Hidden Power of the Soul

  1. Introduction  
  2. Thought control 
  3. Thought mind control 
  4. Suggestion technique 
  5. Anger generated superhuman strength
  6. Summoning an elemental creature is cool to use
  7. Zombies in a nutshell
  8. How to un-age?  
  9. Rejection ability is cool to done thought by not as necessary
  10.  Stopping an illusion
  11.  Self-made power seal that heals or restores
  12.  Stopping breath for a long time
  13. Protection against evil 
  14. 6 major weaknesses
  15. Time 
  16. The Power of Credence
  17. The hidden power of music 
  18. Conclusion 

       Mind Mastery        

By Shizuka Fujin 

  Through out my study of the mind I have come through many intriguing discoveries which aided me in self-knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. 

  The techniques placed in this document are based on the inner power we all have and designed by me and all relate to my experience in the inner journey of the soul.
 We are all living in an illusion and are partially looking at the reality and because of this we are the targets of flattery, emotional attacks and loss of self-control. All this can be avoided if we have control over our minds and not let others have psychological control over our minds. The most basic example is: when someone says something resentful to you, you suddenly get angry and take a course of action whereas a sage (superior man) will stay calm and never let some mere thoughts or emotions govern him.

  I have finally gained the knowledge of how the thoughts affect us and how we can stop them. When we think of something, that thought there in our mind is nothing but energy and it comprises of emotions and feelings. So, when someone pisses us off, that thought of the incident will throw emotions of anger at us. Think of thought like an energy box which has emotions in it which affect our mind and body when we think of it. Not does a thought only affect us but also our ambience like waves of energy radiating from us. We have heard this phrase many times, “think positive” and the hidden basis of it is that when we think positive, we direct positive energy in the environment and feel positive ourselves. Whereas when we think negative, not only our mind and body gets imbued with negativity but it so forth radiates negative energy around us and this attracts the negativity to us from the environment, like ; people may dislike you or stay away from you, unhealthy or ominous events may occur etc.

  Thought control: 

    In order to gain wisdom and inner knowledge one must learn to restrict the negative thoughts or daily-thoughts which cause emotional unbalance and only let positive thoughts flow through them. The way to do this is simple:

    Whenever you find yourself thinking of a negative thought comprised of emotions of guilt, fear, anger etc just close your eyes and see your thought as an image in your mind with you standing in front it, much like a cinema screen. Then see the negative feelings inside that thought and then simply realize that this stupid mere thought can’t be controlling my life and say “I can’t believe I have been living like this, letting these thoughts affect my life”. After doing this, simply imagine the thought to blow up with the feelings and then open your eyes. This technique is simple and takes only a few seconds to do, and it programs your mind to let you have more control over yourself.

 Thought Mind Control:

    This thought control method can also be used as a basis for mind control or event manipulation where you basically energize your thoughts so much to bring about a desire result. There are two very simple ways to do this: 

  1. Think of what want to make happen very clearly as it is happening in front of you now and believe that it will happen and then wait what happens next….
  2. This way is the best way and can be used both for controlling people as well as the environment. Simply, think of what you want to make happen as a movie scene in your mind and then put some energy into it (chi, psi or just focus with intention) and afterwards let it flow, to the ambience.

I use these techniques in moments of adversities and they work every time. Just Believe!!!!! 

Suggestion Technique: 

    Believe it or not but we people have a natural ability to affect others just by a simple comment. This is a ninjas’ way to affect the minds of his opponents. Now think of it as like this; what if I consistently tell one of my friends’ that he is sick even though he is not?  What will happen to him?

    Well, what I will actually do is plant a seed in his mind which will bring upon him whatever effect I desire.  So when I tell him continuously that he is sick, he will actually become sick because my statement will make his mind magnify a minor internal injury which is barely noticeable to a larger and a more powerful injury. You can make more examples using this method. Moreover, this method can also be used to bring about a positive effect. 

    Tell someone that he is beautiful for a couple of days and then just watch what happens……It all exists in the subconscious mind’s ability to absorb anything done for some time.

     A lesson to be learned from this is that never let anyone play with your mind, by saying, to you something and you accepting it. “In order to affect someone else, you must stay out of the circle that presses them”.

 Anger generated superhuman strength: 

      Do the thought control technique before trying this method as you don’t want yourself to be engulfed in an angry aura. I was thinking one day that how we people can generate superhuman strength in matter of seconds and suddenly a light bulb flashed and the universe gave me the answer.

     Remember, “A powerful warrior wins a war without a fight”.  

    Anger is a powerful force filled with demonic power and shouldn’t be wasted.

 Now for the technique: 

    Close your eyes and think strongly of something that makes you angry and after you feel very angry, open your eyes and think of anger, as a black smoke, on your mind. Then visualize the black smoke coming in your desired hand and engulfing it, in a terrifying power. This is what I call a demon punch as if used correctly it can destroy a whole wall without pain. 

      To generate superhuman strength in the whole body is easy as a lemon. Again, close your eyes, think of something which angers you truly, and your body should be shaking like when someone pisses you off and you can’t take action but are left with a hot, shaking body. What happens is that when our body shakes it is absorbing incredible amounts chi from the ambience. Then visualize the energy all around the body turning red and open your eyes. The other way is to think of irate thought, and when the chi turns red, explode it all around your body. Just have fun killing after that.

Summoning an elemental creature:   

      Now you might me wondering what I mean by this title and to tell you the truth its meaning is exactly as it implies. Even though this technique is not mine, I found it a long time ago in some website which is now off the internet but anyhow I saved it in time to share with you. 

     This is an amazing art. Just imagine you having a companion by your side to guide you, to protect you, to fight your foes or to just be your friend. Whatever the reason, these creatures can do almost anything they were made for. To ease your mind, this technique is a piece of cake as all you require is a good imagination for this.

      NOTICE: This is quite a bit of information to consume, so please read it very well until you fully understand it and keep it at hand before you attempt to create an elemental.

      One can create a thought form and infuse it with emotional energy. This creates what is called an artificial elemental or a familiar. Its purpose is to serve as a watcher, a guard, a messenger, or a companion. You may or may not be able to physically see it, but either way, you will be able to sense it. DO NOT create an artificial elemental that you do not need. If you create one and think you have failed, you are likely to be wrong... the last thing you want to do is create an elemental and not realize it. Be responsible for your actions!

     Your elemental should be in the correct color of its purpose and element. It is up to you to decide what element your artificial elemental will be made of -- it should suit you and your purpose.  

Basic positions of the elements :

Direction- North
Colors- Green, brown, black
animals- deer, bears, mice, worms, any land dwelling creature
Represented by- Upside down green triangle with a line through the bottom.

Direction- East
Color- yellow
Elemental- Sylph
Animals- Birds, particularly the Falcon
Represented by- Yellow triangle pointing up with a line through the top

Direction- South
colors- red, orange
Elemental- Salamander(not the lizard)
animals- Dragons, snakes, salamanders
represented by- Red triangle pointing up

Direction- west
color- blue
Elemental- Spryte
Animals- Any sea dwelling animal only

    Once you have decided your color and element, you should decide on the shape of the artificial elemental. It is easiest to use an animal form that you are familiar with. (If you have a totem animal, that would be ideal.)

    Now, let's begin creating the elemental. Visualize a ball of light in the color of the element glowing before you. Allow it to take the form you wish it to be. Example: if I wanted an earth elemental, which would be green, and I wanted it in the shape of a lizard, I would visualize a green ball of light before me. I would then see the ball of light taking the shape of a lizard. 

    The artificial elemental is now created. 

    You should communicate with your elemental telepathically. This means that you simply have to
think instead of speaking and the elemental will respond to you the same way. Your first step should be to name your artificial elemental. The first name that comes to your mind when you talk telepathically should be the name you use. When you decide on the name, state aloud or in your mind:

"I name you (insert elemental’s name here)".

    Once this is done, you should tell your elemental why you created him/her and what their purpose is. Should they stand as a psychic guard? Warn you if there's a problem? Pass on a message psychically to someone? Make their purpose very clear. You may now communicate freely with your elemental as much as you want, and keep it around as long as you like.

    Remember than an artificial elemental is a responsibility as much as "owning" any other creature should be. Keep track of it. You may wish to use the "genie in a bottle" method to keep your elemental in one place. Use an empty box to create a "home" for the elemental. Draw the symbol of whatever element you used to create the elemental (see Elemental Symbolism) on the box and telepathically ask your elemental to use the space you have created.

    Should you decide you no longer need the elemental, reverse the process you used to create it. First visualize the creature before you, and then see it become an ordinary ball of color light again, and then draw that energy back into yourself by simply inhaling deeply.  

Zombies in a nutshell:  

     This is just brief information on zombies that I thought you should be aware of because it’s all real!!!

     A zombie is a dead person that is brought back to life through means of Voodoo or Necromancy, destroying the mental processes of this person through the process. Most people consider zombies only to be the stuff of horror books and movies, but they do exist in Haiti in the present day. Thousands of people in Haiti are considered to be zombies, some of which lead normal everyday lives with families, jobs and are respected citizens. It's even considered to be a crime to make a zombie in Haiti.

    Many Zombies are created through a very deadly poison called puffer fish, which is very dangerous to the nervous system; the clinical drug norcuron has similar effects and is used during surgery. Normally someone who becomes a Zombie is completed conscious, but the pulse and heart beat is so low that is impossible to detect. There have been cases of people getting shot to death and having risen out of their grave due to the fact that a voodoo practioneer gave them puffer fish before anyone could give him medical attention. It is said that this poison affects the left side of the brain, the side that controls speech, memory and motor skills.

    A Zombie also does whatever their master tells them to do, it was said that certain voodoo practioneers had secret armies that consisted of Zombies. It’s also possible to know someone who’s a Zombie but wouldn’t think that their one. Their are stories and reports that state that some people die come back as Zombies and have families then go back to their graves many years later. If you give a Zombie salt or meat then they will be aware of their trance like state become less lethargic and return to their grave. The study in Zombies became a serious issue within the last ten years.

How to un-age?         

       We people desire to live longer and that was possible in the olden times when people considered physique and health pivotal than anything else. Those people lived up to more than a hundred years without any problems but nowadays it’s a shame to see people dying at 50 or 60. So during my studies I came up with a way to un-age and live longer using the power of chi (life force) alone. Believe it or not but the method that I am going to tell you now is very simple and rudimentary enough to make you think that I am deluding you but that’s not the case as things are much more simple than they seem.

The technique:

      Only do this before going to sleep at night because it will only work than. Here are the steps:

  1. Lay down on bed and relax. 
  2. Close your eyes and think of your body as an empty black shell. 
  3. Then visualize chi (can be any colour) all around you.
  4. Now inhale, visualizing the chi coming in you body and filling you up and exhale, visualizing all the negative (black colour) energy going out. 
  5. After filling you whole body, go to sleep. 

     This technique is more like chi breathing and the reason that this works is as follows: 

     Actually, when we sleep at night after a long day, our body automatically absorbs chi, so when you sleep doing the technique I told you; it increases the level of chi in duplex thus energizing you and un-aging you.

Rejection ability:  

     A very peculiar thing about life is that things are much easier than they seem and a single suggestion to the mind can easily obliterate what you don’t want or is odious to you. I talked previously about the suggestion technique which people use to affect others but the rejection ability is used to affect yourselves.

    This method can be incorporated for anything, from changing your looks, healing physical pain and mostly for anything. What it does is reverses the concept that there is even something present and thus your mind perceives it at something and alters it to your desire. The method is simple but be careful when doing it because it will bring about the result!!! 

Method is as follows: 
  1.      Clear your mind by counting numbers backward for a minute or two and relax.
  2.      Then think strongly of what you want to change or diminish inside of you.  ( To make it easier I will take an example of injury)
  3.      After doing the 2nd step, simply put your hand over the injury and realize that we have the power to make things happen just by using our mind. ( You can say this to yourself if you want)
  4.      Then say to yourself that “this injury is not there, it was never there”. Do this for 5-10 min 
  5.      This will make your subconscious believe that the injury is really not there and so it will reverse or reject the injury and bring your injured body part back to normal. 

    This is like time reversal except it happens at a specific minuscule amount.

Stopping an illusion:  

      Illusion is a very intriguing topic of discussion and it was and still an art practiced by many people. A very surprising thing is that even though people know what it is and how to do it, they don’t know how it works. So I was meditating on finding the answer for that and when I got the answer, I decided to use it as a basis for annulling the effects of illusion upon oneself.

First I will list a brief description on how illusion works:

      When someone does an illusion based technique, he is actually subconsciously sending his energy to your mind and affiliating with your energy. This enables him to affect your mind, so what if we were able to stop the energy as a whole in ourselves? Will it stop the illusion or not? The answer is, yes it will.

There are two ways to stop an illusion:

  1. The first way is to just realize that you are in an illusion. Illusions are shit ass things as they infect your five senses and make your mind believe that what you see is real. For example, if the illusion is, of a snake biting you and even though there is no snake, your credence to it will make your mind cause damage to yourselves as if it is really happening. 
  2. This way is stopping your energy as a whole and the way to do is first feel your chi inside. Do this by relaxing and soon you will warmth or tingling feeling which is your chi. Remember Chi also has psi (mental energy) in it!! .  Once you can feel your chi, just tense all your muscles and tell the chi to stop. And if you are in an illusion, soon you will see that the illusion is blurring and disappearing. 
Self-made Power Seal:  

      You might be wondering what I mean by a power seal? Well… I was going through some works of spirit writing and elemental seals that gave me an innovative idea of forming a power seal strong enough to give you energies of all the four elements as well as dark energies in just 10 minutes. It took me 1 hour to make this and another 1 hour to test and rectify any errors.  


    Print this seal and then place in on a table and stand by it. Visualize fire (red), water (blue), air (yellow), earth (green) and Spirit (white) from all around you entering their symbols. To make it clear, spirit is the one in the north with a circle, earth is on the right; water in on the left, fire in on the bottom right and air is on the bottom left.  After filling the symbols with their energy for 5-10 min, imagine them bursting with energy. Then visualize the energies coming in straight lines and fusing in the symbol middle of the pentagram (five-pointed star). Visualize the fused energies in a rainbow colour engulfing the entire written text in the pentagram star but mainly staying in the middle. Now put your index finger of any hand in the middle power symbol and visualize all the energy entering and filling your entire body. This energy will give you the power over all the 5 elements.

Stopping the breath:  

       Believe it or not but the ancient shinobi could stop his breath consistently for more than five minutes. He didn’t have any special powers but the complete focus and concentration on only his breath. Now a days there is meager time for us to train in these things so I have come up with a way tantamount to that of the shinobi.

Here are the easy steps: 
  1. Breathe in through the nose filling the lungs but leave some part at the end to breathe in through the mouth. 
  2. Then close your eyes and try to listen to your heart beat. 
  3. After that visualize air entering through your nose and ears to the lungs, filling it up. 

     Then will trick your mind, into believing that you are still breathing. But it might take 4 or 5 tries to bring it into effect. 

     Someone people lack patience and want things to happen in there first time but sometimes it doesn’t because our subconscious minds need to process what is going on.

Protection against evil:  

      Evil is everywhere, whether human or incorporeal and we must know enough about it, to be able to deflect it. You must have heard about the magic circle which the occultists use to gain protection against evil entities, there are many magic circles each with an indistinct ability. Here are some pictures to give a brief reminder:


     The most basic circle incorporated is the first one as it is simple, faster to make and affective. On its basis, I came up with an easy way to use this circle without the need to draw or form this circle and that’s by using the power of visualizing alone. Before going any further I will tell you a bit about the power of visualization; it is basically pretending, imagining or using as many of the five senses to get a feel for something non-existing and once visualization is intelligible enough, it tricks the subconscious into perceiving it as reality. Therefore, the mind is left with no choice but to bring about this reality.

Now for the protection method:

     Instead of drawing or painting the first basic magic circle, just visualize it around you with you in its centre. It’s as easy as that and its affect depends upon how powerful your imagination or visualization is. To escalate its’ affect three-fold, imagine a white bright light outlining the circle and also imagine a grey coloured wall around you. Then feel free to summon even the most power demon or entity!!! 

Six major weaknesses: 

       Over here I am going to list five major weaknesses of human beings from which you can gain the advantage of being able to manipulate and defeat them immediately, as in case, of fights or battles.

     Anger can be a powerful tool like I stated before but in average humans, it is just a weakness. When you are about to fight someone, just piss off your opponent real bad thus making him loose control and attack you wildly. The foe will not be consciously attacking you so you will have the advantage to attack him wherever you want easily.  

     Usually when a battle is about to start, the rivals talk. While your rival is talking, attack him that instance. Remember, attack before someone attacks you. It can also be used when your opponent has his guard down, like turning his back. Take this moment into your hands and use it for the best.

     Many people tend to prepare before a battle and they may do this by taking off their watch, specs and take a brief moment to be mentally ready. What they may not know is that you are waiting for that moment to strike.

     Last but not least, the eye blinking. We people usually blink every 5 or 6 seconds for only a fraction of a second and this time is more than enough to strike the opponent. “If the opponent cannot see, he cannot defend or attack”. But be really fast and never feel scared to harm your enemy.

     Has it ever happened when you said something totally out of your personality to someone and that person got shocked by thinking that this is the first time he has said such a thing. Therefore, using the shocking method you can distract people for vulnerability. A simple method:  If you have never said a rudest word in your life, say it in front of someone with some people around. What happens is that, the person whom you said it to will get so surprised that he will get lost in his own world and be semi-conscious, while the others will look at him. This is the best chance to attack. 


    Time is something that controls our lives, it comprises of mere numbers that govern our very existence. And the reason is that as our subconscious holds enormous power, it can bring about any change and so it accepts time as something that we have to live by and therefore we live by time. You have to realize that time is relative; it’s just a concept of man (Used as a basis of chronokinesis) and if you make your mind believe that you will have full control over time, shaping it into whatever you want to. Some effects are staying young, time dilation etc. 

The Power of Credence:

       I have been searching for the key to open the powers of our mind (the subconscious) and shape our lives by alteration of physical and mental manifestation and I finally go it. The key is belief. This may sound absurd but for you to comprehend with it, I will give you an example; when you search the internet for some technique, like controlling electricity and the moment you find it you  believe in it and learn it and in a few days you gain the ability. The most amazing part is that even if someone wrote a false technique on the internet, you will still believe it, learn it and gain the ability. Amazed! That’s the power of the subconscious; it accepts whatever you believe and brings it into existence even if that something is 100% false because it’s what you believe that really matters. Using this key, you can do almost anything you desire but remember it will not happen immediately unless you believe it to. 

Hidden power of music:

      Music is essence of life, which is the inevitable pleasure and pacifying component of the mind. Its hidden power lies in its ability to affect mind in multiplicity of ways ranging from time dilation to energy flare. I experienced its power but realized it later on so I will put here ways to using music to your will:  

  1.    Time dilation: 

         If you have to go to a far place which may take a lot of time, take the head phones and put on the music that you really like. Once you do that, your mind state will be altered (you won’t notice it) and when the music finishes look at the time. With your amazement the time would have gone forward and the journey to the destination would feel like flash. Yes, this is rudimentary but surprisingly powerful.
  2.    Energy Flare:

         This is simple. Listen to a song with an uplifting chorus. Once the chorus is hit, your body will get a chilly feeling and you will feel warm. What it did was that it flared your life-force thereby escalating your power two-fold. Try this method before a fight or any other sport you want to win in.

  Remember, you are not confined to one thing so try forming your own music techniques.


     I hope you learn something from this and use it for benevolent purposes. Above all, remember the law of karma; whatever you send to life of others comes back at you three-fold.

     Once you establish full control over your mind and become one with the universes cosmic radiance, all your personal wishes and gains will diminish and the only thing you will want to achieve is the mastery of the hidden potential and enlightenment.

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