Incorporeal magick 

  When you try incorporeal magic or not do as you think, you try to do things spiritually as you feel its necessary. Think and use is energy, essentially this is the life you have that is chi, you get the effect of working with elements and magick on a more powerful basis. This is the effort of the conscious with the subconscious and no knocking, to more fully understand and use the spirit in magical actions. So in the energy if involved, when you do the act to get magic in theory and idea done, you invoke the spirit by a bone and the effect you want.

  Mainly as you consider, think first and wait if necessary, you use the intent and the spirit trance. What you do incorporeally, thinking tis is where and what you think to use. As a focus and you think to create something near or where you focus to create, you can get distracted or done with what you do and unless you find a way to reverse the effect unwanted or not needed, accept it with a laugh and think if thought to go as time with feel by emotion to create or not to do on purpose.

  This is to create or do whatever you think as necessary feel, just as you want then the idea dissipated the energy disperses. The energy goes back to the creator, the one that created us. So think and you know what is there or not there if we exist or not. This is that sorta thing you can do. The demon called death only effects you if you think he or she does. So think the demon is forgiven and dismiss the demon from the area, this is by a thought or by thinking him or her gone and the demon leaves by you thinking its gone.

  As you think and if thought is gone, this is because you felt like it or thought to make or think as you feel the necessity, by what is the idea you can dismiss the point and use magic more easily. If the idea is a point there is no point, if by the idea and the thought ends as if nothing was done unless needed by what you thought or saw. Thus the point will return as memory to your mind, as you view it and you find what you want.

   This trance is the effort of breathing in and out, in with fresh air and out with bad air till you feel drowsy and more focused. Then, when you try to get certain efforts done, you decide to get results. Then you will or state your intent. NEED the effect to get done, using spirit to make it manifest. This makes a conscious effort to get certain results with a trance. As you advance, you can instinctively do the act of spirit effects with ease and no trance needed. Thus all you need to do after this, is think it to make it happen. Personal power is a part of this. The more personal power, the more ability you have to use and the more understanding. What you do is use consciousness to guide the effort.

   For corporeal magick practice. This is a more powerful version of magic than incorporeal magic. You must learn to unlock the floodgate near the pineal gland. This holds the secret to the corporeal magic. Learn the techniques that come from it, to allow it being kept open by experimenting. Or, you might feel you might die without it. Its a pressure that builds up and makes you feel better. You will need to keep your head empty and remain intelligent, by using reminders. Through activity, this in turn will allow you to cast powerful magical spells. So anyone trying to listen in will never hear your thoughts, unless the practitioner wants their thoughts heard. Try to live in a constant state of meditation or trance for an easier time. This is easier for only the benefits you may have heard of.

  Practice corporeal magic using the conscious awareness directing the subconscious effort. Doing what incorporeal things you need to do, mainly the trance, as you consciously focus  your mind and direct the spirit with your will. Also, keep the pineal gate open  as you do the necessary deeds to get corporeal practices done. Corporeal magic can kill demons, angels and aliens more easily than incorporeal magic. This is the energy that is forming as you can see or be as you want. There is an energy that creates what you want or not protects by what. As you think or can create as you feel the need, or now you gnow wat is effective in case you die. As you can act intelligent or can seem what you are, ask where you are patient by intelligent actions.

  Corporeal magic does not effect the physical, unless you add death energy to its effect. This can manifest various breakdowns and efforts of destruction. Including death energy degradation of the body, with mainly rot and malfunctioning body parts. This does not include corporeal magic that uses other elements, where you summon by thought and conscious effort. Also, with corporeal, you can generate life forms that are lifelike and seem real, yet they are ethereal. Things pressed against their form will sometimes pass through them.

  There is a moment where you might think incorporeal is corporeal. The pineal gate opening and remained opening will make incorporeal magic corporeal. How you open it, is to imagine energy going through the gate and visualizing the gate opening. Keeping it open is telling your subconscious to keep it open. Mainly, willing or stating 'keep it open' with your conscious effort. Practice when you have to, to get the feel of doing this on a moments notice. Avoid doing strange things in the open and where you are observed. Unless, you can disguise the effort, as in claiming something as something else that you do.

   There is a need to practice the incorporeal magic to get better at it. So, make use of private time and raise your personal power. Try doing things to get results and make the magic effective. When you attempt any spiritual effect, you practice it. As long as you work to get better by doing effects, using spirit and whatnot. Your practicing. So what you need to do is to make spiritual effort and use your conscious awareness as you do this. Then, you are getting better effects each time you attempt to do any effect. The intent makes the effect and when you do something to build Ki up, you get more effects. So, you make any effect with incorporeal magic after awhile. Remember, what you do with spirit, is not undoable. Unless you use the effort to repair the damage you did, that is.

   Death consistency is sometimes necessary for corporeal magic. You merely consist of being near death energy and cause death as you can, in many forms. Be around death, unless you can't stand it. However, send all your death energy from you. Imagine it going from your body, through the window, or being formed into a weapon. This is where you expel the death essence and think it molded and shaped into a formed shape. This can be any shape that you direct by Ki or thought.. but mostly if you want to kill something effected by death, use death essence to be in the offending object or thing.

   Enough of it, can kill nearly anything. Ki is built up by energy that is focused and gathered into the body through activity. This is kung-fu by practice of nearly anything you do. The more Ki you have, the more energy you get to use with the control of an element. This means you get more personal power and effect.

   When you use death essence with the spirit to make effects with it, then you get powerful effects. This is where you get interesting, as if you form a blade of spirit energy. Then, use it to project energy forth. This is where you get to mix death essence with the elemental energy and cause havoc. Imagine the blade to be coated with death essence and an element, and then be near the being to use it on it. This and other ways can be used to fight off aliens and Gothic aliens. Form a spirit shield of death essence and you are protected from nearly anything except Gothic aliens. This is done by imagining spirit swirling around you. Then, it hardens into a shell that can kill nearly anything that gets near touch distance. It can be any object or place that can be formed as well.

   The spirit drain of life, thought or concept is the focusing of a spirit finger. This is then to form by will and cause draining of knowledge and experience. This is where you create the effort of gaining the attribute you want, as you imagine the person touched by the finger. To get out of it, try to will it away or make the person who is doing the effect to stop. This is done by imagination. Sometimes, the death is necessary of the person who does it. Especially when backlash happens from negative energy.

   The spirit giving effect is to imagine the spirit finger touching a person. Since you focus on something, you send that as energy into the body. The energy of your spirit and the energy of that which you focus on, goes to the body. What you think, the body also takes in as thought. It can be spoken unknowingly. A life giving effect, is to imagine the body coming back to life. This can raise the body to a living state. Only when the body is not unfresh. You may give a gifted ability, in the same manner by spirit touch and the thought intended as the ability.

   The spirit manipulation, is to use spirit to work with life energy and cause life to be arranged. There is a chance that rejection could occur. Where, the people who are effected of this don't want the changes. But, life has a way of making the people who get effected to adapt to any situation. Thus in the end, where by the ending is they sometimes can accept it.

   The spirit manipulation is done by focusing your mind and trance. Then, there is the need for something to happen. This is reflected by your feelings that are counted as an intent with actions. Then, the consequence of getting a result. The spirit sees your need as a thing to be done. The subconscious is guided by your consciousness directing the need. The subconscious causes the life energy to do the arrangement by effect. The effect is your expressed wish or desire, need and whatnot. The result is your basic arrangement of someones life, thought or desire.

Skyhawk & Joshua