelms the brain stem that stimulates upward height growth. So if you use is done then you stop or go as your eating or drinking then the height can intelligently increase. If you create by too much you gain weight, that is often ruled by the pinneal activating the pituitary gland that if overstimulated leads this to body colapse. Then if your aware enough is enough then irritation or calmness is their own by what they think so that is near relaxed by drinking water or you enable them counting backward from ten to calm down.

 There is allot about the body so this covers things well enough. So I think then when they are aware by ideal, if your aware they can sense you. This means nonetheless is no longer forbidden by non too much ideal. So the higher selves are our giant selves. The people across the sea are our friends. We know things by what we see. Thinking to focus is energy use so direction is thought by the area feel. Some think that is the true reaction to directing by area or thinking a circle focus point you point out. The circle is energy the ideal is thinking to manifest your ideal that is done. Otherwise pointing out things with the magnetics interacting creates what you think then you do. Then as you were your aware to the environments as experiments are where you think. Experience then is what you consider.

 This only indicates what you think not what you feel. I think so I feel, that is energy you feel that is vibration. So I will stop now. If aggression is too much think calm as you imagine the aggression disappearing where you think to hold back the aggressor or imagine the aggressor no longer attacking by the body strain or area energy that is a person stopping the aggression. The wine in the church with energy is what can increase your height as thinking gets hunger by wine so you thought you can get height increase by the solar energy charging cloth called colial clolliel or cloth energy you can see as the raise you thought impossible enough. I think energy from the creator called energizing heals by your point though thought you cure is anything.

 I think then I know this is not always done so I think the body adjusts by the energy you think will work. Because of this green is the color of healing I think to work with others not that you think this is the point. You are aware this I think is another term for me, that I thought is another term for you. So think something else. The ideal is quickly to then adapt so your awareness is when you think especially the thought you hear. This is the secret to the human as you think then speak they change their minds. By thinking a point then stating something then they think that point, so then no longer is the point by what they thought until you think the thought things can feel off or odd. So thats it for this topic.

 This is off of facebook, google or other sites. So I believe then this is linked to the giants that have 6 fingers, by the golden ones going to the planet by then forming them from what was there. Proven by or where this is a giant skeleton I think the golden ones were shorter or as tall as you think the taller you get the more you might eat or drink that increases the eating that increases, at the right time your metabolism or energy processing that is inner food eating. So I think eating or drinking the right drink is fun but not too much.

  I think this means you are aware, if you think then are realized for what you are or otherwise things you do are what your known for. Well if you really want to know about this then read this. I think things are thinking aware as they are conscious by your animal conscious. We are aware as we think or are realizing. That is basically what this means. So you know idealism as you remember something as some activity then you relate the ideal, if sherlock was here then we would know more or less the weight as we think to shape ourselves. I think so though as I am aware this is some area item use or no longer done.

 What we're doing is altering the ideal by the bend with the em band or elliptical sinewave by thinking to the electromagnetic field, some of which got you there that creates by imagination, speach, thinking or your done or frozen by life where you don't want to be so where you are is where. So there you go as were mostly from the humans anyway or giants. This means were at war by thought with ourselves or peace with others. So I think this means were no longer that bad off. See how some think before doing things to their psyche or you will find things gone or not to your liking. This means nothing is by what you think if where you think exists, were all dead by now so use as you wisely see. The psyche is the body, the body is the conscious by the brain or thinking. thinking is your activity. So aura is by thinking with activity as awareness.

 Such with the price of silver or metals, so the price is what value you set by activity. So you know I set the thought to help seeing to find silver prices, I think uses a good point. This uses no actual exchange unless you are aware to the price I set by looking things up, so I think I avoided the issue as I think the price set by setting the value by weight is to create sometimes exchange. This is microscopic by anomolus meaning with cleaning to those that observe as macroscopic to others with experience. So I think is what creates the point is done, so this is done or over with as I'm done. Thats about the point as my intelligence is there I used things right then to find out then settled the point as no issue existed. There is no issue.