The making and breaking seals seminar

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Making and Breaking Seals Seminar hosted by Miri

This seminar was a basic introduction to the practical use and annulment of both containment and non-containment seals in psionic practices. There was a practical component to the seminar. Questions were welcome during the seminar.

There was a practice session, which lasted around 2 hours. That part of this has been ommitted both by request and to clean this up.

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Today's seminar will be concerned with Seals. First let?s define what a seal is, in the context of this seminar. Seals are constructs that in some way inhibit a person or other entity, either from influencing beyond a certain distance from themselves (like an inverted shield), or by reducing or stopping their ability to do energy work.

Seals are generally used for a non-confrontational alternative to combat. Some seals are temporary, others are less temporary, none last forever (though some have the potential to last beyond a natural lifetime). I?ll take the time to note now that this definition is not the full scope of all 'seals' that exist in energy work, however the definition is sufficient for psionics.

A construct could inhibit someones neurological function, though that's rather advanced. It's outside the scope of most psions' ability. One needs to be adept at psionics to make a good seal, and only to make a good seal, a very simple seal requires little skill. As also this seal could make someone indecisive, like neutral but, confused. However, that would be more along the lines of empathic suggestion. As, they could become disconnected if you will, when separated from their source of thought and ability. But mostly that's a different sort of seal. One that works on cutting off drive, rahter than ability and causing depression is roughly equivalent. Which is really just another way of looking at empathic suggestions.

For example, the person feels disconnected from all their abilities as though their energy/shields feels like a flickering flame. They can see it but they can't utilize it and it's like a video is being played back instead of it actually being there.
Depression can be like that, but to think what this means is separating consciousness from the energy body, like a neuro inhibiter blocks control of the body without stopping consciousness. That is just a stage (or several) past what the advanced seals we will discuss are.

So some seals are like a shield in a way. And yes, a seal could be used to contain someone's aura within themselves. As if you were to block the energy input of a person during sleep that could be potentially dangerous. As they would wake up feeling drained like they were up all night. It could be dangerous, but 'dangerous' is a relative term... walking down the street can be dangerous. I'd say it's no worse than going to bed with a clogged nose. Less quality of sleep, but it was still sleep.

The simplest seal to make or absolve is an inverted shield. As you might have guessed, these variants on shields keep things inside a given area, rather than outside them. The most effective simple inverted shield is a mirror shield, which will bounce back basic attempts to bypass or cause damage.

Other effective inverted shields are varied, most that would be effective for combat are fine (a notable exception is a marshmallow shield which seems to be rather easy to push apart from the inside, unless reinforced) are effective in a simple seal role.
Creating an inverted shield is relatively simple, just program them to keep in rather than keeping out, keeping the rest the same. Another note on this type of seal is that their effectiveness varies wildly.

If you can't make a formidable shield quickly your incomplete inverted shield can be tossed aside before completion. Some psions and other energy workers also have various tricks, ranging from thinking in four (or more) dimensional space, to viewing themselves and the shield on different frequencies, preventing interaction between the two. Both tricks are somewhat advanced, and there are assuredly many more. It's worth noting that these and other containment seals can be used to reduce an area of impact. A (very, very thick) inverted mirror shield can contain a psi-nukes blast area, to neutralize a very specific target, or collection of targets.

Basically, what stops the forming of energy outside of the shield, and just directing it to gather into a clump. The shield itself, as it blocks outward thoughts. Most of the time the shield itself will block outward thoughts, if it was well thought out. It's not as easy as it may seem, but that is a viable point, that's a flaw with inverted shields.

If one were to project their awareness outside of this shield. It's always possible to bypass any barrier, even a well thought out and well made one. Again, its not as easy as it sounds, but possible. If you manage to do that you outclass the creator of the seal. Outclassing someone is just that. If you're more skilled and more able, you will probably come out on top anyway. All psi is connected by distance to the user's aura. The user could possibly direct their will outside of the seal. But again, that's possible but not an easily accomplished task. You could also will the seal to break.

You can cloak someone with a seal so he can't be scanned an found. As, what happens to constructs owned by the target that are outside of the seal when it is activated, is the fact that they would decay if not well made. And that depends on many factors. A well made construct doesn't decay on its own, and one with fairly intricate programming may try to break the seal from the outside, by directed thought.

The shape of the seal does have significance. For example you could make one shaped like a small black hole centered in the target's chest area, that sucks in all energy around them. As shape isn't as relevant as programming, but if you'll read my article on designing constructs, I go over how the shape (such as encasing someone in a perfect sphere) might improve how much their subconscious accepts the effects of the seal, improving the longevity and effectiveness.

Shape plays a role, but the functional programming is more important. Depending on the shape, if you program it to a specific well known, it could be increased potency, because of the mass belief in that symbol. Sure, that's not untrue, but it's a bit hit-or-miss. It's mostly your belief and those of the target that are relevant in seals, the rest of the world, not so much.

You could make a filter in your shield that would allow you to attack while containing them. But that's not really relevant to this discussion. As is on the part about the construct, if you where to send a construct in a couple days before they got sealed, when they did get sealed you could reprogram it to burst out, even if it needed more energy from outside, or the attempts would be blocked by the seal.

A person can be sealed more then once simultaneously, for different purposes. Or those seals that don't mix would combat each other and weaken each other. As you can use multiple kinds of seals on a person, hopefully you'll use your brain and not simultaneously use seals that don't mix. If I make a seal, I make sure that one does the trick for all needs. That's a good point, but having multiple kinds of seals can be helpful, especially in overwhelming a target. That is true, as a few slightly weaker ones are sometimes better than one strong one. Sometimes depending on the kinda seals as to many may weaken others.

In addition to inverted shields there are containment seals which would never work as shields that are only meant for use as seals. My favorite instance of such a seal is a projection seal. In this case you have a construct hooked up to a relatively unlimited power supply (for instance a ley-line) which in turn 'projects' patterned energy in a spherical container around the target. The beauty is that the containment seal need be no more than paper thick, as it will always be instantly, perfectly replenished, and there's no programming in the active seal, there is nothing for the target to impact, disable or attack.

With the right patterns in the projected energy (the best would be reactive patterning) it can be quite impossible for a novice or intermediate energy worker to damage the projector and escape, this is even more true if you heavily shield the projector. Other seal-specific designs include pain-reactive seals, seals that hurt, numb, or otherwise impair the target whenever there is an attempt to work energy or escape the seal. I won't cover these in any detail, but suffice to say these are best broken by someone other than the target, and preferably someone skilled enough to do so without using brute force.

On the *patterned energy* shield, you got me curious. The pattering on the seal would be considered ineffective programming. As programming implies that something is to be done, a pattern just indicates that it's not raw energy, it's held together and interacts with all sorts of programming, in this case the rapid cycling would make that programming useless.

You can use conceptual programming for reactive patternizing of the energy. Also how you set up a ley-line to a relatively unlimited power supply, is to set the seal up to the ley-line. That way it has a relatively unlimited power supply. Conceptual programming works, sure. Some may have trouble finding ley-lines, so then use the sun.
It's a big ball of nuclear energy. The sun is still there. If everyone in the world drained the sun it would'nt run out.

Remember that distance doesn't necessarily limit energy, and psi doesn't travel in straight lines. So I would try to link the construct via conceptual visualization to the sun and feel it drawing energy from it into the construct. Feel free also to use anything else, as a different star, or even the moon.

You can make a seal 'field' that blocks the use of any effect you wanted and then use it to seal off areas like a dampening field. Making a seal cover an area instead of just around someone. A field where no psi can be used. Or if the field mentioned isn't really a seal to you, there's a field where anyone that enters the area becomes sealed and if they leave the area the seal is removed. Or, the seal even follows them out of the area under certain cases.

That's similar to a 'stasis field' from the sounds of it. This isn't a stasis field, it's more like a program where you're a stick in the ambient energy of an area, possible, but there's no name for it. You can do that, and it's useful for protecting an area or something, but it's uncommon. As seals can be used to limit energy usage, skills, etc.

There is a way to *know* if you have been sealed. It's usually pretty obvious that you've been sealed. It's possible to become deluded into thinking everything is normal (great seals intend that), but it's unusual. Usually but not always you'll be able to tell if you go to scan, or if you go to do something inhibited by the seal.

It's possible to lace a seal with enough delusions to provide quote on quote "normal" feedback. It could be to disillusion you as being okay. But that's a little more complicated. Theres a thought that seals were meant to keep something in, or to block ability, or block perceptions, etc.

There are seals that do not concern themselves with containment of the target. These seals are often hard to detect and harder to remove. Usually they target parts of the energy body (sometimes all of it) in such a way as to inhibit them from functioning normally or at all.

These seals come in a number of designs, from things similar to inverted shields around chakras, to dozens of tiny 'parasite' constructs circulating themselves through the target's systems, to constructs that directly inhibit the target's control over and production of energy targeting the brain, heart, etc. I won't get into too much specificity in these seal, largely because they vary so much from case to case.

That sounds dangerous, so you might have thought these weren't for combat. Well, they can be, I think they're best used to prevent combat though. They can be seals that are naturally forming, as in astral parasites. They could be, but I've not encountered it. It's not real common at all. The person would probably subconsciously make it. Not common at all, but if you're looking for trouble they're used as a common defence in some places. But that's not "natural" as, that's right, we have a natural defense system. Where, the more complex a construct the less likely it is to appear.

A psionic immune system. And with immune systems, of that sort, they usually have to be built. They're pretty hard to make. Well I guess so, but I think they can be both constructed and naturally brought about. But it doesn't come with a person's birth, or I've not seen that, it's developed.

Someone could subconsciously create a seal around themselves if they are a very closed minded individual. They could end up blaming others for it, too. As in a seal that would prevent them from seeing ghosts. But usually they don't, they just develope 'mental blocks'. But mental blocks are much much more common. And those sometimes can be harder to break. Where seals can be created from fear, and there are seals that block people from certain things like memory as well.

The commonly used tactics to prevent seals being put on yourself, are to make a shield to prevent it. Or wear a protecting stone. With said containment seals, it'd be easy enough to just walk "through" them. Maybe for a phoenix, with a lot of bulk to do the walking, but with normal people it cycles quickly enough to equate a "solid" wall. But, Its just a matter of moving fast enough. This is one of the few seals you can't easily phase through, as the frequencies change incessantly.

You could alter reality around you to get out of the shield, and you could do pretty much anything. Its usually safer do energy work outside and ground by thinking of a grounding effect. Sure, and tactilly feel up a tether to the sun, or visually percieve a link forming, whatever.

Alright, now let's cover the destruction (or annulment) of seals. J Inverted shields are the easiest to unmake or destroy because they're the easiest to target and by far have the most vulnerabilities. Let's take inverted mirror shields as an example. True, it reflects back any energy you throw at it, but it's a very simple construct. If any of you have read Beneath the Construct by Lesenthe you should recall that he begins with the example of when he first directly viewed programming

A certain prankster dropped an inverted mirror shield on him and he switched his view to perceive the programming itself. He proceeded to rip out the programming leaving just a lump of shield-shaped energy. This isn't a terribly advanced methodology, but it is unusual for people to think of it.

It also requires decent sensitivity in perception of energy, and an ability to trance lightly, quickly helps a great deal. There are of course many alternative methods to break down inverted shields. The most obvious is brute force. Raising a little Kundalini will leave little evidence there was ever a seal in place at all.

"Attacks" aimed at the seal will often eventually lead to a break down. Expanding your field a great deal will overwhelm most containment seals. If you have a psi-pet of any sort available you can often force down containment seals by smashing it between the two of you, creating a thin spot to force your way through.

On the skillful side of energy work, you can create an equal but exactly opposite construct and overlap it with the seal. The list goes on and on. Feel free to get creative.

Of course, keep in mind that some containment seals are smarter than to be overwhelmed just by an attack or expanding your field. Of course, every rule has a lot of exceptions.

As you can create a mirror shield, simply by visualizing a mirror over ones self. There are good articles on shielding at Psipog (And everywhere else).

You could break a seal that will protect itself as in drawing from an outside energy source that can't be destroyed faster than it is regenerated. Without using an outside ally, by destroying the programming. Or with an ally, by getting someone outside. As the best thing there to is to do is get help.

It is better to try to poke a hole with your energy, or to overwhelm the entire shield. Although, it depends on the seal and your paradigm. As, if you feel any break can allow your complete escape, just bore a hole, but most are too attached to being a certain size to do that. That depends entirely on the seal, in my opinion. Some seals require just a quick jolt. Some require a long sustained blast all around.

If the programming is also restored using the same method as the energy is restored, reprogram it. As a paradigm can cause this effect, it is a set of beliefs that make up your view of reality. To actually 'destroy' the programming, Lesenthe's article "Beneath the construct" has a useful anecdote to that end. Look for it at Http:// Sometimes, the person making the seal forgets to make sure that others can't alter the programming. You might be able to alter it.

I'd get into a trance state and use real time sight to see the construct and then think of a way to counter its effects based on how it is made. Although I'd suggest entering a very light trance, or partially projecting to 'view' the seal's programming directly, then just destroy it. Lesenthe used the analogy of 'lines' of light as the programming in the construct.

Or add in a little something to the programming to allow you to deactivate it. If you're a nerd, you could create a custom programming language similar to java or c++ but for seals so no one can understand it. Might work. As there is merit to that, which allows easy countering of all constructs. It might sounds like a good idea, but you don't always know how it will turn out.

Non-containment seals are much harder to discuss in this way, as they are so non-standard. My general advice is to understand what a seal is doing, if not how, and put together things that counter that effect, and remove them; this may or may not require help from someone else.

Another option is to, as with escaping containment seals, force a significant difference in frequencies between you and the seal, then extricate yourself from its area of effect (a clever bastard will make this impossible, or exceedingly difficult, but it's worth a shot).

Maybe make a seal-destroying construct before you're actually sealed and leave it in waiting outside the seal. Use some rarely used frequency as a contact link between the construct and an alarm construct near your aura to detect when the seal is placed on you, bam.

-end of official lecture-