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Twisted Reality
A depresive little tale. I wrote this accidenlt when I was depressed really bad. Its nice tho, read it please.

I feel like an asshole
And a bad son
Suddenly I take this all up on me
Blame it on myself
Like I always did
It's tearing me
And breaking me apart
But no one cares to listen
Fool methods and idiot hopes
None of use
None are good

If I am the one who's wrong

Then why is it so hard for me to find my wrongs?
Why is my pleasure and joy so limited?
Where have I gone wrong?
When have I fallen from my grace?
But all the fights and all the bad things
Always seem to start with me
But yet I try so hard
So unbelievably hard
To be good and kind
To everyone and all
And even with that I am unable to keep peace
Then maybe I don't posses a hearth

And then yet

Memories come up
Of every pleasure and pride being swiped away with one wave of hand
On and on
No has ever taken strength to listen
To my simple song

How it all Began
This story is about Mailstrom and Celtor. They are both Human`s.
In this story they are characters from the game Rubies of Eventide

It all began on that day...
The day Celtor was born. At the age of 12 young Celtor had learned swordsmanship quite well. Running across the central quarters with his wooden swords hitting trees an passing by guards. No one minded they all said "hahah what a cute little fella".
When Celtor was 15 he and a couple of friends went into the poor quarters to buy some iron for his father. Suddenly a couple of figures came out of the shadow "Give us ye money little fella" Celtor pulled his Tulwar witch he got from his father and said "Come here and take it" his friends stood there watching their friend, they where just kids how could they fight grown men. The men had pulled their knife and went to Celtor laughing slightly. With great speed Celtor cut trough them not hesitating for a second. the bodies fell on the ground. Celtor stood there and watched what he had done with great eyes. "i killed them!" he said. His friends where confused first he bravely pulls his sword then he kills the thugs without mercy and now he looks at his work with fear.
Celtor ran home
When Celtor reached the age of 20 he was already one of the adventurers who fought against the Bladesman. Holding his magical Tulwar he cut trough many bodies and slew many Bladesman and finally even killed their leader on his own.
Celtor was 25 years old and was a legend among the humans that lived in New Jollis (no kidding here I was the most knows human walking around I think, this was when I started ROE), he had joined an order knows as the knight of the rose.
The leader of the knights had a weird taste of honor (tough Celtor) he demanded Celtor learned some kind of ranged attack but Celtor refused, what is honor in combat when your opponent cannot hit you and you can hit them?
After a few years spend with the knighthood he left them and put up his own knight hood. The warriors of Pelor.
Drakos (Drak if you mind your name being here tell me ) was the first to join. Celtor saw much potential in Drakos and after a few months Drakos became Celtors right hand.
At the age of 30 Celtor put his things together and went to a meeting of the Pelors. "Drakos" he started "it is time you took over as the lord of Pelor" Drakos says "Thank you but but...why?"
"It is time I explored the wide world of Vormis, I have seen enough of New Jollis" Celtor answered.
Drakos told his friend good bye and looked as Celtor left the gates for Erosis may know how long"


Maelstrom stroked his long black hair and went into New Jollis "hail thee" he says smiling to the guards. "Hail thee traveler" The guards answered. Maelstrom entered the fair city of New Jollis and took a deep breath. Maelstrom walked around the city waving and smiling at everyone. Now people found this strange but they waved back most of them. Maelstrom was a kind of person who can quickly become your friend, but he didn'
t look impressive, ragged clothes and a glaive in his hands. Maelstrom wasn't very rich so he entered the poor quarters to spend a night there at the inn. As he walked he noticed a fair citizen being harassed by an ogre thugs waving has dagger in front an almost dead Leshies face. Maelstrom ran to the ogre used his glaive as a pogo to get higher than the ogre and sliced of the head from the ogres torso with a clean swipe. "Thank you" said the Leshie, he gave maelstrom some coins and ran of into the darkness. Maelstrom looked at the coins. 5 golden coins with a square in the center "5 Larns" he gasped. He than realized he had probably saved a merchant who else could have that much money. Mail soon realized that almost every adventurer had a pouch full of prox. Maelstrom made many friends and herd many tales of long forgotten heroes his favorite was Celtor since he was the only human he had heard about.
Maelstrom became one of the finest polearmers in the city vanquishing Bladesman after Bladesman until that one day......

Maelstrom went out the sewers cleaning his Lucerne hammer of some crushed bone peaces "darn skeletons keep making my hammer dirty". Mail was getting sick of New Jollis, he had cleaned the sewers clean a million times but those darn undead kept coming; now Maelstrom wasn't quite strong enough to venture deeper and kill the source Yrago.

Maelstrom hugged his friend's good-bye and went into wide Vormis.

He walked around and met new monsters and new areas until he reached the great mountains. Determined to reach the top he started to climb it. For three hard weeks he climbed before he reached the top.

Once there a never-ending mist blinded him.


Celtor stood on a mountaintop fighting some shady looking things. He strook with great speed faster than he ever did. The creatures seemed faster and dodged his every attack. Yet Celtor wasn't the best dodger and the creatures managed to wound him quite badly. Each hit seemed to drain his very essence. Suddenly a pole arms pierced trough the center of the banshee and it vanished with a great yell. The other banshees hit Celtor one last time and fled.

Celtor`s legs where to weak to hold him he last visions where of a man running to him holding a great pole arm. He fell a felt a something pierce trough his body, this was it his live had ended.

Maelstrom recognized the sword Celtor had held, the warrior must have been Celtor there was no other legend he knew of that had a quick Tulwar. He gently took the body in his arms and bound it on his back with a rope. Maelstrom climbed down the mountain.

Maelstrom was tired climbing down must have been harder with this body on his back. There was no time to waist he had to find a priest of Erosis to resurrect Celtor. He looked for 2 months. Maelstrom went crazy the body on his back started to rot and there was no temple nearby. Maelstrom was tired he fell on his knees and dropped the body. Maelstrom started to pray knowing Celtor was to far gone to be resurrected but still he prayed suddenly a woman's voice spoke to him "Celtor has been drained of his essence sacrifice some of yours and I can bring him back into a new live form for this body is to far gone" Maelstrom spoke back in confusion and terror "Then i shall sacrifice my own live essence to bring him back". All Maelstrom remembered was a great flash


Maelstrom awoke in a bright room, his eyes where fuzzy he saw a couple of persons and a stick. He took the stick into his hands to support is legs. "He's awake finally" said e female voice "Maelstrom? Are you okay" said another voice. "I'm fine" Maelstrom answered.

He could look normal again he saw two elves. A blond elf with a Tulwar at his side and a girl wearing red robes that covered her hair. "I am fine really" Maelstrom said again "Where is I" he asked. "Your in the temple of Erosis in New Jollis""New Jollis?" Maelstroms seemed confused suddenly Maelstrom realized he didt know his own name. Suddenly the blond elf walked up to him "lets just say your home Mailstrom" Mailstrom so that was his name (Now you know why my name is Mailstrom and not Maelstrom). They left the temple and told each other goodbye, the blond elf told Mailstrom "Thank you, your sacrifice will always be remembered"

To be continued....

I hope you all enjoyed this, I took me over an hour to write it heh ^^

Winter Forest
This is an Angst story, this story tends to sadden and confuse its readers
be sure to read it at OWN RISK. The main character is Ayirien, a gray fox.
My current character and the replacement of Mailstrom.

It was your usual night in a winter. One could barely see anything due the darkness and the snow that gently cried down from the sky above.
It was a typical night that one would stay home and sit wrapped in warm blankets.
Yet someone had decided to not follow these rules. Nay, this one was slowly walking around in the forest. He was warmly clothed,
a huge and heavy black winter coat, woolen trousers and a good pair of sturdy boots.
He was walking around pondering about something that is of none real importance for this story.
The fox that was walking around was the gray fox named Ayirien, or Ayi for short.

Ayi shivered, even though he had thick winter clothing it still was cold. He took the coat and pulled it up and tightened it to make it warmer.

He looked up to the sky the restless snow flocks sat down on his muzzle and his blood red hair. Ayi smiled, he loved the snow,
and every flock did what it wanted. Ayi shivered again as he walked trough the white sprinkled forest.
He was on his way home from his every days walk in the forest, but he was halted for an unknown reason to him and us.
Ayi looked around, his ears twitching gently to the sound of movement around him, for a long moment he stood and did nothing but listen closely.
He covered his green eyes with the flesh that was made for it, closing his eyes. His ears where more sensitive now,
the could now hear the footsteps more clearly but the direction still remained a mystery. Ayi could clearly hear these where small hasty footsteps,
coming from.. yes he knew now, from his left.
The fox followed the trail the sound left behind until he saw a small kitten run trough the forest wearing just a linen old white robe.
Ayi chased after her, what was a child doing here at night, in such cold?

"I must get this to mommy""I must get this to mommy" said a weak little girly voice.
She was running trough the forest as if death was chasing her. She held something in her little paws,
something important because she pressed it against her chest.
"I must get this to mommy" she closed her eyes en a sprinkle of liquid tears came out of her eyes. She kept running,
but she did not notice a stone on the ground and tripped. She fell face down into the cold snow, dropping a little golden chest in front of her,
out to her reach.
She quickly jumped up and her little paws reached for the chest, but her tired body did not help her.
Suddenly a metal plated boot appeared behind the chest, long slim fingers with long sharp back nails reached down and grabbed the chest.
The girl looked up and saw a gray furred, kind, green-eyed foxy face. His green eyes where examining the green box.
The other paw was rubbing the chin of his fine face.

He noticed the girl and lowered the chest and looked at the little girl. She was afraid of the tall dark figure. She crawled back against a tree.
Ayi looked at her, he reached his paw out for her to help her stand up.
As response the girl curled up in a ball, her eyes never leaving Ayi. "Do not worry little one,
I am not going to harm you, here" he moved his paw with the chest towards her "here go on, I believe this is yours"
She took the box into her paws and look at it, and then at Ayi "thank you." she said slowly and unsecured. The fox smiled and asked,
"What is a little girl like you doing in a dark forest like this?" she looked away and said "I must bring this to mommy""I must" she quickly added,
her eyes starting to wet again. "Where is your mommy?" Ayi said after awhile, he wanted to ask her of the box but decided not to.
"I may not say." she said disappointed.
Ayirien stepped a bit closer to her and ducked to get to a same height as she. "Why not?" he asked friendly, "because they are listening".
Ayi narrowed his eyes "they?"
The girl nodded slowly her eyes rolling around.

A cold shiver ran down the fox's spine. A shiver he always felt when there was someone watching him.
He quickly grabbed the girl and put his arm around her chest and pulled her closed to him. Ayi was still kneeling,
in his free paw a blood red rose was twitching, he was not alone.
Everything went silent, not a sound anywhere, just their gentle and careful breathing.
It seemed as everywhere in the darkness red gleaming eyes where staring at them, her. the box.
Sssshhhhh, whispered Ayi into her ear, he needed no to say that; she was motionless. Her eyes where closed,
forcefully closed pressing on each other; not wanting to see what was going on.
Ayi`s eye's on the contrary where observing the whole area; he would act at the first sign of danger.
But danger never came, long minutes they sat in the cold snow, waiting for something to attack, or speak,
but there was nothing,
nothing at all.

Ayi lowered his rose, but as he did that he heard laughing. He heard laughter from everywhere around him.
They where surrounded by god knew what or who. "Show yourselves!" Ayi spoke to the shadows. "Help Me," said the little kit.
Ssshhhh, still laughter from everywhere. Wicked laughter, dark laughter, it wasn't loud, it where small sick laughter's from everywhere.
Ayi lowered his eyes, to the snow; his eyes spotted a trail of blood, the area had changed from a dark forest into a true nightmare twilight zone forest.
The trees where high with long branches reaching out to them, blood was drilling of every branch,
the pallid white grass quickly was blood red of the blood it had absorbed.

Ayi put his paws on the kitten's ears, he didn't want her to hear or see what was happening, he didn't want to see it himself either,
but he did not have much choice. This was something he couldn't fight; he'd have to let go of the kit; which could mean her end.
Otherwise he'd have to sit here and wait, wait and wait until something would happen.
I will wait, Ayi decided. He closed his eyes and tried to ignore all that happened around him.

His ears twitched, his rose instantly changed into a trident, he took the girl in his arm and lounged forward at the sound.
An ugly cry of agony followed his graceful action. Ayi slowly stood up. His eyes opened, two gleaming green eye's inspected the kit,
she was fine. His trident red from fresh blood. Ayi didn't want to know what he killed so he quickly moved on, his hearth was pounding in his neck,
the branches of the trees seemed to attacked him, and the eyes followed him like being surrounded by ghosts.

"There" The girl had opened her eyes and was pointing at a tree. Not just a tree, it was a huge tree; the biggest Ayi had ever seen.
"Mommy" the child silently whispered, she jumped out of his arm and ran to the tree "leave us kind sir." she said.
Ayi hesitated, the where surrounded.he felt it.he saw it.smelled it.
"Very well" Ayi slowly turned around and walk away, but his ears where sharp, for any sound of danger.
He hid somewhere and kept eye on the girl.

She opened the chest and took out a hauntingly shimmering leaf; she rubbed the leaf on the tree.
"No! NO!! NOO!" a whispering scream from the forest. Ayi stood ready with his trident waiting for something to charge the girl..
yet nothing happened "Be gone," said the kitten, but not the voice.. him!
"Be gone Fox, you mustn't be here.""Why" said Ayirien; the kit stepped towards Ayi, she saw him,
she gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek "Thank you for getting me here." She said gently, and clearly afraid. "Go, now, please."
Ayi saw that he had no choice. He had a painful feeling that when he'd leave that this would end quickly for the girl.
"No, I will not leave" Ayirien said, he could not leave her alone. "I am sorry to hear that, then I shall save you my lord," The girl said,
her words where not that of a child in his ears.
"What?" where the last words Ayi could say. After that his vision turned red and he fell down.

Two green eyes opened and look around. It was morning, the sky was yellow, and it was very early. Ayi slowly stood up.
He looked at his paws, one of the was soaked red, with blood. He look at his chest, there was a wound, it was gazing and bleeding, and it hurt. The fox got up using his trident as a walking staff. He looked around, the forest was behind him,
he made a step towards the forest; something stopped him. His face fell down, his eyes locked on the ground, a tear flew down his eye. He turned around and went away from the forest.

Behind him was a pole,
soaked red with blood.
On it was the head of a kitten,
a very young kitten.
with fear in her eyes.

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