Life matters rant

  You know. Sometimes theres people you'll always remember. A permanent mark can be left. Whether something good or bad is it's cause. There's people you might look up to. There's people that can be your heros. Such people can keep you going just by knowing them. Knowing what their about. What they stand for. Maybe it's how strong they are. Just something about them effects you in such a way. With the same token. There will be people who you miss or people you miss for who they used to be. What they stood for at one time. People can be destined for something. At the same time, life is what you make it. Just because you can see someone's flaws & know their headed for a bad place doesn't mean they can't change. Just because they have flaws, doesn't mean their not beautiful. Change can happen overnight, yes. Though some people have to have something major happen to them to change their life. There's those of us who are destined to fade away, those of us who are destined to fall through the cracks, those of us who fall deeper & deeper into the void. Some of us need a helping hand to get out of this hole or void in our lives. Where others can pull themselves out.

 There are those of us who are destined to be great things if only for a moment. In every single moment we are changing beings. In one single moment. Our breathe. Our very life could be ripped away. With another it could all come back & we could come back stronger then ever. There's those of us who let themselves fall to the power of others. Those of us who lead. People can be fickle. Or they can be the strongest force you've ever seen. At one moment they can change completely. Change into what you never wanted them to be. Or change into everything you've ever hoped for. Life is ours to lead or follow. Independant or conformist. The fire can burn strong. Or wallow until it's utter existance fades away. It's your life to live. It's your choice to live fast & die young. I've lived that life. Every drop of decay as you slowly fade away. People fall. People pick themselves back up. People pull others under. Where the others can easily or hardly get back up. Past, present & future. In every moment these change. 

  So why fear change? It's always happening. You think you can't do something? Well you'll never know until you try. Humans are forces to be reckoned with. Even though you might not think certain people effect you. They might be doing so just by sitting, standing, or laying next to you. They might be trying. Or might not. Assumptions can be made but there is a difference between perceptions and reality. Some people are predictable where others are extremely unpredictable at times. We can build walls to protect us. And we can destroy them. At times we can let people past them. Or people may see through them. Many things effect us. Other things not as much. We can choose to devoid ourselves of emotion or let our wall down. Consciously or subconsciously there can be songs our minds link with people, places & things in time. Songs can also affect you, like people, in such category as mind or emotion. Again, good or bad. We have physical(body(skin)) & mental(mind(soul)) entities. Through which we make our ways in the world. It is us as people who decide our lives. We are slaves(chained) only to(by) our own minds. 

Inspirations: Metallica - Tuesday's Gone
Sub Dub Micromachine - Slave Of My Mind
Dream Theater - As I Am
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
Incubus - Drive
Incubus - Make Yourself