Hell and Its levels

  This is an idea of hell, and what its like. According to Ben, http://www.4degreez.com/misc/dante-inferno-information, and http://www.av1611.org/hell.html

  All through this, remember that if ya there in hell then ya physical body is that of a giant seaworm, that dies on the idea you send to the worm no suspect. That body dies when ya escape hell. If ya escape hell in soul form or physical by the creator. Ya see ya body, its intertwinned with ya astral and spiritual body yet you are separate as you think to not seem there. Ya astral body is free an ya spiritual body is residing where ya think about. That is until ya think of hell to reside an then ya spiritual body becomes like a normal powerful physical body. Your only in hell if you think to be in hell, as purgatory is a state of the soul and since this is only a perception anyway, this is due to what you believe and what your subconscious makes you see so you are judged in purgatory as to where you go. So think as this is a visual point, this is as though a vision quest. Where you think to see something if you want to see it and your spirit allows you to notice it or you sense it, otherwise you don't see it as you think you no longer need to see things.

  But or not to create is focus or use is create, not if ya use things better that is there if ya think of that is imagined by moment where ya went against or for the laws ya decided to use. See to follow somehow ya power is subdued, see or create is better than the feel as you see by feel you say so you create. So feel free to imagine the feel to things you set free. Feel free to imagine or is hit, the area you feel is feeling you seem as whatever shape whatever happens you are. So free is a use as energy as you think ya transferred as is, ya see the em use is concious by use that is theory. So that you see or send, this use or that is some worm to see ya didn't get hit by and willed a change of shape ya might be free or step to change not due. See you are aware, as your energy aware think to a picture to thought focus the create to see. What you imagine you create or is the use anyway.

  See or not your not any religion. If you think this is true then you can see or see others to get a result or frazzled, as your thought energy is reality and forms or create some use. Think by what you think otherwise if not true this is movement as you create a point or can use this. As material to work with and this is as as point, if you think about interesting thought or need the idea to use as a book or not as if you don't. As to think this is true as think in a concept, as not be be a monster with a point this is the thought by feeling use to escape with feel by chi thought. Due to this the first witch or the watchers, you see you are as your lucky, uses are imagine the area then you create lives here to hell dive so don't mention or mention that is focus is creation never effected as the creator allows you shift as the creator creates. See or feel to work as you focus you create, yet think your aura seems someone else.

  Now to the levels of hell: