Intelligent Zombies

By Shizuka 

        This article has info that will change the way you look at the world and it will show you how deeply the media has changed our lives from every step we take in life as a point is taken and your use is known. There and then you can use a thought and create what your point is in mention.

       This article has been meant to allow human beings to regain authority over their souls and minds while not being mesmerized by the delusions of the media world. Every day we go though monumental amounts of visual imagery and auditory frequency that puts our mind in a state “where we are who we are not from our heart”. To understand this term and the science behind the influential tactics and strategies of the media world (mass hypnosis), I will take you through a journey which is enough to wake you up from the echoes of the illusionistic egos. 

Before I actually go deep into this topic, I want to put emphasis on the major theme of media and that is “covert tactics”. Media seems to be overt to each and every viewer who is so focused on the “no cleverness” idea about the media that they forget about the current time continuum of the world. And the current state is that law and rules are broken perpetually without any humane goal. Some say that the past was much safer than the present where people lived their lives without the fear of being dominated or influenced in a covert way which is true based on the “past thoughts” which do not exist any more except those of the present world.

Covert” is a word that every psychologist, psychotherapist, politician, black ops etc knows very well. They apply this word on a daily basis for the sake of controlling people through a veil which is not detected by the conscious mind and hence is inconspicuous. Furthermore, this word is used to its full extent by new-age hypnotists who are majorly influenced by Milton Erickson (the father of covert hypnosis) who himself classified this at “taboo” and only to be used by clinical therapists for healing purposes but in the present world that “purpose” has been diverted for heedless objectives; which is gone so far as even the media implements it to exploit the human weakness of not seeing the mask.

In the world of media, covert hypnosis has many categories ranging from subliminal messaging to hidden suggestibility. Before I move on I want to clear the concept of covert hypnosis where a subject (viewer) is influenced through means by which his critical mind (consciousness) is not aware of but his subconscious (the core of our involuntary processes including our behaviours) is and thus “we become what we are not from our heart”. Every corporate elite uses this tactic to its full extent to modify the viewing behaviour of the audience in such a way to make them focus on their program whether the audience is facing the source of media or not! Anyone who denies this possibility is denying the 1 in 1 probability that he is being influenced by meaningless advertisements daily.

 The best example of this Machiavellian phenomenon is what happens in the cinema theatres which are a form of mass influencing. If you look at the cinema through a second or a third person’s view you will perceive a sort of brain washing going on where meaningless feelings and emotions are inserted into the minds to the viewers through the hypnotic thrill and fun of watching the movie. If told, “You are being covertly influenced”; the answer is “well, I don’t care, the fun is in being influenced or there is no use watching at all”. These people are the best subjects for this type of blinded experimentation where they don’t know how much subliminal messaging and suggestion is being bombarded in their subconscious with which the first step out of the theatre is the first step being implanted in them by the elites to become “intelligent zombies”.

Just a few days ago, I was in a state of observation after viewing a movie where I found out the secret way to how such a small television screen or a big cinema screen becomes our focus of life. Not only is the secret momentous but also the most pivotal part of this article, so read deeply from here on as lack of focus will not allow you to comprehend.

Practical Application: It is advisable yet not recommended to apply this self-experiment before going further. To detail the idea and find out, for yourself.

   “Go to a cinema, or sit near a tv and watch it, with a mind-set of not allowing the theatrical lightning, or lighting, to influence you or put you in a state of trance through the knowledge you have gathered, till now, in this article. When you sit, in the comfortable seat, know that this is just a screen and there is no way it can influence your behaviour or mind in anyway. The important part is to keep this mindset throughout the movie, or program. After watching the movie, or program, check your state and note down results of any change in emotions or feelings”

   NB: You might notice that even though you had a powerful mindset, you were still overruled by the covert coercion on the theatre or area around the tv and your feelings and states are subtly modified, plus throughout watching the movie, or program, you might have had a hard time maintaining the mindset and let go consolidating it. You might have now realized the amazing power of overt and covert hypnosis. 

   While most of the feeling
and trance state are induced by overt (direct) means, they might dissolve in sometime but the covert (hidden) means like suggestibility or subliminal messaging might take a permanent toll on your mind.

    Here is lies the cure to this epidemic. 

       A new-age covert hypnotist or anyone in this field or sub-field may advise you that the only cure for this problem is to beware of the induction. That might not be a problem incase of overt hypnosis where we can easily realize that our emotions or mind are being played with but its takes a different toll on the covert hypnosis where thoughts are implanted in such a way that even our awareness doesn’t aid us as we don’t know what hidden mean influenced us in the first place.

So my cure relates to the source rather then what the source pushed out and in this case the source is the “theatre screen”, and this can be used for both overt and covert countermeasures. 

“After watching the movie and observing the signs of influential decay, close your eyes. Now think of the movie, and observe how you see the movie in your mind when you think of it. 99% chance is that you see the movie in your mind or thoughts as a gestalt (whole) where you do not see the co-viewers, your seat or the screen boundary. It’s strange when you realize this that why don’t I perceive environment in which I watched the movie in my thoughts and herein lies the covert and overt method in its full capacity which I will explain afterwards. Now in your mind where you only see the movie as a gestalt, start modifying your thoughts as perceiving people, the cinema screen, the usher etc and push the gestalt movie in the screen  where you see only a mere screen and the environment. After doing this you will feel different and somewhat changed realizing how weak you were to be influenced by the cinema screen” 

     The science of the method is that after watching the movie we nullify the ambience and thus fill our entire visual mind with the movie itself and not realizing that this movie came with a screen and an environment.

Another important thing is that after watching the movie, the true overt hypnotic affects take place when we automatically fill our entire mind with movie while negating the screening which is the source of the movie and thus we feel emotions we never believed we could have and this expanding of the movie opens the link to the covert hypnosis which also becomes a gestalt.

  The cure I placed is meant for people who like watching movies yet don’t want to be influenced in any way while the cure someone else might impose is to stop watching any movies altogether and start living your own life rather than the life of an intelligent zombie.

Here are the diagrams to increase the coherency

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The name “Shizuka” is the author’s Nick for the metaphysical world.